Sky Canyon.

It was a long stretching abyss. There were two reasons for its name. One, because it was so long it seemed to reach the sky.

And two, it was the border between the immortal and demonic domains.

Now that the restriction was lifted on King ranks, Human Kings and Demon Kings were wrapped in a bloody battle above the Sky Canyon.

Countless Kings entered this carnage, where blood flew like rain and followed shortly by King corpses.

Blood and rain soon melded, flowing to the bottom of the abyss, and turning into a bloody river extending into the distance.

The mortals over the entire continent only felt fear and desperation. They were immortals in their eyes, fighting day-in day-out across the blue sky in this bloodbath, destroying anything along the way.

These fights were a calamity to them, powerless to resist or avoid.

But luck had it that these King ranks never attacked mortals. If one did, he would invoke the wrath of Heaven.

Among the heavy rain, a Demon King rushed towards a bloody coffin, “Lord Ya Mo, we did our best but we have yet to seize Sky Canyon!”

The coffin opened slowly, blood overflowed from within, and Li Suyi coming out of it as he sized the Demon King with his blood-red eyes. He ignored the Demon King’s shivering legs and glanced at the distant Sky Canyon.

Li Suyi said flatly, “It’s likely it won’t be called Sky Canyon in the future, but Cross Mountains.”

Li Suyi shouldered the blood coffin and pulled Demonic Blood Saber from it. He hacked at the Sky Canyon, sending a tens of zhang long saber wave, splitting the earth and forming another canyon. It’s new shape resembling a cross.

The Human Kings paled, “Crap, it’s Ya Mo!”

“None of our Dao Comprehending Board geniuses are here yet!”

“If they don’t come, we’ll have to retreat!”

Before they could react, a saber wave as large as before, and filled with blood, shined a red color all around and severely wounded a dozen Human Kings.

Carrying the blood coffin, Li Suyi stood on a cliff overlooking the other side in silence.

Under the heavy rain, demonic energy warped left and right, intimidating everyone with his presence. He, Li Suyi, was the number one on the Dao Comprehending Board, a Kings Ruler. Everywhere he treaded, Kings fell back!

The rain turned to snow as Xue Ziyu walked on the opposite cliff. The blue-eyed dark ox stepped forward, with Liu Mang next to it, carrying the Soaring Dragon Spear.

Li Suyi didn’t cower. Even if he was up against two on the Dao Comprehending Board, he didn’t feel like retreating. Because he was the first on the Dao Comprehending Board.

Li Suyi swiped, Demonic Blood Saber’s blood energy filling the area. Xue Ziyu shouted, “Li Suyi, you were a righteous person, why did you leave for the demonic sect?”

His answer, a bloody saber wave. Its color turned the world in shades of red, as Li Suyi’s spear released a roaring dragon. Li Suyi perked an eyebrow, not minding it much. He jumped and then split the incoming dragon with his saber. He was Chen Ming’s disciple and wouldn’t listen to the King ranks’ exclamations. He straight out rushed at Liu Mang.

The great saber and spear collided, exchanging a dozen moves in an instant. Li Suyi followed with a slash and propelled Liu Mang into making a new hole in the ground. This exchange shook his insides, wounding him into spitting blood!

Xue Ziyu was nervous, with dejection setting in the Human Kings’ hearts around him, “That clash alone gave Liu Mang wounds. Ya Mo has reached such a high level!”

Xue Ziyu curbed his hesitation, flying at Li Suyi, “Ice Palm!”

Xue Ziyu waved his hand and a thirty zhang long palm of ice descended from the sky, yet Li Suyi scattered it to pieces with one slash!

He continued toward Xue Ziyu, who now wielded a snow-white sword. Li Suyi sheathed his sword and executed the Saber Drawing Art!

Demonic Blood Saber exploded before Xue Ziyu, sending him staggering ten feet. Li Suyi took advantage of this and repeated the move!

Human Kings and Demon Kings alike watched stunned, “His saber art reached such height!”

“Only a Sovereign can fully use the Saber Drawing Art!”

Xue Ziyu retaliated but couldn’t match Li Suyi’s speed. After two dozen exchanges, he was also sent flying into a fresh hole!

Demon Kings’ eyes shined, “Ya Mo is matchless, a Demons Ruler!”

“No King can face Ya Mo’s attack!”

“Unequal under Sovereign!”

“There’s nothing he can’t beat!”

Li Suyi approached the heavy wounded Xue Ziyu, floating among the raindrops. The Human Kings had no faith left, full of fear in the face of Li Suyi’s might.

