Chapter 218: Words Aren’t Needed, Goodbye!The Dragon Sovereign looked stunned, Seriously!? You clearly said you wanted to kill Dao Dragon, so why are you leaving?

How will I get my freedom?

“Wait! Dao Dragon might not have scripture scales but still hoarded many scriptures from the slaughter he did ages ago. Below Dao Dragon’s resting body is the scripture that gave me my cultivation! There are many others and even some exstinct cultivation methods!”

They exchanged a glance, with a trace of hidden interest, yet Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Words aren’t needed, goodbye!”

Dragon Sovereign threw the wine bottle, standing with clenched teeth, “How about this. If you kill Dao Dragon, I will give you a lecture on Autarch ranked secrets of Grand Dao along with their fighting skills!”


“You drive a hard bargain. I will throw in ten thousand-year-old Dragon Blood Grass! It’s the best in body strengthening! It even effective on Sovereigns!”


“Still not enough? I will also throw in a Sovereign ranked pill recipe!”

“Good-, uh, that’s about right. Killing monsters and vanquishing demons is our duty. Let’s go!”

“Ding! You triggered a storyline mission, Dragon Sovereign’s Struggle. Dragon Sovereign suffered under Bone Dragon for a long time and wishes for freedom. Please kill Bone Dragon and release him from his pain. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge, 3,000 fame, and Dragon Sovereign’s gift.”

After swindling a spendthrift, while also getting a mission to boot, Chen Ming and co. once again entered the Land of the Dragon Hoard filled with excitement. Liu Xuancha couldn’t help but show his approval of Chen Ming’s haggling by giving a thumb’s up, “Fellow Daoist Chen Ming is an expert at bartering!”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “You’re too kind. This is the innate skill of an alchemy sect!”

Liu Xuancha though hard about something then expressed his doubts, “With fellow Daoist Chen Ming’s mastery in haggling, then won’t we suffer from buying pills from you?”

Chen Ming flipped on the spot, “You love to buy without buying! Since you have guts, go buy somewhere else. Other sects buy pills from Yan Mountain at ten times the normal value, while you who buys them at the original price still think its high? This deal won’t happen!”

Liu Xuancha also thought it unreasonable, as Yan Mountain was quite earnest in their prices, “Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, you know I am a coarse fellow with no propriety. Don’t take what I say to heart!”

Fairy Zi Xia was quick to act, “Please calm your anger your Eminence!”

Chen Ming was in a sour mood as he glared at the fearful Sovereigns, That should settle it. It’s great they didn’t catch wind of my booming pill profits, or it would’ve been dreadful!

When I’ll get back, I need to tighten the lips of my disciples. It’s not good to let others know of Yan Mountain’s secret.

Venturing, again, into the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Fairy Zi Xia unleashed her stealth art and turned into a purple cloud flying overhead while hiding her. Chen Ming took to his crow form and stood on the cloud. He looked around before saying, “C’mon! Have you seen purple clouds before? Can’t your stealth art be normal for a change?”

Fairy Zi Xia looked around to find only her cloud was purple. She made some gestures and the color changed to black. Chen Ming was perched on the cloud as it floated in the deepths of this Land of the Dragon Hoard.

First and foremost, he had to find out the enemy’s power, along with his troop deployment. Or they might unwittingly fall into a trap.

As he infiltrated the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Chen Ming saw countless servants patrolling on the ground. He began to understand their forces, consisting of a hundred thousand servants. Attacking the ancient immortal sects with so few? Is he committing suicide?

Just what is he relying on to attack?

Chen Ming guessed, It has to be that Dragon Sovereign!

His cultivation was so strong only the four Sages could deal with him. If they waited for when the Sages were tied in the war with the demonic sect, Dragon Sovereign’s sudden appearance would have a surprisingly large effect.

But Dragon Sovereign was fighting for freedom from under Bone Dragon’s control and wanted Chen Ming to kill Bone Dragon in Dragon Sovereign’s stead. Bone Dragon wasn’t a saint, that’s for sure, and, from Dragon Sovereign’s cultivation, he seemed to hold on to some nice things.

There was a huge cave beneath, with all the servants on high alert. This had to be the Bone Dragon’s lair, “Wait here while I go scout Bone Dragon’s power.”

He left a nation weapon with Fairy Zi Xia, then flew into the cave,

If there’s any danger, I can just teleport. He flew along the cave, with the servants ignoring him. Some commented, “Hey, a crow came in!”

“It’s here to admire Dragon Ancestor’s mighty bearing!”

“You stupid or what? How can a crow know of Dragon Ancestor’s greatness?”

Ignoring those servants with unsound mind, Chen Ming flew for a hundred li before he saw light coming from pearls, jewels, and treasure. In this treasure laid a long long sleeping Bone Dragon.

Isn’t this an eastern dragon? How come it likes to sleep on money?

But soon came to an understanding. If it were a real dragon, it wouldn’t cultivate to immortality. That Flood Dragon was so fierce, yet it only had a trace of dragon blood. And a fake one at that!

If it had a drop of real dragon blood, the Flood Dragon would fly in the sky!

As for those with only true dragon blood in their veins, they were truly powerful beings.

Chen Ming roamed his eyes over the pile of treasure beneath the dragon, but all he found was mortal treasure. Gold, silver, gems, and the like. Just that their amount is close to that of a mountain. These things are too many, and more like a pile of junk!

Chen Ming went to an immense box and ented through a crack. And what dazzled his eyes were scales carved with scriptures!

Did Dragon Sovereign lie to me? There’re scripture scales right here!

Can’t worry about that for now. Got to comprehend them first. The battle has yet to start, and if Dragon Sovereign words prove false, I’ll just leave.

Chen Ming dropped on a scale who was filled with slash marks as if made from an ax. No way! Are these what you guys truly want?

Look, aren’t there only slashes on it?

“Comprehend the scriptures on this scale!”

“Ding! The scripture is too damaged.”

Fine, it seems like there’s no hope of getting them out of these scales. I can only take those under the Dao Dragon’s body. Chen Ming came out of the box and took a stare at Dao Dragon:

‘Danger value: 3600

Danger rating: disaster

Auras: Dragon Body Aura(fake), Dragon Bones Aura(fake), Clouds and Rain Aura’