Gongsun Zhi was one of the Endless Swords Sect’s elders, and also the son of the first Grand Elder, Gongsun.

He wasn’t old, only thirty-nine years old, with a 3rd stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivation and of good talent. If it weren’t for Chen Ming, he would have been the next in line for the Sect Leader position.

Chen Ming jumped to Zhuo Qingyao and helped her lay in front of Li Changgeng, “Please look after Qingyao.”

Li Changgeng and Chen Ming might have disputes, but they still valued fairness.

He nodded, “Be at ease. I will take care of her.”

“Master…” said Li Qian’er when Gongsun Zhi supported her.

Gonsun Zhi’s rage-filled eyes glared at Chen Ming, “Did you know? If it weren’t for you, I would be the one to inherit the Sect Leader position. Everything changed when you showed up!”

Chen Ming laughed, “The winner is always right. It has been true since time immemorial. With an inferior talent, you should work harder on your cultivation!”

“You think that was all? Did you know, when Qian’er and I are under the sheets, she calls your name instead!”


Who wouldn’t be enraged?

A master-disciple love! And he unknowingly made Gogsun Zhi wear a green hat!

Chen Ming cursed, “How should I know? It’s not my fault I’m so handsome!”

Gongsun Zhi laughed hard, “In the end, it doesn’t matter. Chen Ming, you think the Pitfall Mountain isn’t aware of how unrestrained the Regent’s estate is? Pitfall Mountain’s Fiend General Savage Bull is leading monsters here, as we speak. While all you Elders enjoy the inner sect disciple competition, Fiend General Savage Bull is finishing devouring the Sect Leader!”

“Chen Ming, if you drop to your knees and beg forgiveness, I will give you a swift end. If not, then you will suffer the cruelest of tortures, deprived of even death!”

Chen Ming peaked at Gongsun Zhi’s danger value, 130; a trash to the end.

“Ding! Triggered a storyline mission: neutralize Endless Swords Sect’s crisis. Reward is based on the mission’s completion rating. Standard reward: 500 spiritual knowledge, 50 fame.”

Gongsun Zhi had to die, a traitor like him deserved nothing better. Chen Ming panicked, “What! Pitfall Mountain had this place surrounded?“

Chen Ming moved towards him, “Gongsun Zhi, no, Sir Gongsun, I don’t wanna die. Give me a chance, please!”

Gongsun Zhi was brimming with pride, The day finally came for you to beg, “Ha-ha-ha, Qian’er, do you see? This Chen Ming is just a coward, just what did you…”

Gongsun Zhi touched his neck, now sporting a thin line of blood, left by the Lustrous King Sword, “Y-you! Aren’t you afraid of Pitfall Mountain’s retaliation?”

Chen Ming struck again, this time aiming for his chest and piercing his heart, “You worry too much. I’ll think about it after killing you.”

“Ding! Killed a 3rd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Obtained 30 spiritual knowledge points.”

Chen Ming withdrew his sword and looked at Li Qian’er on the floor, “Give her to Qingyao to kill when she wakes up! I’ll go check the back of the mountain, while you activate the guarding array!”

He jumped on his sword and flew towards Sect Leader’s peak. There, he saw a Fiend General with a bull’s head, covered in armor and a battle-ax, as he carried the unconscious Sect Leader.

He presumed that he was the Fiend General Savage Bull and found that his danger value was 250! This person shouldn’t be provoked. Don’t look down on a mere seventy points difference. When he made quick work of Gongsun Zhi, he had a forty points lower value than Chen Ming.

Even when fighting higher stages, rules still governed them!

And behind Savage Bull, there were tens of Great Fiends, all at the Dao Initiation realm!

Just how could he solve this crisis?

Chen Ming’s eyes glazed over when he looked at the Fiend General because the Savage Bull had an aura.


Calling him stupid would be an insult to the word.

Effect: immune to Mind-numbing Aura. He has no basic intelligence, the problem is how did it ever get so low.’

This world also has such an innate aura?

It looked as if he was begging to be duped. Chen Ming shifted his Fire Crow Art’s Dao Palace to the front and changing his energy to fiend energy.

He sheathed Lustrous King Sword and then formed a cloud with his new energy.

Chen Ming dashed in front of Fiend General Savage Bull and raved, “You ruined my plan!”

Savage Bull saw the human-shaped monster flying at him and was shocked, Impossible! Could he be an Archfiend? Only an Archfiend can take human form, just like Pitfall Mountain’s master.

Even if he wasn’t an Archfiend in human form, a Great Fiend was also able to take human form. But because the fiend before him had a complete human form, it proved he formed his Dao Seed.

Savage Bull sensed that the fiend before him was weaker than him, but he didn’t dare show contempt. Who knew if he were an Archfiend in hiding. And as for not considering the man in front of him, not a fiend, now that was a tasteless joke. How couldn’t he be, when he had such thick fiend energy around him?

Savage Bull asked, “Brother, from which mountain are you?”

Chen Ming began, “It’s a long story. When I was a mere crow, a great serpent wanted to eat me, but Pitfall Mountain’s Archfiend killed it with a wave of his hand, saving my life. I then sank all my focus into cultivating, so that I could return this favor to Sir Archfiend. I wanted to leave the Pitfall Mountain when I reached the Great Fiend stage but had to delay my departure since I didn’t find an appropriate gift for Sir Archfiend. So I went to Yan Empire and found it was conspiring to remove itself from under Sir Archfiend’s control. I then took the Regent’s Prince form and intended to gift the entire Yan Empire to Sir Archfiend. But you ruined my plan! You offended the Pitfall Mountain, you offended Sir Archfiend!”

“No offense, no offense. Wait, so you are from Pitfall Mountain, well so are we!”

Chen Ming faked astonishment, “What, you’re also from Pitfall Mountain!”

Savage Bull flew next to Chen Ming, patting him on the shoulder, “Hahaha, so we are from the same mountain. I saw that brother has imposing energy and lofty bearing. You will certainly become a powerful fiend. Our Archfiend doesn’t need a gift and when he learns of brother’s talent, he will be immensely pleased. Meeting a fellow brother is a cherishable moment, come, let’s drink!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Then I’ll go get everybody excellent dishes to go along with wine!”

Savage Bull waved his hand at Sect Leader, “What dishes, isn’t this a human?”

Chen Ming reached out for the Sect Leader, “This human is too old, not tasty. How can it be worthy of my brother? I’ll go get you delicious food!” He then took the Sect Leader and fled.