Li Suyi wanted to kill Human Kings.

A man took off his bamboo hat, leaving himself open to the rain and eyes of the King ranks. A face Li Suyi could never forget.

Ling Xian lifted his head, “Third junior brother, as long as I’m here, you’ll never fell one from the righteous faction!”

Li Suyi stared at Ling Xian as he waved his saber, Second senior brother, I always heard talks of your legend in the previous world! You are a proud genius of the immortal sect, while I, the dreg of the demonic sect. You are loved and acclaimed, while I, alone and miserable. Parents died young and younger sister stranded who knows where, refined into pills by the Medicine King Valley!

Who would have thought I would have the chance to have a battle of geniuses with you, in this life. It’s as they say:

Fighting a Sovereign is a blessing.

Xue Ziyu checked Ling Xian’s cultivation, “Ling Xian, you’re just at the Dao Seed stage. You can’t fight him!”

Li Suyi found he had twenty percent of spiritual power left. His power came at a price, as each Saber Drawing Art drained it quickly.

Liu Mang urged, “Li Suyi is already a demon, and even if you’re his senior brother, he will still kill you!”

Ling Xian walked with steady steps towards Li Suyi.

Li Suyi jumped at him, Demonic Blood Saber waving, bathing all in a sea of blood.

The Human Kings closest recoiled ten feet. They could only watch from afar as the Yan Mountain disciples entered a deadly battle.

Ling Xian’s sleeve flickered, gathering the spiritual energy in ten li radius into a whirlpool. It focused on his hands, taking the shape of Qiongqi and Flood Dragon!

Conquering Immortals Art!

Demonic Blood Saber versus Conquering Immortals Art!

The ten-zhang-large beasts flew against the incoming saber wave. A thunderous explosion roared in the area, cracking stone and rupturing the earth.

Li Suyi recognized that move!

At that time, you took ten years to learn it. How long did it take this time?

Oh, right, Master.

With Master beside you, you’ll learn anything faster.

Let us see then, which of our arts Master taught us is stronger. Will it be my Demonic Blood Saber Art or your Conquering Immortals Art?

The Human Kings and even the Demon Kings gasped in amazement, “Ya Mo learned the Demonic Blood Saber from the Lord of Yan Mountain!”

“Is it the same for Ling Xian’s move he just showed?”

“Just what kind of freaky existence is this Lord of Yan Mountain!”

“One man produced two disciples of peerless talent. One is the demonic sect’s paragon under Sovereigns, while the other, with his Dao Seed stage, can contend against an Aspect stage!”

Li Suyi swiped his saber while Ling Xian’s eyes flickered with the light to sever all ties, “Master gave you the Demonic Blood Saber while also giving me the Divine Wood Seal. Let us see who took to mind Master’s teaching!”

Ling Xian opened his hand, with the Divine Wood Seal within releasing natural Grand Dao energy to gather in his sleeves!

Li Suyi’s cape billowed in the wind as he rushed forward. He swung Demonic Blood Saber simply, while Ling Xian sent Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon!

The saber strike hacked the beasts and the aftermath of the blow sent Ling Xian into spitting blood.

Ling Xian wiped his mouth and rushed at Li Suyi using the Conquering Immortals Art again.

Li Suyi’s hit sent him back into a coughing fit.

One slashed while the other coughed blood.

After fifteen long minutes, a bloody Ling Xian staggered to his feet, eyes set on Li Suyi, “Wu Jiang took you under my watch and I will take you back. No matter what, I must take you back!”

Li Suyi sheathed his saber sensing he only had a tenth of spiritual power left, “Second senior brother, you’re not my match with just a Dao Seed cultivation. Why keep going?”

Ling Xian called out to him, “Third junior brother, come back!”

Li Suyi burst in laughter, “With the crimes I’ve done, how can I turn back? If I can turn around, where will the sea of bitterness lay?”

Li Suyi looked at Ling Xian, “I am almost out of spiritual power after today’s fight while your cultivation is also lacking. None of us are at our peak. I did not enjoy it fully and I said I won’t speak when killing. Since I opened my mouth, I won’t kill anyone here, I won’t kill you!”

With those words, Li Suyi left. When he was among the Demon Kings, one asked, “Lord Ya Mo, you could clearly kill Ling Xian. He has such power while still in the Dao Seed stage. Lord Ya Mo, you’re too soft, and softness is very dangerous for a demonic cultivator!”

Li Suyi took out his saber and sent his head flying. He turned toward the rest, “Does anyone else have a problem?”

No one dared to make a peep.