The black-clothed man burst in laughter, “How can a pebble match the radiance of the moon? If you are looking to die, then I’m obliged to help you!”

The man lifted his sleeve and a claw flew at Zhuo Qingyao, “Hell’s Demon Claw!”

This was an immortal art. The man was confident Zhuo Qingyao wouldn’t last long under his claw assault.

Zhuo Qingyao struck with her sword, “The result is foreordained by Heaven. And I shall break it with the sword in my hand!”

Obelisk moved, its heavy strike leaving space ripples. Zhuo Qingyao did not use any sword art. She was on the road of comprehending Sword Intent, and all her blows were at Unity.

The claw clashed with Obelisk, blowing Zhuo Qingyao three steps back!

The black-clothed man smiled at her, “Is this all you know? Didn’t your Master teach you anything else?”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes flashed with coldness, “Master said that as long as I train in the sword I will one day cut untold Daos!”

Zhuo Qingyao attacked the man. She cultivated a hegemon sword art, her sword never leaving the hand. It wasn’t like an immortal sword art where one controlled flying swords. The black-clothed man watched her without a care.

Even if you fight up close, what good will it do?

But when Zhuo Qingyao drew near, he sensed something amiss. Her sword was beyond tyrannical!

Sword energy erupted, with Obelisk sending tens of slashes. The man could barely withstand Zhuo Qingyao’s speed and hegemon sword!

Obelisk began to hum in her hand as she unleashed a storm of attacks, pushing the man back step by step. He was at a disadvantage!


Fighting a hardship cultivator in close combat was very difficult. More so with a hardship cultivator like Zhuo Qingyao, where it became a torment.

The man let his spiritual power surge and sending her flying, “All are ants below a Sovereign! Twin Art!”

The man flashed and two of him took his place. Zhuo Qingyao believed the second one was an illusion. She was facing the one in front when the one behind her struck her to the point of spitting blood.

Zhuo Qingyao crawled up from the ground, her hair in a mess and eyed the one in front and the second in the back, “If you weren’t a Sovereign, I wouldn’t have to use Master’s sword!”

The man saw Zhuo Qingyao pulling the second sword from her back and poured her energy into it, “This sword contains Master’s magical art!”

The man watched with trepidation the nation weapon in Zhuo Qingyao’s hand. Her Master was that Chen Ming who got all the continent buzzing!

The rumor said that Chen Ming was now undergoing the Immortal Tribulation!

This being was the strongest beneath the skies. He couldn’t afford to take on such a man’s magical art.

But did he truly achieve it?

Did he leave a move on that sword?

The black-clothed man rushed Zhuo Qingyao. And just when he got in front of her, he saw a man wrapt in starlight standing on the nation weapon. He had an azure Daoist robe and held a blue horsetail whisk.

This is Chen Ming’s projection!

Chen Ming wore a smiley mask, blocking the black-clothed man’s view from seeing his true appearance. Chen Ming didn’t look at Zhuo Qingyao or examined her wounds. He wanted to act the part of a powerful projection.

Therefore, to complete the scene, he let the starlight shine brighter.

Chen Ming released his awareness, making sure Zhuo Qingyao was safe, then turned to look at the two black-clothed men, Uh, this is just one man. He transformed his shadow with his cultivation into his double.

Both of them were real, but after the split, they were weaker than the original.

Chen Ming read hundreds of scriptures and saw through the opponent’s move on the spot.

The two were now less than a Sovereign in power. This couldn’t be easier to deal with for someone like Chen Ming.

The black-clothed man wanted to act, to dissipate Chen Ming’s projection. Then he saw him flicker Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the man flew. Chen Ming flashed behind him and behead with a sword strike. The other body was now in endless pain.

Before he could react, Chen Ming blinked to another spiritual sword and slashed at the second black-clothed man.

Two strikes ended a Sovereign in an instant.

Chen Ming wasn’t one to believe he could insta-kill a Sovereign. This happened because the two were at peak Human King rank.

Uh, maybe a tad stronger than that. If any below a Sovereign tried this trick with me, Chen Ming, he’ll have another thing coming!

“Ding! You killed a shadow. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge, 1,000 fame.”

Chen Ming leisurely walked to Zhuo Qingyao who held the nation weapon. She still thought he was just an image, “Master reached such a level in power. The gap between me and Master only widens. ”

Chen Ming silently touched the nation weapon and teleported back, missing Zhuo Qingyao’s last words, “I wonder if I can pair with Master. What am I thinking!? We are Master and disciple.”

Zhuo Qingyao sheathed the nation weapon on her back then slowly walked towards the second body and behead it, “Next time, I will definitely have the power to kill a Sovereign!”

Chen Ming returned to the desolate mountain, “It’s good that I can blink between the arrays I left on the spiritual swords or it wouldn’t have been so easy. But with my power, I can steamroll an average Sovereign. I wonder if this is considered breaking the law.”

Oh, it’s time to keep up the act.

He stashed the revised spiritual swords and spent spiritual knowledge on a cultivation method to bring it to the Dao Seed stage. The tribulation cloud was gathering above yet he stepped on air as he rushed towards a cultivator city. Just how many Heavenly Stellar Array do I have to comprehend before I can use it? Obscure Gates Swordplay Array was currently Chen Ming’s strongest move.

Chen Ming sight drifted on the third stage of the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array. In other words, for him to grasp the fourth and final stage, Ten Thousand Swords as One, he needed four hundred and forty thousand merits.

And how am I supposed to get them?

All I can do is drag the act for a while longer.

It could be said that all Yan Mountain disciples were now healthy and growing miniature Yan Mountains. All they needed was time and they would have explosive growth in power.