The immortal sect’s perception of Yan Mountain dithered around it being an alchemy sect. Making a million pills a month was nothing to scoff at.

As for Yan Mountain’s power, the Lord of Yan Mountain was a Sovereign, considered to have a very high cultivation when it came to an alchemy sect. After Medicine King Valley cut off the pill supply, Yan Mountain’s pills came in grand style.

As for it joining the war efforts, the other sects never even dwelled on it. If fact, the ancient immortal sects took Yan Mountain out of the war.

A sect with its primary occupation being alchemy would mainly fight through its connection. Just how Chen Ming refined the Yin Yang Harmony Pill in the Nine Frozen Springs could have all those Kings he helped answer his call.

But all those King ranks were on the battlefield, thus making Yan Mountain’s relations moot. As for Yan Mountain going personally to war, everyone thought of it as a bad joke. Was your head on straight when you let a bunch of alchemists fight in the war?

An alchemist should stick to alchemy, not waste time joining the excitement.

Then the ancient immortal sects’ scouts reported Yan Mountain setting out. The ancient immortal sects’ King ranks were baffled, No way! Can’t a bunch of alchemists be more serious for a change and stay home backing pills? Are you so free that you come to war for some excitement?

But many ancient immortal sects’ King ranks discovered a new side of Yan Mountain. The Lord of Yan Mountain was right now participating in the clearing of forbidden areas. He had no time to mind Yan Mountain, so the one presiding over the sect must be Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, a mere sixteen years old girl.

They must have thought that girl was still young and, without thinking, sent troops to join the bustle.

After Yan Mountain had a nice chat with those King ranks in the Ghost Immortal’s camp, they would surely think of returning home.

Su Qingyang waited a long time at the ancient immortal sects’ camp in hinterlands, yet had yet to see any sign of Zhuo Qingyao’s coming to the camp and hold a meeting. The report said she should’ve been here yesterday. Why isn’t she then?

His mission, this time around, was to clean up the hinterlands of Ghost Immortal’s factions. As for Liu Mang and Xue Ziyu, they had the task of dealing with Li Suyi. The number one on the Dao Comprehending Board wasn’t something you could look down on.

He heard someone coming to report, “There is a battle a hundred li to the South. It should be Yan Mountain!”

Su Qingyang was getting nervous, “How can they go straight to war? Assemble the troops on the double, and follow me to provide assistance!”

If another ancient immortal sect went to war, he wouldn’t care. The sects were in a competition, so let them fight. But Yan Mountain was different, an alchemy sect. It was classified as an associated sect, one that couldn’t be offended, or no more pills came out.

When Su Qingyang led his troops to the battlefield, he saw a sea of red in the distance. More than half a million Regalia soldiers were causing havoc everywhere. And by the look of things, it just ended, with them stashing away the spoils of war.

Su Qingyang blanked out, The hell is this!? Yan Mountain barely had a hundred thousand troops a few months back, so how are they now over five times that?

I fought for half a month and have yet to attack a King ranked sect, yet they just showed up and wrapped things up?

Zhuo Qingyao walked with Obelisk drawn among the bowing disciples, “Greetings head senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “This sect was poisoned by ghostly energy, devoted to Ghost Immortal and with no hope of recovering. They are the enemy, one that is of a different race. They are the dead, a race that hates the living. We must not leave any of them alive, and cut it all out from the root. We will crush all Ghost Immortal’s forces!”

The disciples cupped their hands, “We understand! We will not let anyone escape!”

Only then did Zhuo Qingyao noticed Su Qingyang, “Eh? You also joined the war?”

Su Qingyang: …

And how am I supposed to answer? What ‘you also joined the war’!? Where the main force here!

Su Qingyang felt helpless, “Yes, we also joined.”

“Great, then let’s attack together.”

Zhuo Qingyao jumped on the two-colored cloud. Now she could fly, thanks to this mount, “Listen, Regalia Legion! War has come and we can’t retreat because we have Myriad Mountains at our back, Yan Mountain! Press on, crush them all into oblivion!”

Freezing killing intent accompanied those words, to which the Regalia Legion replied in roars, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Su Qingyang watched bug-eyed, Your Eminence. didn’t you say you have a peace-loving sect? Why are all Yan Mountain disciples emanating icy killing intent!?

Furthermore, why the hell are a bunch of alchemists more zealous than us, who vanquish demons!?

Su Qingyang was filled with doubt as to how did they win. But a look at Yan Mountain’s troops answered that problem. They were all wearing spiritual armors and trained in the same cultivation method!

And this cultivation method allowed them to unite their strengths.

Following Zhuo Qingyao, Su Qingyang found why Yan Mountain’s power was so great. Forgetting the fact they had standard spiritual swords and spiritual armor, Yan Mountain’s troops had pills on top. Pills they took at the lightest wound.

You’re too wasteful!

Su Qingyang was clear about his sect. Recovery pills were something you could only take in moments of crisis, to reverse the situation and only one at that. But he saw with his own eyes how a Regalia soldier complained of stomachache and took a recovery pill!

You’re way too wasteful!

How can you take a pill for any stomachache!?

Su Qingyang finally grasped the source of Regalia Legion’s power. It came from a simple saying: ‘with pills, you can do anything’!

As for disciples, they all new immortal arts to some extent.

Only geniuses like them could learn such arts in their sects, yet it was free to all Yan Mountain disciples!

You didn’t come to fight, but to flaunt!

Thus, Yan Mountain’s rich reputation spread like wildfire to every ancient immortal sect. Yan Mountain once again upended their view on them.

Zhuo Qingyao stood on a mountain peak, gazing at the rivers and mountains, “Is this killing to affirm one’s Dao? My sword intent is that of first under heaven, and I will behead all kings in these lands to prove it!”