Chapter 217: Wait a Sec!The golden dragon claw pierced through the servant, yet the ecstatic look on his face never vanished. The five were unclear if he unusual Dragon Sovereign was a friend or foe.

Liu Xuancha sent his voice, “He must be an Autarch rank. We must think of a way to escape. An Autarch’s power is not something we can handle.”

Chen Ming’s thought, If there’s one to fear, that’s an Autarch!

Chen Ming also sent his voice, “I will set up a teleportation array to Yan Mountain. Once the fight starts, we can get away!”

They all gazed at Chen Ming, No way! You can even do that?

Teleporting at a whim anytime and anywhere?

As expected of a fake immortal cultivator!

The Dragon Sovereign’s face was delicate, and not at all bulky, but the five didn’t dare underestimate him. He looked long and hard at the five with his golden pupils, giving them a feeling as if a vicious beast was on the prowl, “Did you came to kill the Dragon Ancestor?”

Chen Ming gave a split second answer, “No! We came to visit! We heard senior is nearing his end and came bearing gifts!”

Is this a joke? Think I’ll speak the truth in front of a Dragon Sovereign so powerful?

Dao Dragon was blunt, “I heard your discussion with the servant!”

Chen Ming was almost lost for words, “You knew and still asked. Are you sick or something?”

The Dragon Sovereign waved carelessly, “I just wanted confirmation. If you came to kill Dragon Ancestor, you must have some preparations made. That old geezer is close to rotting but still has some fight left in him. With you five’s power, you do have a small chance of succeeding.”

Eh? What’s with this Dragon Sovereign?

Liu Xuancha put away the scythe, “You’re not a servant? Why do you want us to kill Dao Dragon?”

“Dao Dragon is the one who made-up the story you all know. That story, for me, isn’t the real truth.”

Chen Ming scrunched his eyebrows, Is this pushing us to walk the storyline?

Dragon Sovereign looked for a stone to sat one, turning a blind eye to the astonished look of the five, “Eight hundred years ago, I entered the Land of the Dragon Hoard and devoted myself to Dao Dragon. I became one of his fanatics, studied Dao Dragon’s cultivation method and magical arts. But I didn’t know he left a strange effect in my cultivation method, making me his puppet. Whatever he said sounded true to me, until three hundred years ago. I somehow broke free of his control and that is when I also learned of the true history.”

“All who wanted to become immortals needed a star to act as their fate, to support their cultivation. Dao Dragon took a liking to this continent and wanted its Fate Star. He came on this land, wiped out all its cultivators and proclaimed himself Dao, in attempt to change it into his Immortal Domain. But as he was corrupting the people, turning them in servants, Immortal Coiling Dragon ascended.”

“Immortal Coiling Dragon fought and wounded Dao Dragon gravely, while also receiving injuries himself. Then, the cultivators rebelled and attacked Dao Dragon until he died.”

“When Dao Dragon’s body died, he became a bone dragon, with his cultivation lowering to the Sovereign rank, but no longer able to conquer the continent. As the people of that time died, he made up the story you’ve all heard, believing he is a reincarnation of righteousness.”

“A few years ago, I overheard Bone Dragon speaking of getting in touch with a friend, Shi Jiuquan, who attempted to turn the continent into a Ghost Domain, helping Bone Dragon’s body return to being immortal.

“But he said that Shi Jiuquan barely won, but then the ancient immortal sects sealed him. Now, Dao Dragon gathers his servants to attack the ancient immortal sects.”

“I used to think that evil meant killing without reason. Only now I realize that true evil is controlling others, leaving them without awareness, and turning them into walking corpses.”

Liu Xuancha said, “You know Dao Dragon is evil and your cultivation is enough to defeat him, so why didn’t you kill him?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to. As I’ve said, Dao Dragon can control his servants, becoming stronger the closer one gets to him. If I get too close, your only way out is death. At that time, it won’t be me anymore, but a servant!”

Chen Ming didn’t feel like mincing words, “Then what’s his weakness? Since you said we have a chance at killing him, he must have one.”

Dragon Sovereign nodded, “Correct, there’s a wound left behind by Immortal Coiling Dragon in his chest. If you can make use of this, you will kill him.”

Liu Xuancha cupped his hands, “Thank you, we will be on our way then!”

Just when they were about to delve deeper into the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Dragon Sovereign’s voice sounded next to them, “Don’t hesitate to attack any servants you see. They have no hope of waking up. They all became twisted creatures of evil.”

In a part of the Land of the Dragon Hoard, a Sovereign gazed in the direction of Chen Ming’s party, “Even Dragon Sovereign failed? This enemy isn’t to be underestimated!”

Behind him, a hundred-zhang-long bone dragon’s two blue flames for eyes pulsed, “Kill them!”

The Sovereign bowed, “Yes, Lord Dragon Ancestor. I will kill them and maintain the safety of the Land of the Dragon Hoard!”

While going about their way, Chen Ming popped a question, “Wait a sec! If the true history is what that Dragon Sovereign said, then they’re no scriptures on the dragon scales. So why are we still going to kill Dao Dragon?”

All sounds of walking stopped. Liu Xuancha reflected, “Your words seem to hold some grain of reason!”

Xue Xunmei added, “Since there are no rumored scriptures, why are we still clearing the Land of the Dragon Hoard?”

Su Qinggang steeled his expression, exuding coldness, “We would’ve been better fighting the demonic sect!”

The team made a u-turn and walked towards Land of the Dragon Hoard’s exit. Then the servant Sovereign, leading tens of thousands of soldiers, came to the empty battlefield. He asked, “Huh? Where’s the enemy? How come they’re gone?”

Chen Ming saw Dragon Sovereign drinking wine at the entrance and cupped his hands, “Since Dao Dragon’s scales have no scriptures and we hold no mutual grudges, we will forgo this matter. Goodbye!”