Outside Forest of Origin.

Chen Ming thought long and hard whether or not to give Chen Lingyu Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death, but he still gave them. The items might be strong but this lass, would rise in popularity fast. It was of utmost importance to handle her safety adequately.

Chen Lingyu had nothing of the sort like Zhuo Qingyao’s Dire Straits Aura, Ling Xian’s Luck Aura, or Li Suyi’s Reckless Aura. With the two immortal equipment safeguarding her, Chen Ming could breathe easier.

Chen Yu thought he wanted her to do something when he asked for her, “Master, did you look for me?”

“I want to give you two immortal equipment. Their power cannot be measured. They have strange effects, so you better be careful when you use them. Understand?”

Chen Yu smiled, “Master, are you still worried about me? I’m not someone who likes killing!”

Chen Ming peeked at the sky, Wait, it’s evening. Did this lass change already?

Chen Yu had long been yearning for immortal equipment. Head senior sister, second senior brother and third senior brother all have immortal equipment. Is it finally my turn? From Master’s words, these seemed much more powerful than the others!

Chen Yu hugged Chen Ming’s hand while swaying and pleading in a soft voice, “Master, Master, where are they? Let me see!”

Chen Ming caved under her spoiled act. He had no resistance against his two disciples’ tantrums. The King Slayer Aura was useless!

Chen Ming opened his hand, “Here, but remember to be careful. These immortal equipment’s powers can’t be measured and can danger the others on our side!”

Chen Yu was bouncing with joy as she took them. She loved them the moment she laid eyes on them. She even became their owner in no time at all.

Chen Ming’s thought, This lottery ticket is so convenient for my disciples. While no matter how much I need something, I’ll never get it.

Sigh, I’m only here to spread fertilizer!

With Chen Lingyu having the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death, Chen Ming was free from worry. In these chaotic times, the safer the better.

Now that he settled the matters regarding the Forest of Origin, Chen Ming set up a teleportation array in Yan Mountain, since he had 18 twin spacial stones. The pair of the teleportation array, he left it in his storage ring in case he needed to return post-haste.

Now, Chen Ming was thinking about how to set the other teleportation arrays. He even thought of drawing a teleportation array on each of the twelve nation weapons. This way, he would have a pseudo-blink ability, but among each them.

Such a matter was a cinch for an array master like Chen Ming, though it did took time.

This move will help greatly in battle. I can blink!

And when a hit comes, I’ll flash away, becoming unbeatable!

Well sure, the Sovereigns weren’t fools. They would figure out, in the end, the pattern regarding the movement between the twelve swords.

Thought by the time they do, I’ll reign supreme!

As a fake cultivator, he wasn’t bound to conventional rules of battle. I need to bring out the most of my professions. To slowly understand each of my three thousand Grand Daos!

Closing the door to his room in the camp, he began a vigorous bout of banging to alter the nation weapons. Logic dictated that two weapons only needed one twin special stone, but Chen Ming was one who liked being full of surprises, especially to his enemies. He used seven stone, with two weapons connected to Overflowing Void.

By the time one would find the pattern of blinks, thinking that Overflowing Void only had a single array, when he would only have this sword in hand while defending, he would blink to the second. This would surely get his opponent rilled up!

He would also need common spiritual swords besides the nation weapons set up with teleportation arrays while altering their appearance to look like the originals. Just when the enemy felt he overcame the dilemma of the blinking nation weapons, Uhm, my plain spiritual swords can also blink. Now that’s a surprise right there!

Swinging the hammer and painting the inscriptions, Chen Ming was cooped up for three days in refining his weapons. Inscriptions came one after the other, followed closely by array, everything for each nation weapon of course, and each finished item added another red vein to his bloodshot eyes. He carefully embedded the twin spacial stone into the swords, then even more inscriptions to link them.

Twin spacial stone worked on a simple principle, the two could change places. But the place varied if it had no teleportation arrays.

Chen Ming handled them one by one, working each nation weapon to the perfection that was his standard.

He came out three days later, with a mess of a hair and a laughing Chen Lingyu bringing water for him to wash.

He toiled for three long days and sat at the table in a daze, “Right, give me something to eat, I’m a bit hungry!”

Chen Lingyu boiled some vegetables then passed them in front of him. He had a few bites before he recalled the taste the last time he went hungry, Eh? How come last time was delicious?

Oh right, Zhuo Qingyao cooked then. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten her noodles, I’m beginning to miss the taste.

No wonder I liked Zhuo Qingyao’s last time’s noodles. At least there’s no problem now that her noodles are edible!

Yet, if she marries, where will I go to eat?

They all say when girls are of age they must be married off. Zhuo Qingyao is sixteen right now, the time for the first stirring of love to blossom. A dangerous time, but thank god I gave them that lesson. There should be no problem now.

The sky darkened and Chen Yu came online, a grim look on her face as she watched Chen Ming, “Master, did you went to steal chickens? Why is your hair so sloppy?”

Chen Ming gave her a look, I wonder why I even bothered having that talk. With these two lasses’ tempers, it’d be stranger if they got married! If that times ever comes, I will write my name backward!

Chen Ming rolled his eyes at her, “Since your Master’s hair is in a mess, come help me straighten it out. Can’t you see your Master’s dog-tired?”

Chen Yu was just as blunt in her answer as she was in character, “Master, don’t say you’re dog-tired when there’s not a dog tired than you!”

Chen Ming: …

You’re one damn smooth talker. So much so I’m lost for words. Why do I even bother worrying?