Chen Ming glanced at the dragon cave, Oh, right. I still have a nation weapon in that scripture storage. Sigh, you just can’t take the teleportation array with you when you teleport.

I’ll deal with it after the battle!

Wait, maybe I can bring four Sovereigns with me, next to the Bone Dragon. Then use killing tactics!

Chen Ming’s eyes shined. Fairy Zi Xia need just one look at him to know this manner implied a whole bag of dirty tricks from him!

If I bring the other three with me, the Bone Dragon will detect it in an instance since they don’t have stealth arts. No point in worrying too much. It’ll take too long to deal with lackeys. We’ll just jump straight to the boss!

Chen Ming opened his black claws and hopped on the cloud, “Go, go back. I have a plan!”

When the two landed, Liu Xuancha blurted, “How is it? How is his army?”

Chen Ming said, “I have a way to go straight to killing the Bone Dragon. It’s up to you if you want to come.”

Xue Xunmei said, “How?”

“Bone Dragon is sleeping in his cave, which has a single entrance. I sneaked inside his lair and left a teleportation array through which we can appear next to the Bone Dragon. You four will deal with killing it and me with the entrance. With my crowd control skill, it won’t pose any problem!”

Liu Xuancha stood in a daze, “You’re telling me you only went for a bit and yet set up a teleportation array under his bed?”

Chen Ming snapped back, “What? Don’t like it?”

Liu Xuancha said, “Alright alright, you’re an array master. You’re in charge of arrays! Since it’s like this then let us go try out this Bone Dragon’s power!”

The others, once again, gasped in amazement of Chen Ming’s mastery of arrays, Sure enough, Master Chen learns all quirky things!

Chen Ming stabbed the ground with a nation weapon then turned to the disorganized team, “If you’re sure, you can enter. The place will be somewhat close to the Bone Dragon.”

They took out their immortal equipment and got ready, “This should be good. Let’s start!”

Chen Ming glanced at the group, This should be enough. They’re just a few more people, so how bad will it be if the teleportation array will open a bit wider?

At the moment, Bone Dragon was studying with skepticism the nation weapon longsword in his claw. How did this sword end up beneath my lair? And why don’t I see any scriptures?

Did this sword eat them?

It has to have a secret. This is not just a nation weapon, but immortal equipment!

I will research it fully, then subdue this immortal equipment!

Yet five people popped in his claw. The five seemed to be minding their own business, “Hmm? Is this Bone Dragon’s lair?”

“It’s filled with junk!”

“What can you do with mortal treasure, sleep on it?”

“Yeah, but we don’t seem to be sitting on a treasure.”

The five looked up, right into a pair of blue pulsing flaming eyes. The five humans and one Bone Dragon squinted eyes at each other.


The Bone Dragon woke up with a start, Just what is this? Did these people shrank to an inch then came next to me? The Bone Dragon’s voice came with the clacking of bones, “Assassins! Protect your Lord!”

Liu Xuancha was raining curses as his arms exploded in size. Flesh bulged and he lifted his black scythe as he charged Bone Dragon, “F*ck you, Chen Ming! Is this what you call somewhat close?”

The others weren’t far behind in unleashing immortal arts at the Bone Dragon.

Chen Ming snapped on a sour tone, “This deviation is normal on a teleportation array!”

He jumped at the lair entrance and smiled at the incoming servants, “I just powered up, and this is the best time to try it out!”

A look told him he had a danger value of 2400. I have yet to reach my peak. Without spending spiritual knowledge, my cultivation won’t rise. Chen Ming didn’t bump all his cultivation to the Dao Seed stage. He needed to prepare for the Heavenly Tribulation, to pass it slowly, and comprehend the Heavenly Stellar Array.

Chen Ming’s spoke in his mind, “Upgrade all those random Dao Seed cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm!”

His upgrade of the 92 cultivation methods spent a hundred and fifty thousand of his spiritual knowledge while also bringing him at 2700 danger value. This looks about right. Except for Liu Xuancha, none of the others are my match.

The entrance had to be big enough for Bone Dragon to pass through. In the thousand zhang tall and hundreds zhang wide hole, scaled servants having a fanatic look in their eyes charged Chen Ming with reckless abandon!

Chen Ming saw the dust beginning to rise, The force coming at me is even higher than a hundred thousand servants.

“They all come to me, but none shall pass!”

Getting a feel of his almost doubled spiritual power, Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and ten thousand swords flew from it at the incoming servants!

He closed his eyes, grasping his surrounding’s changes. One by one, he controlled the swords into releasing sword energy without restraint. When a spiritual sword passed, it left behind a mangled corpse. Chen Ming turned the area into a metal storm. Proof a Sovereign was a living disaster!

But what was even more horrifying was that this disaster could be controlled!

Chen Ming made the spiritual swords unleash spiritual sword arts, with a Vanishing Immortal Sword move thrown in the mix, cutting a straight line of carnage. His spiritual swords never failed in leaving corpses behind. Then zhangs around him, the rain never stopped falling, a rain of blood.

He then sensed a Sovereign’s energy, similar to Dragon Sovereign in power, but not as strong. It must be another servant Sovereign!

Fairy Zi Xia and Liu Xuancha also sensed his approach, “There’s another Sovereign!”

“Can Chen Ming take it?”

“I don’t have the time to mind such things. We need to kill Bone Dragon fast!”

“Only if we kill it, we’ll be able to help him!”