The cave was a battlefield. Liu Xuancha’s arms had blue veins popping all over, wiggling like snakes. He attacked Bone Dragon with his black scythe, stirring the earth with each move.

Fairy Zi Xia drew her bow into a full moon, releasing arrows one after the other and then falling down like shooting stars!

Su Qinggang swept his Dipper Sword, releasing sword waves by the dozens.

Xue Xunmei emanated white snow around him, becoming a ten zhang thick ice with threatening coldness.

They watched in shock how Chen Ming came back so soon. Since he was here, it meant he dealt with the servant Sovereign!

But Chen Ming did it too fast!

Just how long has it been since his last power jump?

Regarding Chen Ming’s perception, they had no words, only staring at a freak. But what they couldn’t wrap their heads around was why was Chen Ming cultivating so many cultivation methods instead of focusing on a single one. If he poured all his efforts into training just one, his power would have long reached this level, and he might even have a chance at becoming immortal.

It was sad that Chen Ming turned a deaf ear to their advice. To reach the Sovereign rank, all had their own Dao Heart. Chen Ming’s Dao Heart must be the three thousand Grand Daos. He cherished all of them.

Chen Ming observed Bone Dragon. I’ll just trigger the advancement mission first. If I need to kill Sovereigns, I will out lose greatly once he’s dead.

“Upgrade Firmament Sword Art to Divine Palace stage.”

“Ding! You triggered an advancement mission. When you have three hundred Dao Seeds, you can upgrade to the Divine Palace stage.”

Eh!? I don’t need to kill but gather Dao Seeds instead? I haven’t suffered any losses yet.

With one eye fixed on Bone Dragon, Chen Ming lifted his right hand and extended his thumb.

Bone Dragon caught Chen Ming’s action without meaning to, What is this kid implying?

That I’m awesome?

He must admire the great me after witnessing my grand and imposing form. I have lost count to how many I’ve seen like him.

Chen Ming looked over his thumb, aiming at Bone Dragon’s chest. He spared a glance at the others’ attacks, finding none of them hitting his chest wound. Seems Bone Dragon knows that they know of his weakness.

Time to take Bone Dragon off guard and strike at the most opportune time, while also giving him a thrilling surprise.

After all, we’re all Sovereign here, and shrewd.

The actions of the four were clear a day. Xue Xunmei wanted to seal Bone Dragon’s body. Su Qinggang and Fairy Zi Xia wanted to force him into a corner, where he would receive Liu Xuancha’s fatal strike.

Chen Ming waved his hand and the ten thousand swords swept around Bone Dragon. Xue Xunmei saw Liu Xuancha was next to his chest and shouted, “Ice Age!”

Cold air filled the cave, freezing Bone Dragon’s body and claws stiff. Su Qinggang stepped on his sword, arriving at his head and slashed, “Die!”

His yell made the Bone Dragon lifted his head and defend against Su Qinggang’s attack. In his eyes, Su Qinggang was the one unleashing the killing move.

Chen Ming and co. never made an attempt on his chest, so he ignored it.

There were no words that needed to be said between Sovereigns, understanding each other’s thinking. Liu Xuancha jumped at Bone Dragon’s back and waved his scythe, “Death God’s Descent!”

The attack exploded just as Chen Ming appeared on a nation weapon before Bone Dragon’s chest. With a flick of Dao Empyrean Bamboo, ten thousand swords assumed dragon form and crammed into the old chest wound!

Bone Dragon felt imminent danger from the two strongest people’s attacks. They were making a pincer strike on his old chest wound!

With the fall of the scythe and the ten thousand swords, an explosion racked through Bone Dragon’s wound. What followed were crackling sounds and then Bone Dragon broke in two.

The dragon fell on the ground in a cloud of dust, followed by Liu Xuancha’s strike, planting his scythed in Bone Dragon’s skull.

Chen Ming found his danger value plummeting towards a thousand. If we don’t end Bone Dragon now, then when?

These Sovereigns aren’t pushovers. Calm in normal times, but when they act, they go for the kill!

He had Conquering Immortals Art on his hands, and sword dragon behind him whistling over. At the same time, Liu Xuancha continuous strikes left afterimages, as a rain of blades fell on Bone Dragon’s head.

When the dust settled after the two’s ferocious assault, it revealed them standing before a pile of random bones. The three Sovereigns at the side looked in amazement at the gasping duo.

These two are too fierce!

“Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. Attack contribution: 30%. Killing blow contribution: 30%. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge and 10,000 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. You receive a lottery ticket that resulted in dragon marrow.”

“Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. You almost completed the achievement Dragon Slayer. You almost received the Dragon Slayer Aura.”

“Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. Subdue the Land of the Dragon Hoard mission is at 60% completion.”

Chen Ming was ecstatic, This way I stole Liu Xuancha’s kill. I’m proud of myself!

But then he heard the system lady’s voice. Seriously? The rest I can accept, but what’s with almost getting an achievement?

If I didn’t get it, then don’t mention it, alright?

Such a letdown!

Chen Ming spoke, “You probably don’t want Bone Dragon’s corpse. In the end, I killed my first dragon and I want to take it back as a trophy. It will give off an imposing air placed in front of Yan Mountain!”

The four snorted, “Just take it!”

“Don’t be irksome and leave!”

Chen Ming saw they weren’t objecting and stashed the intact part of Bone Dragon in his ring.

The others also began to sweep the area. As for the servants, Dragon Sovereign was dead. Did they had the time to mind such trifling matter?

They set them aside for the King ranks. They were Sovereign doing Sovereign work, not that of Kings. The Kings had to do their part!

The others searched around in earnest while Chen Ming faked it. Fairy Zi Xia walked next to him and send her voice over, “When you came earlier, did you find Bone Dragon’s secret stash?”

Chen Ming snickered, “Come with me and I will show you treasure!”