‘Dragon Body Aura(fake)

Description: birthed like a mountain range, and buried as a dragon nest.

Effect: a stronger body than an average hardship cultivator.

Dragon Bone Aura(fake)

Description: eternal even in death, feeding on nature’s creatures

Effect: a chance to become a Bone Dragon after death

Clouds and Rain Aura

Description: the storm is ever my companion!

Effect: once activated, can summon storm and lightning.’

The effect of the Dragon Bone Aura(fake) already triggered. Who knew dragons have such talents. They appear to be one of the rulers of this world.

Dragon Body Aura(fake)’s effect is weird. His body is as strong as a hardship cultivator. This must be the reason behind Bone Dragon’s might.

Lead by the trail of gold and jewels, Chen Ming got to a human-sized door.

He reckoned this was where he kept the things that held the servants in check. He went inside through the small door window and his eyes reflected loads and loads of scriptures.

These must be all died out scriptures of this land from ages past. There should be hardly any duplicates with mine, increasing my strength.

Chen Ming picked a random book, Asura of Slaughter, and thought, “Comprehend this manual.”

“Ding! Comprehending Asura of Slaughter requires a thousand merits. Continue?”

Since it was only a thousand, it could only take him to the Dao Seed stage, “Direct comprehension!”

With that, Chen Ming’s number of Dao Palaces was raised by one.

Chen Ming didn’t spend any spiritual knowledge to bring it to the Dao Seed stage, as it would invite the Heavenly Tribulation over. How can a Bone Dragon not notice a Heavenly Tribulation?

Chen Ming looked for the rare cloud manuals, of which he found three, further adding to his power.

As for the others, there were hardly any duplicates he already had, and Dao Palaces sprouted in his body one after another, bumping his power a good deal.

Chen Ming set to work, gaining enlightenment every time a book passed through his dexterous hands. Let’s see if the scriptures here can soak all my merits.

Once he was done with a book, Chen Ming threw it in his ring. I say, with a thousand books here, and most of them died out, this becomes a real treasure-trove.

He even found magical arts, with three of them at them immortal rank. One was a truly special immortal sword art, the Vanishing Immortal Sword, astonishing him. Finally found an immortal sword art!

An Immortal sword art and sword art are two different things. The first was related to flying swords, unleashing attacks from a distance with spiritual power. Sword art referred to handheld swords, which hardship cultivator attacks using the power of their bodies. The sword never left a hardship cultivator’s hand, this was why their sword arts were also called hegemon sword arts.

This is not for Zhuo Qingyao, more befitting of me. When I’ll be sending ten thousand swords on the attack, each releasing an immortal art, the strength will be higher by a few levels!

Now that my Dao Palaces increased, I might even handle an immortal art’s spiritual power cost.

He saw that Vanishing Immortal Sword used up the same amount of merits as Finger From Beyond. He only learned two stages, taking ten thousand merits with them. Once at the second stage, his Unity stage in sword Dao reached the peak!

That’s an immortal sword art for you!

And this Vanishing Immortal Sword was so damn great it had a range of hundreds of li!

Vanishing Immortal Sword should also have the hidden trait, covering its trail.

Beyond the Unity stage was the Sword Intent. Everyone had only one inside them, and Chen Ming was no exception. He might have many Dao Palaces but Sword Intent was unique. Thus, Chen Ming held no interest in other Sword Intents. He needed one that melded ten thousand sword energies together. This was the way to maximize his power.

He reached the doorstep of the Sword Intent stage a long time ago. How could I not, when I have tens of Unity stage sword arts. But when it came to making that final step, Chen Ming had no clue how to even approach it.

Most likely I need more comprehension in the sword Dao.

Chen Ming resumed stashing and comprehending these scriptures.

With no commotion from the surface, Chen Ming continued unabashed. Six hours later, his work was done, leaving him with a slight feeling of remorse, since there were no time and space cultivation methods. They must be even rarer than rare.

Chen Ming had seen his more than fair share of scriptures, yet never met one with those attributes.

Seeing the spotless and empty space before him, and since there was nothing more of interest here, he waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo, sending a nation weapon in his hand and teleported above the clouds!

He sheathed the sword here and returned to crow form, scaring Fairy Zi Xia, “How did you pop out all of a sudden? Are you a man or a demon?”

“You’ve seen many demons, so tell me. Have you seen a more elegant and refined demon then me?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Then how did you get here?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “I left a teleportation array here.”

Chen Ming expected Fairy Zi Xia to sigh in amazement with An array master can also do that? But she covered her white chest glaring with her guard up, “You’re saying you left a teleportation array on my body and can appear next to me at any time? Just what are you trying to do to me?”

“You can’t be thinking of taking advantage of the time I bathe or sleep to suddenly pop next to me, are you? Or is it that you’ve done it already?”

Chen Ming spread his black wing, “Stop, stop! I carved a teleportation array on my weapon. Do you think you can carve one on a human?”

Fairy Zi Xia rolled her eyes, “Chen Ming, how would I know! Maybe you just left one now!”

Chen Ming pondered, “Onto more serious matters, your idea seems reasonable. I can leave a spiritual sword with a teleportation array carved on it on my legacy disciples and then get to them when they’re in danger!”

Yet a sudden picture came to his mind, that of Chen Lingyu raising a sword high while shouting, “Come out my strongest summon, Master!”

The scene would be so perfect I can’t even look.

Get that image out of my head!