“Ding! You completed the title advancement mission. Your title is upgraded. You are no longer a high-ranked cannon fodder, but a Sects Ruler. Reward: Enlighten Aura.”

“Ding! As your fame broke the hundred thousand mark, you can accept a new title advancement mission. Current challenge titles…”

“Ding! You triggered the mission Heaven’s Jealousy. Ling Xian is in imminent peril. Please teach Ling Xian the Conquering Immortals Art, help him overcome his Heavenly Tribulation. Reward: 10,000 merits.”

Chen Ming had no time to check his title advancement mission and went directly to Enlighten Aura.

‘Enlighten Aura

Description: voice piercing through the Grand Dao, awakening one to the right path.

Effect: once enable, your words have a trace of enlightenment.

Note: you can only fill your words with wisdom once per month.

‘Fill with wisdom?’

As in, I can quickly teach others what I know?

Chen Ming instantly flew before the Conquering Immortals Art. Below there were still immortal bloodstains. He looked at the scripture and spoke in his mind, “Comprehend the first stage of Conquering Immortals Art!”

“Ding! You consumed 50,000 merits. You learned the first stage of Conquering Immortals Art: Ascending.”

The symbols revolved in his mind, giving him a quick understanding of Conquering Immortals Art’s secret. Fairy Zi Xia watched him, and impossible thought rushed through her head, “The Conquering Immortals Art is what Origin Sect used to overcome their unusual Heavenly Tribulation. Is he trying to lear it then impart it to Ling Xian?”

Liu Xuancha said, “This is preposterous! Thinking he could learn it in an instant, and then teach it to Ling Xian. Ling Xian doesn’t have much time. Even if he comprehends it, how can Ling Xian learn it?”

Xue Xunmei said, “His disciple is about to die from the Heavenly Tribulation. We mustn’t disturb his final struggle.”

Su Qinggang said, “Let’s go, we shouldn’t disturb them. ”

Countless symbols revolved before Chen Ming’s eyes, then one by one entered them. His eyes flashed.

Chen Ming enabled Enlighten Aura, including activating this month’s words of wisdom, and shouted towards Ling Xian, “Ling Xian, watch closely! Do as your Master!”

Ling Xian nodded, eyes riveted to Chen Ming’s every movement, “Yes, Master!”

Fairy Zi Xia and the rest thought to give Chen Ming some space to calm down, who didn’t want to witness Ling Xian’s fall. But then they heard his shout.

They turned so fast it almost gave them a whiplash, only to see Chen Ming performing an art. His arms flowed and his feet stepped firmly while speaking, “The tiger and snake live on the ground, not trying to contest the height of the firmament. Yet the Will of Heaven is unfathomable, as a tiger grows wings and the snake a horn. Bear witness to my, Ling Xian, resolve. I shall challenge Heaven and see who’s greater!”

A winged white tiger jumped from Chen Ming’s left hand, while a horned python coiled on his left.

Ling Xian began to follow Chen Ming’s movements to the letter, “The tiger and snake live on the ground, not trying to contest the hight of the firmament. Yet the Will of Heaven is unfathomable, as a tiger grows wings and the snake a horn. Bear witness to my, Ling Xian, resolve. I shall challenge Heaven and see who’s greater!”

From the Divine Wood Seal on Ling Xian, natural Grand Dao energy came out, gathering around Ling Xian’s arms. They took the form of a white tiger flying around his left, and of a coiling horned python on his right.

Ling Xian’s waved his fists, and the tiger grew wings, turning into Qiongqi(1), while the horned python became a Flood Dragon. His hands shook and the two beasts flew, ripping apart the incoming immortal power!

The four Sovereigns were moved to the core, “How does Chen Ming have such a terrifying perception?”

“It is indeed, but Ling Xian’s perception isn’t far behind either. Does that mean his teaching worked?”

“Must be that Chen Ming’s imparting was perfect. Even with Ling Xian’s perception, there’s no way he could learn the Conquering Immortals Art in such a short time!”

Chen Ming waved his fists while imparting Ling Xian wisdom, “Master, Heaven wants to destroy me, but how can I stop it?”

Chen Ming burst in laughter, “Wave your fists together. Let’s see how will Heaven face us now!”

Ling Xian threw his fists, sending Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon together, “We’ll more likely give it a bloody nose!”

Ling Xian’s sleeves fluttered, with natural Grand Dao energy coming from within, turning into the two beasts and conquering the immortal power!

If one place ran out of spiritual energy, he’d move to the next, sucked it dry, and released the Conquering Immortals Art to kill the immortal power. As more fists flew, Ling Xian became more carefree, punching like a paragon, and sweeping the land. His body was enveloped by a bluish aura, like a Grand Dao’s son.

Liu Xuancha said, “I see now why Dao Canon is so hard to cultivate. Ling Xian just entered Dao Comprehending realm yet he has the power to kill a Divine Palace stage!”

Chen Ming taught for two hours, going through all of Conquering Immortals Art’s intricacies. They were all open to Ling Xian’s eyes, who studied from his Master all this time. Chen Ming smiled at Ling Xian and shouted, “Did you learn it?”

