The continent was a buzz, even more so about Chen Ming’s Immortal Tribulation. Recently though, there was another rumor who joined the excitement. Immortal Master Chen’s sealed magical art in a sword killed a Sovereign.

This news got everyone shaking in their boots!

A Sovereign was the strongest on the continent, yet even this didn’t stop one from getting killed from a single move from Immortal Master Chen. And it wasn’t himself who released it either.

Though some said, “Immortal Master Chen hasn’t shown himself for some time. He might be dead!”

“Yeah, how can it be that easy to become immortal? A Transcending realm cultivator has a lifespan of a thousand years. If one wants to become immortal, he needs to walk the Dao for eight hundred years!”

“Immortal Master Chen seems young but this might not be the case. He is not someone you can understand!”

The debate went on strong until Chen Ming’s figure showed hundreds of thousand li outside the Chaos Battlefield. And above him was another tribulation cloud. He was showing off inside a city.

The people cleared his surroundings as none wanted to get hit even by accident by such a Heavenly Tribulation.

It has been more than a month yet Chen Ming was still passing his tribulation. This was shocking news to anyone, and there were many cultivators who could attest to it being true.

Those that said Chen Ming was dead, promptly shut their mouths. Even a Sovereign couldn’t travel hundreds of thousands li in a day.

The only one who could do that was the one at peak Sovereign rank!

Resuming his acting, