Chen Ming saw a servant Sovereign approaching amidst the dust.

‘Danger value: 2400.

Danger rating: disaster


Minor Dragon Claw Aura

Description: with a body affected by Draconic Influence, you can unleash a fraction of a dragon’s might. Give yourself to the dragons, as the dragons are eternal!

Effect: once activated, you possess a certain Draconic Influence, your hands can change into dragon claws and have some of their power.

Sovereign’s Dominion Aura’

From danger value alone, he doesn’t seem up to my level. I wonder how much spiritual knowledge will I get once I kill him.

As for Minor Dragon Claw Aura’ effect, it’s description doesn’t make it clear. Just what type of dragon power was better?

In the bloody rain, the servant Sovereign fixed his golden pupils on Chen Ming. He swatted an incoming spiritual sword, and said in a fierce tone, “Defiler of the Lord, your death shall be a tragic one!”

He then charged Chen Ming, his hands turning into golden dragon claws. The golden scaled claw swatted a flying sword then punched the ground three li away from Chen Ming!

Its power sent a ripple, followed by the splitting earth, and a golden dragon burst out towards Chen Ming.

Chen Ming reached for a nation weapon, entered Unity, and hacked the golden dragon. Sword wave and golden dragon collided, and although it shattered, it still sent Chen Ming staggering three steps back, “That powerful?”

He threw the nation weapon casually, letting it return to the spiritual sword river. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and unleashed Obscure Gates Swordplay Array!

King Slayer Aura, Killing Intent Aura, and Warmonger Aura activated on the spot!

The swords assumed dragon form and was upon the Sovereign in a flash!

The servant Sovereign walked in mid-air, “What is this thing? Since it dares act like a dragon, see how I rip it apart!”

His two claws moved, sending explosive attacks towards the sword dragon as he bellowed, “Soul Devouring Claw!”

Three golden claw waves collided with the sword dragon. At the moment of collision, a nation weapon drifted closer, to the servant Sovereign’s contempt, “How can a nation weapon hurt me?”

Chen Ming’s figure flashed above the nation weapon. His sleeves swelling as he spoke lightly, “Using the same move, again and again, is not my, Immortal Master Chen, style. Conquering Immortals Art!”

He tightened his fists, with the Conquering Immortals Art held within. Spiritual power exploded as it was shaped into Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon. He sent his attack right on the Sovereign’s back, leaving an imprint and making him spit a mouth of blood!

Chen Ming attacked again, with the two beasts reforming on his hands!

He spat another mouthful of blood, but now he dealt with the sword dragon. Yet when he turned, there was no Chen Ming, “What! Where did he go?”

“Come out!”

In his front, sword dragon once again appeared, “This move again!”

“You can’t use the same move twice on a Sovereign! ”

Servant Sovereign sent a dragon claw wave at the sword dragon and turned. Sadly, there was no Chen Ming in sight.

Sword dragon canceled the dragon claw wave and Chen Ming came out of its body. He unleashed Conquering Immortals Art three times, impacting the Sovereign’s back!

Some of his ribs shattered under Chen Ming’s assault!

The blows sent him flying three li away, into the cave wall and making another room. Dust filled the air, his body dripping with blood as he came out of it, This enemy’s too strange!

Countless spiritual swords and nation weapons danced around him. It never crossed his mind these weapons had teleportation arrays. To him, this was pure fantasy.

“Is it a resizing art?”

Chen Ming shifted one leg over the other as he sat on a nation weapon. He took a swing out of a juice bottle and looked at servant Sovereign, “How is it? Is it effective using the same move twice?”

The Sovereign’s fury boiled as he raved, “Hardly!”

This is a battle and he drinks wine sitting on a sword. How more condescending can you get?

The Sovereign jumped Chen Ming, but while he moved, his opponent was no longer there. He turned around in an instant but no Chen Ming there. Then another three punches blew up his back!

The hits sent him smacking against the floor. He sent a furious fist against the ground, rupturing it. When he came out, he heard Chen Ming’s voice from all directions, “Do take care!”

A terrifying killing intent swept him, sensing Chen Ming was about to unleash a finisher!

But from where?

He watched as Chen Ming appeared over the nation weapons, but by the time he attacked, he was gone!

Servant Sovereign stood on the ground, his forehead dripping with sweat. He never met a weirder opponent in his life. He couldn’t land one hit!

Then a voice came from behind, “Here I am!”

He didn’t turn and sent a fist with all his power in front!

You think you can distract me again?

I won’t let you succeed this time!

His attack exploded but only sent a nation weapon flying. There was no sign of Chen Ming. What’s going on? An attack from the back didn’t come either.

The soil shifted below him and Chen Ming holding Overflowing Void jumped out, splitting servant Sovereign down the middle!

Chen Ming sheathed his weapon then turned to look at the Sovereign behind him, “The price of a wrong guess is high, even fatal!”

“Ding! You killed a servant. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge and 1,000 fame.”

“Ding! You killed a servant. There is no lottery ticket this time. It must be because the servant was too poor.”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, Come on! How can that Bone Dragon be that stingy? He doesn’t give any treasure even to his slaves!

He then heard Bone Dragon’s roar, “Where is Dragon Sovereign?”

“How can you betray me, Dragon Sovereign!?”

Chen Ming turned to see the four Sovereign assaulting Bone Dragon. Liu Xuancha attacked from the front, while the rest unleashed vicious arts. In such a fierce battle, Bone Dragon still had time to mind other matters.