Chapter 212: Your Friend, Yan Mountain, Is Here
When one saw the Yellow Sea’s border, he would see Scarlet Tide camps. Their limits came closed in on each other as each took hold one mountain peak after the next. New Regalia recruits stood in shock at the sheer size of it. They were now aware of the extent of their might, compared to an old Archfiend who had three hundred soldiers.
But today, there was Scarlet Tide as far as the eye could see.
There were some proud bunch at first, but at this very moment, all Great Fiends had was loyalty to Yan Mountain. They couldn’t even get to feel anything else since, here, they were a mere drop in the ocean.
Most camps outside the Yellow Sea were filled with red. These were the armies of the first six hundred disciples. Being the first to enter the sect, they had many resources.
The first Yan Mountain Lord who tasted the thrill of pilfering thought, With how many Archfiends are in Myriad Mountains, it won’t be long before they run out. Fellow disciples will wipe them all, and with each new Yan Mountain Lord, the purse swells bulges again and again.
So much so that Zhang Ming united with two dozen Lords to put out a Divine Palace stage Archfiend, earning huge profits on top of it.
Zhang Ming was riding in front, with another Lord beside him, “Senior brother Zhang Ming, did you hear? Master is back, and he bumped the expansion funds to a million spirit stones!”
This news startled even Zhang Ming, “With Master raising it to a million, can all fellow disciples receive it?”
“Yes. I came back to raise my Regalia army to Regalia Regiment. Many sisters don’t go to war and us the spirit stones on Tool Refining Workshops. They must have plenty of King Slaying Sword and spiritual armor in stock!”
“Great! This saves us time, as we can just buy the equipment from them. These war filled times also brings us the best chances. This is the largest war in a thousand if not ten thousand years. There are many fat sheep outside Myriad Mountains waiting for us! With Master raising the war funds limit, I decided to increase my Regalia Regiment to ten thousand soldiers, a Regalia Division. I will then have enough military might to run amok in a Divine Palace stage Archfiend territory! “
“I don’t have such ambition as a senior brother. I can only have a regiment, then slowly attack and save bit by bit to recruit further!”
“This is the best chance to raise an army. Don’t stint on spirit stones. Remember what Master said, spirit stones are to be spent. They are worthless inside the bank and only spending will reveal their value! The war in Myriad Mountains is over, and we need to find a reason to attack those outside it. But there are Aspect stage there, and I must ask head senior sister do deal with them first!”
The Yan Mountain Lords carried their battles with great fervor. After all, this was just them going to rob resources, spirit stone, and spiritual herbs.
In Zhang Ming’s mind, Now that Master raised the funds, I can sell those Great Fiends captives to my dear juniors? That could earn me a nice amount!
Zhang Ming handled his soldiers and entered the Yellow Sea. Yan Mountain went through a sudden changed. The disciples were all flying on clouds, quite fast too. And the clouds even had something written on it: ‘The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.’
A look was enough to see its relaxed manner. Master must be the one who wrote it.
Only when he reached Yan Mountain’s headquarters did he find out all disciples could have a cloud for a mount.
Zhang Ming received his cloud then went in search of Silver Wing. He still had respect for the fiend, despite the humiliating behavior of that time. He was still Master’s direct subordinate. Although, head senior sister now has the power to order him too. “Uncle Silver Wing please report to head senior sister that I have a request!”
Silver Wing rolled his eyes at him. This little fellow has some influence. Who knew he would become a Lord in such a short time. “I’ll go to Head Sect Leader right now!”
Only to come back a moment later, “Head Sect Leader waits for you on the mountain.”
Zhang Ming straightened his clothes, his heart in a vice as he climbed the mountain. Head senior sister’s pressure is too great. She wields Obelisk and her strength also reached the peak of Dao Comprehending realm.
Head senior sister was as dignified as a mountain.
Uh, icy mountain.
He chanced upon Zhuo Qingyao’s sword practice. When she noticed him, she sheathed her sword and asked, “What is it?”
“Myriad Mountains is now at peace. Many of us, disciples, want to march outside its borders but there are many Aspect stage cultivators in the ancient immortal sects’ hinterlands. We have a hard time handling an Aspect rank so I ask head senior sister’s help in dealing with them.”
Zhuo Qingyao blanked out a bit, “Many Aspect stage cultivators you say. How many exactly?”
“There should be tens of them.”
Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes soon let out a cold glint, scarring Zhang Ming into bowing his head, “As head senior sister’s heart is focused on cultivation, we will think of a way ourselves to deal with this!”
“This war limits the Sovereigns from entering, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s been too long since my last spar. Assemble the troops!”
Was this a joke? How could a battle maniac like Zhuo Qingyao let this chance slip by?
Zhuo Qingyao whispered under her breath, “Just when Master went out again with Fairy Zi Xia and the others. With Master gone I am in charge of Yan Mountain. I will take eighty thousand troops and attack!”
Zhuo Qingyao sent her voice at the foot of the mountain, “Silver Wing, send for the three Grand Archfiends to see me!”
Zhuo Qingyao turned to Zhang Ming, “All of you must stay close, or you won’t manage to gain anything from this. Second junior brother went on the immortal and demonic frontline, and I will wipe out all the hinterlands of Ghost Immortal’s King ranks. Third junior brother united the demonic sect’s King ranks, and I will effortlessly conquer the ancient immortal sects’ hinterlands!”
Losing? That was never in Zhuo Qingyao’s mind, and neither was it in Yan Mountain disciples’ heads.
They were more than clear of Regalia Legion’s might, where even one versus ten would be an easy win for them. Other Dao Initiation realm cultivators would seldom have spiritual armor, while Regalia soldiers were armed to the teeth, not to mention they cultivated a war manual!
Today, Yan Mountain sent its troops outside Myriad Mountains. The cultivators witnessing the endless soldiers storming out of Yan Mountain, saw only a red cloud shrouding the horizon.
The recently famous and mysterious sect in the immortal sect, one who’s first rumor spoke of it having tens of thousands of alchemists, with money bursting at the seams, had the Scarlet Tide, an army that blocked one’s vision.
The cultivators felt their hearts shudder and tighten as more and more red clouds spread at the horizon, “Is this Yan Mountain?”
“Such power is similar to an ancient immortal sect!”
“Is this the real Yan Mountain?”
They had no idea that these were the first six hundred Yan Mountain Lords’ armies. Zhuo Qingyao’s soldiers, along with the rest three thousand Yan Mountain Lords were now marching to the ancient sect’s hinterlands, to recruit rogue cultivators and establish their very own Regalia Regiment.
Yan Mountain has officially joined the war on Ghost Immortal’s battlefield.