Land of the Dragon Hoard.

Chen Ming jumped off his cloud on a mountain peak. So did Fairy Zi Xia, Liu Xuancha, Xue Xunmei, and Su Qinggang.

When the four jumped off, the world was spinning, their eyes hazy, and a storm brewed in their stomachs.

The King ranks, standing a distance outside the Land of the Dragon Hoard in preparation to enter it, glanced at the peak, “Look, the Sovereigns arrived!”

“Are they intending on killing the evil dragon inside?”

“Once it’s dead, we can go treasure hunting!”

“Why do some Sovereigns are swaying left and wobbling right? Is it a super-secret mysterious magical art??”

“Must be, the Sovereigns are releasing secret arts!”

Liu Xuancha massaged his temples, taking another look at the two lines Chen Ming left on his cloud. ‘The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.’

Are these lines for real? This f*cking cloud it’s more like flying on thunder! “Chen Ming, If I ever ride your mount again, I’m not human!”

Fairy Zi Xia held her forehead, face pale, “I think you need to take the lines off. I truly trusted your evil ways and rode your cloud.”

Chen Ming strutted, “Isn’t it fine? You’re all talking like wounded people.”

Fairy Zi Xia had no strength to argue, “Internal wounds!”

Then said suddenly, “Right, they say that Yan Mountain entered the King ranked battlefield. How pretentious! The Sages allowed your Yan Mountain to not get involved in the war, so don’t go make trouble if you have nothing to do. An alchemist needs to behave and only make pills.”

Chen Ming said, “How should I know what happens there if I’m not on Yan Mountain. It must be that lass’s, Zhuo Qingyao, fancy!”

Fairy Zi Xia’s face made a sudden shift to a weirder look, “Didn’t you came out in full force the last time you attacked Fiend Sovereign?”

Chen Ming said, “Why do you ask?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “There have been sightings of at least half a million Scarlet Tide army. It has an uncanny speed in besieging camps and it forced the frontline to shift a thousand li in.”

Chen Ming laughed, “Since I don’t, know why worry? Just let Yan Mountain disciples toughen themselves up a round or two. Anyway, what are the theories behind this Land of the Dragon Hoard?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Rumor has it there’s a Dao Dragon-”

Chen Ming cut her off, “Hold on. I heard of Gold Dragon, Azure Dragon, Fire Dragon and the like, but what the hell is a Dao Dragon?”

Xue Xunmei explained, “A dragon who’s scales are filled with carved scriptures. The rumor says that all the scriptures on this continent come from this Dao Dragon, that he is the first cultivator of this land and the first immortal. Immortal Coiling Dragon comprehended the Dao on this dragon and launched the path of cultivation.”

Chen Ming’s eyes lit up, “So what you’re saying is that this Dao Dragon has many scriptures on his body?”

Xue Xunmei said, “Indeed so.”

Chen Ming asked again, “So why did it turned into a forbidden area? It’s more reasonable for it to be a paradise.”

Xue Xunmei said, “After Immortal Coiling Dragon soared, many cultivators coveted the Dao Dragon. Without the Immortal Coiling Dragon’s pressure, they no longer hesitated and wanted to kill the Dao Dragon to take its scriptures. This is why Coiling Dragon flew into a rage, slaughtering any cultivators it saw until they were almost extinct.”

Chen Ming said, “Since it’s that fierce, can the few of us truly handle it?”

Liu Xuancha said, “The Dao Dragon has grown old. Even if it’s a dragon, his life is approaching its limit. Not to mention Dao Dragon isn’t considered a dragon. As for what it is, no one knows. An old Dao Dragon isn’t as powerful as in his early years.”

Chen Ming peeked over the Land of the Dragon Hoard mission. Its reward was unknown, which bode well for him and his curiosity. Each scale’s a scripture. Heaven’s helping me!

With the current merits, cultivating a hundred cultivation manuals to Dao Seed is a cinch. My spiritual power will double!

That’s the same as saying ti skin it!

They walked in the Land of the Dragon Hoard’s depths, with the humid jungle proving no obstacle for them. The reason was simple, they flew. Why would they ever fear a mere jungle?

After a flight of a thousand li, Chen Ming spotted a scaled-man for a split second. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and sent ten thousand swords to bar its path. The others finally saw this strange man, “What is he?”

Liu Xuancha said, “It’s a Dao Dragon’s servant, and also his fanatic.”

The strange man regarded the five without an ounce of fear, “You people came again? Degenerates that want to take advantage of Master’s weakness?”

Liu Xuancha didn’t show any embarrassment, “If Dao Dragon is the source of all the continent’s Daos, he wouldn’t have let you take this appearance.”

The strange man cracked up, “Ha-ha-ha, such nice words. Dao Dragon bestowed the Grand Dao upon you all and this is how you repay it? Born in a faraway dragon land and finding rest beneath the dragon. This is my honor. Don’t think you passed your journey unnoticed. Dragon Sovereign is on his way and your death shall be the world’s apology to him!”

Chen Ming only saw insanity in his eyes, “This Dao Dragon doesn’t seem such a nice fellow.”

Moments later, Chen Ming saw in the jungle a youngster with two jade fishes on his forehead. For him to not detect someone this near, proved the depth of this person’s cultivation.

Fairy Zi Xia took out her immortal equipment, noking an arrow. Liu Xuancha reached out for his black scythe, Su Qinggang pulled his sword, and Xue Xunmei’s robe swelled.

Chen Ming regarded this youth. Besides the endless question marks, the only thing visible was his danger rating, cataclysm.

Does this mean he has the power to sink this continent?

His danger value must be over five thousand. How do we beat him?

As the danger value grew the greater the gap between two points became. Someone who had this much danger value would have more than enough power to beat the five of them at three thousand danger value.

The strange man showed happiness at the youth’s arrival, “Lord Dragon Sovereign, kill these ungrateful people and protect the Dragon Ancestor!”

The Dragon Sovereign took a leisure walk to them. They felt their hairs standing on end as a terrifying killing intent shrouded them. Then a whistling dragon claw came as he lifted his hand!