I might not be able to train in Conquering Immortals Art, but it is obvious its might can’t be fathomed!

Chen Ming guessed that the scriptures asking for such insane amount of merits weren’t the same as Bones of the Taotie, needing to be trained to completion before using it. Otherwise, even the many immortals that appeared before in this land wouldn’t have been able to learn them. No matter how impressive the Origin Sect was, it still couldn’t learn it fully.

“How many stages does it have?”

“Ding! After analysis, the Conquering Immortals Art has four stages: Ascending, Sea Gazing, Flay Mountains, and Palm of Extinction.”

“How many merits do I need for the Ascending stage?”

“Ding! After analysis, fifty thousand merits.”

Hmm, I can lear the first stage, but should I? Fifty thousand merits wasn’t pocket change for Chen Ming. He had more than a hundred thousand merits on hand but he saved them for when he found other cultivation methods. He needed to form three thousand Dao Seed after all.

Above Ling Xian, the tribulation cloud drifted down golden petals. Chen Ming said, “Just what kind of Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation is this?”

Fairy Zi Xia hasn’t seen one like this either, “The petal contains Immortal’s Pressure. How is this possible? Just what cultivation method is Ling Xian cultivating to triggered Immortal’s Rage?”

Liu Xuancha said, “This Heavenly Tribulation will kill him beyond any doubt.”

Xue Xunmei said, “Now I see why no one cultivated Dao Canon. Their Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation is at this level, blocking all paths at life!”

Su Qinggang said, “This kind of cultivation method seems to incite Heaven’s jealousy. Even the firmament can be envious. Those who the Heaven covets die young.”

Ling Xian stood among the golden petals and an immortal power struck him. He faced the Divine Wood Seal at the incoming attack, yet was overwhelmed and coughed blood.

Fairy Zi Xia turned her gaze at Chen Ming. He jumped into the Heavenly Tribulation to save her and was afraid he would do the same for his disciple. “Chen Ming, this is different from my tribulation. It is three times as strong than my Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation and if you enter, it will become three times that of your Transcending realm Tribulation! It might even become an Immortal Tribulation!”

Liu Xuancha said, “This is not a trial we can defy.”

Xue Xunmei said, “To resist it, you’ll have to have the power of those on the Dao Comprehending Board, or it will prove of no use.”

Su Qinggang shook his head, “It’s wishful thinking to have that kind of power just when he entered the Dao Comprehending realm. He’s a mere Dao Seed stage cultivator!”

Ling Xian wiped the blood from his mouth, recalling head senior sister’s voice as she once stood before the Sword Mountain, or how hurt she looked each day trying to comprehend the sword intent in the boat, “No, I won’t yield. I went through many hardships to reach the Dao Comprehending realm, and I’m not about to give it all up so easily! Even when head senior sister was riddled with wounds, she still stood her ground!”

Ling Xian lifted Divine Wood Seal, and the spiritual energy in ten li gathered here, “Finger From Beyond!”

In a ten li radius there was not a drop of spiritual energy left. Five fingers took form, followed by a blue hand. It charged at the incoming immortal power keeping it at bay for a while, but it still vanished in the end.

Immortal power descended, light and graceful like a feather. From the contact alone, Ling Xian spat blood, then smashed into the ground, creating a large hole. He struggled to get back up, “No! I cultivated for three years to reach this realm. I won’t yield! If I trained in another scripture I would’ve been King by now, but I remained steadfast with Dao Canon. Even if Heaven wants me dead, I won’t accept it!”

Ling Xian rose in the air, only to be brought down again by the immortal power.

Chen Ming took in Ling Xian’s appearance. If I am to go in, it won’t help at all. Ling Xian is on his own.

Conquering Immortals Art. The name itself showed its purpose. Dao Canon cultivators must have found their Dao Comprehending real Tribulation would contain immortal power and created this art to withstand it.

Even if he learned it now, it didn’t mean Ling Xian could too!

Even a genius had its limit. When a genius challenged above his realm it still followed a set of rules!

To be able to comprehend with a single look, it depended on the type of magical art. This magical art was an art that immortals clearly feared, one incomparable with to immortal ranked arts.

It would be a crude joke to think Ling Xian would comprehend it in an instant.

Just what cheat can I give Ling Xian in this situation?

Does this mean this fellow isn’t a Main Character, that he will fall here and now?

No! Regardless of it all, he is still my disciple. As long as he’s my disciple I will always save him. Chen Ming looked up at the sky, “Wretched Heaven, you need to ask for my permission first before you can to take my, Chen Ming, disciple away!”

Fairy Zi Xia flew next to him, “This Heavenly Tribulation is not something you can fool around with. You will die if you go, are you trying to kill yourself?”

Chen Ming calmly brushed her hand away, “Yan Mountain doesn’t practice the custom of its Master ignoring his disciples. Any who dares harm my, Chen Ming, disciples I will destroy. Be it the earth, I will tear it asunder. Be it Heaven, I will extinguish the sun and moon!”

Ling Xian turned his head, looking at Chen Ming with his face covered in blood. He abandoned wiping it as it proved futile, “Master!”

He only yelled Master, not a word more.

Chen Ming chuckled, as carefree as the day he accepted Ling Xian, “Don’t be afraid. Isn’t it just a Heavenly Tribulation? Master is here with you! You are my second disciple!”

The stars left Chen Ming’s back and ten thousand swords danced as he moved forward.

Yan Mountain.

A shout echoed from a disciple’s room, “No! I must bear spiritual energy’s baptism! I am the only one who has yet to enter the Dao Initiation realm. But this will all change, today!”

“The final Dao Sense realm cultivator in Yan Mountain is my humiliation. I am treated like a sect’s successor here, yet after almost two years I still didn’t breakthrough. Isn’t it just a mere spiritual energy baptism? Come!”

He uncorked a pill bottle and took the only pill inside. Spiritual energy exploded in his stomach and rushed at his Dao Palace, cramming inside and giving him the feeling he might explode!

“I will succeed! Master has done so much for us and now is my time to work hard for Yan Mountain. Yet my power is lacking, and I can’t receive the order of expansion. I also want to be like my seniors, strolling all over the land!”

Spiritual energy caused havoc in the room for two more hours before it vanished without a trace.

This could mean two things. One, his ambition ended and so did his life. And two, advancement to the Dao Initiation realm, with spiritual energy compressed into changing in spiritual power.

A loud boom burst out, as the spiritual power swept the room and destroying all that was within. A voice came from the ruined room, “Today, I will go receive my order for expansion. I am now a Yan Mountain pioneer!”