Spirit stones depicted in small rivers ran over the stone walls, casting dazzling hues.

Chen Ming kept advancing, harvesting spirit stones all the while. And where did he get? To a large space, with a small mountain in its center. But what was interesting was the fact only spirit stones were used in forming the small mountain.

Spirit stones glowed in myriad tones like a galaxy in the night sky, of impeccable beauty and natural perfection. But all these were reduced to mere money in Chen Ming’s eyes!

Truth be told, this shady fortune was one of very few Chen Ming got his hands on. It couldn’t compare with mere clan pilfering.

A chance like this was rarer than rare.

As piles of spirit stones kept going in the storage ring, Chen Ming found a cave inside the mountain. He had no interest in going in, You think Immortal Master Chen is the type to go pay a visit?

Of course, the spirit stones around it come first!

After packing god knew how many hundreds of millions of spirit stones, a dark green tree caught Chen Ming’s eye. It emanated thick spiritual energy, to the point that it could be felt when breathing.

Even the surrounding air was foggy.

On the green three at a hight of a man, laid perched an infant-sized bird. It had a long beak and, instead of feathers, green leaves with jade luster. As Chen Ming stared at this woodpecker it took this moment to preoccupy itself with the wood in front of it.

This can’t be real, right?

It is a Heaven Spirit Vein! Yet you mean to tell me it passed its days eating wood?

But Chen Ming soon found it entirely reasonable. The Forest of Origin was filled with ancient trees, and since it couldn’t dip its beak in spiritual herbs, it had no choice but to delight itself in wood.

When it noticed Chen Ming, its leafy body trembled and its clear lustrous eyes began to tear up.

Chen Ming’s thought: Is this a spirit’s moe attack?

Chen Ming had yet to react when the woodpecker threw itself in his embrace, “You’re finally here. I sensed Dao Canon’s energy and new your return. You have no idea what all I’ve eaten is wood ever since you left. I’ve eaten, uh, how long? I can’t even remember!”

A memory struck Chen Ming, in which Fairy Zi Xia told him Heaven Spirit Vein was intelligent and were capable of speech. They weren’t as crude as those other Spirit Veins, having just simple thought. A Heaven Spirit Vein had the mentality of a child. In other words, a tasty treat could deal with this headache!

And I, Immortal Master Chen, fight for food with spirits every day!

He took a candy apple from his storage ring and gave it to the woodpecker, Uh, three-legged. Is that a Bifang Crane?(1)

Bifang Crane snatched the candy apple with its small claw, finishing in no time at all!

Now that’s one ravenous appetite!

Chen Ming gave it another and used this chance to paint the spirit pact on its forehead.

It was never meant to be this easy to subdue a Heaven Spirit Vein, just that anyone who had a Heaven Spirit Vein would treat it like a child by giving it treats and used the chance to paint the spirit pact. Raising spirits, in contrast to raising pests, was barely any difference. You still needed to brush its plumage, gave it a snack and hang out! Spirit Veins had no fighting abilities, more so for those that produced spirit stones. They were simply manufacturing tools.

Subduing Spirit Veins had nothing to with luck, but strength. If you had enough power, you could hold on to one. If not, even if you found one, another would come and steal it.

With the spirit pact done, the Bifang Crane cast Chen Ming a more friendly look, who began whispering soft words, “Little guy, it’s better if you come with me, and I will make sure you’ll only eat delicious food!”

The spirit pact was done, so the Bifang Crane didn’t even hesitate, feeling a strange feeling of closeness from Chen Ming, “Sure, sure!”

Seeing as Chen Ming didn’t eat any, Bifang Crane flew holding two, “Have one! This is the tastiest I’ve ever eaten!”

Chen Ming’s thought, This little guy’s behavior ain’t bad at all. It knows when to share, while also gentle like a human. With him, in the mixt, the rest of the spirits shouldn’t be fighting for much longer. I’ve decided, you’ll be handling the spirits as their leader!

Stuffing the tree into his storage ring, then letting Bifang Crane perch on his shoulder, Chen Ming was ready to take it back to Yan Mountain.

With this little guy, the level of the spiritual energy on Yan Mountain will reach an astonishing degree.

Chen Ming took stock of the number of spirit stones he collected. Over four billion should be enough to push the development of the Scarlet Tide to its peak.

But before he left, he had to hide Bifang Crane from the eyes of the ancient immortal sects. Yan Mountain was also close to the Demonic Domain and would be unlikely he could keep the Heaven Spirit Vein once news broke out. It was better to handle it in silence.

My strength just isn’t high enough, or I wouldn’t have such reservations.

Once he arrived at the edge of Forest of Origin, he saw many camps outside. A Yan Mountain disciple wearing Yan Mountain attire, and a sword at his waist, was instructing a group of people.

The Yan Mountain disciples, who already discovered him land, stopped what they were doing and gathered to pay respects to Chen Ming, “Greetings, Master!”

Chen Ming nodded, “How many disciples came?”

“Fourth senior sister also came and she should be clearer on this. I will go bring her.”


Soon, Chen Ling’er was before Chen Ming, “Master, how come you’re still here?”

“Had to tie some loose ends. Oh, gather all Yan Mountain disciples, I have an announcement to make.”

Chen Ling’er didn’t doubt Chen Ming. What Master says must be true.

Six hours later, all Yan Mountain disciples gathered. Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, unsheathing ten thousand swords and setting a soundproofing array. He assumed a dignified air, enabled Control Aura lvl2, and began, “You can all sense the war between the righteous and demonic faction, while I sense an imminent danger. A thousand years ago, a Ghost Immortal coveted this lands, wanting to turn the whole continent into a Ghost Domain. This continent’s Immortal, Immortal Pill Cauldron, fought him till his dying breath. He was no match for Ghost Immortal but managed to seal him in the end. A thousand years later, Ghost Immortal began stirring, corrupting many sects to help him break the seal and spread death all over the continent!”

(1) It is a mythical firebird. It resembles a Red-crowned Crane, but only has a single leg. The name “Bifang” is supposedly an onomatopoeia for the sound of wood crackling in a fire. They are considered to be ominous, with sightings of Bifang Cranes heralding disastrous wildfires.