Chen Ming’s eyes followed Ling Xian leaving on his cloud and, when he vanished, Fairy Zi Xia’s teasing came, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you say to him to scram faster? Why prolong it? Are you missing him already?”

Chen Ming’s response, “He’s not your disciple, so you won’t feel my pain.”

Ling Xian passed his Heavenly Tribulation and Chen Ming now had the time to check his title advancement mission.

To be honest, Chen Ming figured out already what this mission meant. A chance to gain another aura. A chance at another aura outside of completing achievements.

He began looking over his new title challenges:

‘1. Master of the Scarlet Tide (Unique)

As the fires of war rise, the Scarlet Tide shall once again shroud the earth. It might be a calamity or the spark of hope. Let the Scarlet Tide sweep the whole land and you will receive this title.

Additional reward: Tyrant Aura

Completion: 5%.

2. Star-Lord (Unique)

Across the whole sky, in the endless Grand Dao, a Star-Lord carries three thousand stars on his back. With a flash of your eyes, you will make all stars move. Form three thousand stars on your back to earn this title.

Additional reward: Sky Bearer Aura

Completion: 3.1%.

3. Array Demon (Uncommon)

Where ever you go, hell follows. Walking the path of arrays, you descend on this land like a demon. Before the Transcending realm, transform your consciousness into divine will and control three thousand arrays.

Additional reward: Brutal Aura

Completion: 0.05%.

4. Eminent Alchemist (Uncommon)

Your skill in alchemy has undergone massive growth. Refine an immortal pill to earn this title.

Additional reward: Pill Heart Aura lvl 2

Completion: 0%.’

5. Wandering Daoist (Rare)

You are a mysterious diviner. Be it in the eyes of the common people or in those of cultivators, you will remain a mystery to all of them. Use your divination skill to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand tales of gold and you can obtain this title.

Additional reward: Spirit Eye Aura

Completion: 0%.’

6. Thousand-faced Fox (unique)

The aspect of your mask turns the others speechless and gives you an air of mystery. While wearing a paper mask, become an immortal grade sect’s Grand Elder, prove your Enlightenment in a Buddhist Sect, a second Sect Leader in the demonic sect, a Commander in the Ghost Domain, and a Venerable to fiends.

Additional reward: Secretive Aura and one of the ten great immortal arts, Thousand-faced Doll Words.

Completion: 0%.’

Chen Ming peered closer, What Tyrant Aura and Brutal Aura? It’s clearly the path of a boss to death!

But the quality of these titles got higher and I never heard of a useless aura. Just from the name, Tyrant Aura must be quite powerful, yet I can’t tell what are its effects. There’s no point in even considering Thousand-faced Fox. My identity is known to everyone. At least, I won’t have any chance of getting it in these lands. Its requests aren’t that bad, but that Commander in the Ghost Domain is just not possible!

Don’t I have to die for that?

Eminent Alchemist and Wandering Daoist are out since they can’t improve my strength. Let others have these part-time jobs that can’t improve one’s abilities.

Part-time jobs are impossible jobs. It’s impossible for me to have part-time jobs in this life!

Array Demon isn’t that needed. To have three thousand types of arrays I will need heaps of merits, while I’m currently running dangerously low on them. I still need to train in three thousand cultivation methods first. Why would I ever go learn so many arrays when I can only control just a few?

They seem to be just like the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array. While Eight Extreme Swords Array has been long forgotten.

This Star-Lord mission looks doable. I’m already needed to train in three thousand cultivation methods, and each extra Dao Seed means another star on my back. This title also has a unique rating. Its aura can’t be too bad!

Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “I choose Star-Lord!”

“Ding! You have now received your title advancement mission. Please fulfill it.”

Chen Ming turned to the four Sovereigns to the side, “What are we supposed to do now?”

Liu Xuancha said, “After wrapping it up over here, we can leave for the next forbidden area. The mission states that we need to stay here for a while longer.”

Chen Ming said, “I see.”

A sudden voice swept Chen Ming’s mind, “Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue Forest of Origin. Please subdue the Forest of Origin, to let the qualified cultivators of the immortal sect go on a treasure hunt. Reward: 30,000 spiritual knowledge and 3,000 fame. Note: don’t ask why it came just now. The system never thought you could complete it. Completion: 83.2%.”

“Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue the Land of the Dragon Hoard…”

“Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue Fire Phoenix’s Nest…”

The system lady has the same sharp tongue as always, acting cute while rolling delayed missions.

As for how did these missions came about, Chen Ming surmised they were all triggered by the plot.

But for Chen Ming, his fate was his number one priority. Li Suyi is now called Ya Mo. Am I going to die by my own disciple’s hand?

Li Suyi’s aura reached a staggering level and also has a high chance of surpassing me in strength.

It’s not clear if the changing of my title will relate to the changing of my fate. Chen Ming looked over his fate:

‘Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of demonic sect’s Head Disciple Ya Mo. Note: because of your tireless effort, and your relation with Ya Mo, a new variable appears but the effects are unknown.’

Still unchanged? This means my title is too low, not enough to change my fate. Sects Ruler is just a common title after all.

But it’s enough knowing there’s a variable.

Need to think of a way to aver it. I, Chen Ming, don’t want to die at my own disciple’s hand. Does a little bastard want to upturn Heaven?

Your Master’s speed in improving will leave you gobsmacked!

Doesn’t the demonic sect have Wu Jiang? I will just end him. Let’s see who in this land can face me, Immortal Master Chen?

With a clearer head, he resumed completing his mission. But what had Chen Ming’s heart still beating, was another immortal equipment around here somewhere. Three immortal skeletons were found yet only two immortal equipment turned out.

Chen Ming eyed Fairy Zi Xia as well as the rest, “I cultivate Dao Canon and the Conquering Immortals Art sparked my interest. I will remain here a while longer, while also waiting for Yan Mountain’s disciples to show up and give them some things.”

The others didn’t give him a hard time, with Liu Xuancha saying, “Alright. We will give Forest of Origin’s report to the entire immortal sect, not to rush carelessly and avoid senseless losses.”