Chapter 211: War Escalates
“The marks on your maps are all forces belonging to Ghost Immortal. Now that the demonic sect entered the war, it changed everything, turning it into a crisis. To avoid Ghost Immortal’s destruction of this land and turning it into a Ghost Domain, with all the people withing into devils, I have decided that Yan Mountain will also join the war. But your current rate of development, as well as the spread of Scarlet Tide, are too slow. Thus all disciples having earned the order to expand will receive a million spirit stones as war funds!”
“Yan Mountain must give its all to protect its territory and never allow anyone to invade it!”
“Perhaps the light of the sun and moon will no longer shine on this continent. Perhaps it will become a sea of blood. But we will absolutely not give up the hope of victory!”
“I have no trust in the ancient immortal sects winning this war, as they only hold a third of the continent in their grasp. What we will have to fight consists of the other two thirds. I have thus decided to give everything I have, in response to this war!”
“When the final battle comes, I hope you’ll all be Kings. This is the only way to have any hope of victory!”
“This is a kill or be killed war. Our only choice is to give everything we have, and more!”
Most disciples felt fear, but there were some who’s hearts throbbed.
This news sent the Yan Mountain disciples over the moon in joy. Each of them shall receive a million spirit stone. That was the same as a King’s accumulated wealth over a hundred years. And they could throw all of them into war preparations!
After all, they were hot-blooded youngsters, not at all like those stale old geezers, who only knew how to scheme at home. What youth had was endless desire to shine under the sun!
Of course, Chen Ming woke them to the seriousness of the situation, since they had no way of turning the war around at this time.
Chen Ming continued, “This might not be a disaster for Yan Mountain, but providence. We rarely have reasons to expand, to obtain more resources. But we have no limits in this case. I want Scarlet Tide to engulf everything, so Yan Mountain can rule them all!”
“We are Yan Mountain and need to display, at any given time, our glorious tradition. Pilfer their clans, along with killing and robbing! From Yan Mountain’s point of view, all are just fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered!”
The disciples’ morale burst like a tidal wave. This is the way, this is our Master we know best, this is our Yan Mountain’s everlasting tradition!
“We will change the face of this war!”
“We will make the land fear the mere sight of the Scarlet Tide!”
“Three thousand Scarlet Tides will block the sun and moon!”
“Go! Let’s go f*cking pillage. Pei, let’s go vanquish evil!”
“Hey, don’t mind it, let’s just go robbing!”
In fact, Chen Ming’s worry revolved around the low cultivation of these disciples. Only with high enough cultivation would they offer him more merits. Advancing to the Dao Comprehending realm wasn’t as simple as breaking through to the Dao Initiation realm, where comprehending scriptures and eating pills was enough. One needed to gain enlightenment of Dao. This could only be accomplished by relying on themselves.
Chen Ming could only hope the state of this war would last long enough to promote all his disciples to King rank.
In all honesty, Chen Ming didn’t take it into consideration how long would these disciples need to grow stronger and advance. They were treated even better than King ranks successors of sects. Because Yan Mountain was different from other sects, he let his legacy disciples leave the mountain, and he proceeded to do the same with the rest. Just look at the immortal art Finger From Beyond. Because it was the only one of this rank at the beginning of Yan Mountain, almost all know it now. How could the other sects beat that?
Not even immortal ranked sects would dare to come!
Pills come out endlessly, and one by one end up stuffing their stomachs, holding no qualms even if they are the ones refining them.
Yet Chen Ming still found it slow. He needed merits and if, say, each cultivation method needed a thousand, he would need three million in total!
Then Chen Ming stumbled upon a bigger problem. Some of the cultivation methods were connected and treated as one!
He gave a storage ring to Chen Lingyu, “Distribute the spirit stones to the rest.”
If I want my disciples’ cultivation to go higher, I need more fertilizer. How can chives grow without it?
These guys aren’t ripe yet, so I need to give them plenty of fertilizer.
Even now, they still need to rely on me, Immortal Master Chen, working me to the bone by spreading fertilizer!
Chen Ming held no fear regarding these guys wasting the spirit stones on entertainment. Yan Mountain had no such things to begin with. And if there were used for that, who would ever cultivate? Just who would pass the Heavenly Tribulation?
After receiving their share of spirit stones from Chen Lingyu, the disciples started talking, “What area has the most rogue cultivators? The first six hundred seniours snatched all the Great Fiends in the Myriad Mountains. We can only go somewhere else and look for rogue cultivators.”
“With Yan Mountain’s reputation, if we shout we’re Yan Mountain disciples, rogue cultivators will come in droves!”
“We can’t just carry a million spirit stones on us anyway. Let’s deposit them in Yan Mountain Bank first. I want to use these funds to raise a Regalia Regiment!”
Now that he was done with setting the disciples straight, Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain. He wanted to set in the Heaven Spirit Vein carefully. But barely a few days passed before Bifang Crane was flying above Yan Mountain, honking complaints, “Little carp, spit out little sunflower’s seeds! Little sunflower, let go of little carp’s tail! You can’t eat that!”
Ah, so peaceful.
In these days, Chen Ming also declared the funds for the expansion order were raised to a million spirit stones, inciting the trend of war to its peak.
Outside the Yellow Sea, Zhang Ming stood astride his weary warhorse, with the red-colored Regalia Legion behind him. He went on an expedition against an Archfiend and was just now returning victorious. Along with victory he also carried with him a million spirit stones in spoils of war.
Everywhere he looked, Zhang Ming saw Regalia troops rushing in waves. His subordinates were filled with astonishment. So far, they believed Zhang Ming’s status to be quite high, but only now realized that all Yan Mountain disciples received the same treatment. What a terrifying sect!