Once the four Sovereigns were out of sight, Chen Ming once again started his search for that last immortal equipment. There were no other people around, and Chen Ming didn’t believe he couldn’t find it. Fate hangs over my head, and I don’t have a Luck Aura in limited time. He wouldn’t go treasure hunting for anything else and was going to hand the rest of the work to others.

His mind turned, Li Suyi and Ling Xian broke through to the Dao Comprehending realm. I can now draw two lottery tickets. I was preparing to have Ling Xian’s Luck Aura rub off on me. And since he just broke through, the moment is ripe. In the imposing atmosphere, he rubbed himself in the remnants of Luck Aura, “Draw! Come out, come out immortal equipment!”

“Ding! Drawing two lottery tickets… You obtained Underworld Judge’s Brush(imitation) and the Book of Life and Death(imitation). You obtained a Heaven Spirit Vein. Please inspect the rewards.”




I won!

And big too!

The Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death might be imitations, but their name alone inspires power!

What was even more important was the heaven ranked Spirit Vein!

Above Spirit Vein is the earth ranked Spirit Vein, something a Sovereign might have. Above the earth ranked Spirit Vein was the heaven ranked Spirit Vein. This is something only the four ancient immortal sects or the demonic sect might posses. It’s a first-rate Spirit Vein!

Just how many disciples can I raise with this?

We’ll have more and more spirit stones coming in!

He released his awareness, searching for his surroundings while flying on the cloud. Even after three days, he has yet to find any immortal equipment. He did find plenty of King ranked spiritual herbs though, in the hundreds. Based on the agreement with Forest of Origin, he only took half, but it wasn’t little even so. Across the whole land, there were barely any King ranked pills, and finding so many ingredients here was enough to satisfy even someone of Chen Ming’s appetite.

Chen Ming suddenly detected a trace of immortal power, “What did I say? There’s no way I can’t find it when I’m the only one searching!”

Chen Ming flew ecstatic and threw away the soil with spiritual power. A brush entered Chen Ming’s eyes, baffling him. How can the immortal equipment be a brush?

But when he heard the system lady’s voice, his mood changed for the better, “Ding! Assessing Underworld Judge’s Brush(imitation). Because you cultivate the Illustrious Casket, you earned its approval.”

Chen Ming stretched his hand, Is this Chen Lingyu’s tailored immortal equipment?

Chen Ming kept on with his search. Underworld Judge’s Brush was here so the Book of Life and Death shouldn’t be too far. Not a moment later, he held the said book in his hand. Like the Underworld Judge’s Brush, the book also approved of him. Chen Ming rolled his eyes, The effect of these items is beyond strange.

After using the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death, as long you write the target’s name and birth date, and the target is on this land, you can send death soldiers to attack him at any given time. That means, if the enemy traveled, or was sleeping in a brothel, he could receive the death soldiers’ attack.

Is this even an immortal equipment?

All kinds of crazy things exist in this world!

The effect of the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death are much stronger than immortal equipment. They could be rated even higher.

But Chen Ming wasn’t certain. Immortal equipment was an immortal’s weapon. Once they attained the Immortal realm, most likely they wouldn’t attack these lands, treading the path to immortality outside it. It was of no benefit to them. But for those under them who wanted to look up at the sky and go higher, the threat was unimaginable.

Also, didn’t the immortal holding the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death still died because of Origin Sect?

Chen Ming found this power a bit unreliable, since not only did it called upon death soldiers, but also the Underworld River’s waters. If the enemy fought us when the Underworld River descends, won’t it kill our side’s people too?

This immortal equipment’s effect could attack over extreme distances but was unreliable. It was better to fight the other face to face.

When killing, including one’s own men, you couldn’t just say luck wasn’t on your side. It was still a human life. Once this immortal equipment was activated, one needed to be cautious. I will have to have a long talk with Chen Yu. But not Chen Ling’er, since she doesn’t like killing at all.

Now that he collected Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death, he thought he should go find the Heaven Spirit Vein. With such a Spirit Vein, no matter how many disciples I have, I can raise them all.

After some thought, Chen Ming came to the conclusion the Spirit Vein should be beneath the Origin Sect. Wonder how it looks. The spirit around a normal vein is just a palm-sized little guy. I wonder how big a Heaven Spirit Vein’s spirit is? Is it male or female?

Chen Ming lowered his head and made a tunnel in the ground with his spiritual power. Burrowing a hundred li down, he finally found a spirit stone. Since he found its home, the spirit shouldn’t be too far.

Chen Ming put the spirit stone into the storage ring from the immortal, since it had plenty of space, with only a few twin spacial stones inside.

He soon discovered many spirit stones fragments around him. It must have been buried here for so long that even the spirit stones decayed. From the looks of things, these spirit stones seem to be the ones produced by the Heaven Spirit Vein.

As he stashed them away, Chen Ming came upon a gathering of spirit stones, in the shape of a river. Wherever one looked, it could see the dazzling light of spirit stones!

A Heaven Spirit Vein lives up to its name!

It’s much faster than all other Spirit Veins in producing spirit stones!

Only a Heaven Spirit Vein can support an ancient immortal sect!

Chen Ming had no idea how many he collected since he wouldn’t stop till the storage ring was full. When he began, he found wind spirit stones. He kept hoarding until he had around a hundred thousand, yet the spirit stone river had no end as if it was infinite. This overjoyed Chen Ming.

The Origin Sect, in its prime, must have been like an ancient immortal sect, with most spirit stones coming just from this Heaven Spirit Vein.

When he reached the two hundred million mark, it came as a surprise to find a fire attribute spirit stone river next to him. Just what kind of situation is this?

Oh, I seem to have heard Fairy Zi Xia once say her sect’s Heaven Spirit Vein can produce spirit stones of many attributes.

Chen Ming burst in laughter, “This is great, the spirit stones keep on coming! See how I’ll later crush everyone with spirit stones! What an outstanding feeling!”

Then Chen Ming’s vision was in swooning, “Hold on, don’t I have three thousand and six hundred broken toys back home?”

With a hundred thousand spirit stones per person, it would be quite hard to train a Regalia Regiment. If he could get his hands on more than three billion spirit stones, giving a million spirit stones to each disciple, them the same status as Archfiends, it should solve this problem. This way, the speed of Scarlet Tide would increase exponentially!

Really, there are no spirit stones I, Immortal Master Chen, can’t spend!