Ling Xian nodded, “Yes!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “That’s my, Chen Ming, disciple! You didn’t let me down. Since you learned it, face this Heavenly Tribulation and see just what it can do!”

Ling Xian turned and laughed at the tribulation, “Here I come, Conquering Immortals Art!”

Ling Xian punched again and again, in the face of the booming Heavenly Tribulation. Qiongqi’s wings send powerful winds as it flew, while Flood Dragon had lightning flickering across its body as it went on a rampage.

Ling Xian could now face the immortal power head-on and kill it. He popped the cork of a pill bottle and down its contents.

Fairy Zi Xia’s eyes revealed a familiar look, “Ling Xian’s style seems strikingly similar to Chen Ming when he overcame his tribulation.”

Liu Xuancha’s sigh went on and on, “Who let their sect have tens of thousand alchemists? All we can do is look in envy.”

How could Ling Xian lack pills when he was Chen Ming’s legacy disciple and spent most of his time on Yan Mountain?

Yet this was a Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation, not needing as many as Chen Ming used on his.

Another six hours later, the tribulation cloud scattered and Ling Xian’s cultivation officially entered the Dao Comprehending realm.

“Ding! You completed Heaven’s Jealousy. Reward: 10,000 merits.”

With the passing of the tribulation, Ling Xian fell to his knees before Chen Ming, “Thank you, Master, for your guidance!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Stand.”

But Ling Xian didn’t show any intention to, “Master, because of me, the demonic sect took third junior brother. My heart cannot find peace. I want to go bring third junior brother back!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “The whole world is littered with King ranked battlefields. Do you want to leave Yan Mountain in such times?”

Chen Ming didn’t try to advise him like Fairy Zi Xia, “Have you thought it through?”

Ling Xian nodded with determination, “Master, I know the world is in chaos. I do not want for third junior brother to make any more mistakes. Master cannot involve himself in this war but, as his senior brother, I must stop him!”

Chen Ming saw Ling Xian danger value at 500+300. The restricted value reached the three hundred mark and was already considered stronger than a Divine Palace stage. He also recalled what Li Suyi told him once. When Ling Xian reached the Dao Comprehending realm, he would soar. Chen Ming nodded and sighed, “Go. Master has no demands, just two words, come back alive.”

Ling Xian was confused, “Master, aren’t those three words?”

Chen Ming kicked Ling Xian, “Beat it! Think you are worthy of teaching your Master math! Get lost! And don’t bother me! Oh, here’s a two-colored cloud as a mount. Take it and scram faster!”

Chen Ming waved a two-colored cloud before Ling Xian, then explained its controls.

Ling Xian held the Divine Wood Seal, knocked his head hard three times on the ground, and then jumped on the cloud, “Master, disciple is leaving!”

Ling Xian went in the direction of Forest of Origin, accompanied by Ling clan’s ancestor mumbles from the ring, “That’s a true reincarnated immortal. Even if I’m an immortal, fear still lingers from being in front of the Conquering Immortals Art. Towards comprehending the Conquering Immortals Art, even if I take a millennium to understand it, it won’t guarantee I will do it. Yet he only took a look, then impart it to Ling Xian in an instant.”

Three days later found Ling Xian wearing a bamboo hat as he entered a tavern. There was a loud commotion inside, “Did you hear? Demonic sect’s head disciple, Ya Mo, crushed all Demonic Kings into submission. I don’t think it will be long before they talk of him attacking the immortal sect!”

“Yan Mountain is one strange sect. Its third disciple entered the demonic sect and became the Demons Ruler!”

“What! Ya Mo’s power reached such level?”

“That’s reality. Ya Mo’s title is similar to Kings Ruler, unmatched below the Sovereign rank!”

Ling Xian patted the two cultivators engaged in furious gossip, “Do you know where is Ya Mo?”

One said in confusion, “Who are you? You do know we’re talking about the powerful Ya Mo here, right?”

Ling Xian chuckled, “I’m his second senior brother.”

They all remembered how Yan Mountain had another person, the last on the Dao Initiation Board. Yet in a single day, he became the last on the Dao Comprehending Board. He was Ling Xian.

There was nothing impressive hearing about his rank, but there were few who could enter the second board so fast. Most of the ones on the Dao Comprehending Board were at the Aspect stage, the last stage in the Dao Comprehending realm.

That meant he crossed the Dao Seed stage, Divine Palace stage, and entered the Aspect stage in one step!

Hearing Ling Xian’s identity, the people shared all they knew of Li Suyi. Ling Xian asked in doubt, “Why do you call Li Suyi Ya Mo?”

One answered, “It’s very simple. Rumor has it that demonic sect’s head disciple doesn’t speak when killing, and people came to think of him as mute. That is why they call him Ya Mo(1).”

Ling Xian couldn’t help but recall the rule Master gave Li Suyi. First rule: never speak when killing.

(1) Qiongqi represents Deviousness. It looks like a winged tiger. It eats people, instigates wars, and commits many other evil deeds. One of the four evil creatures alongside Taotie.

(2) 哑巴= mute. His name comes from the fist character of mute and the character for demon.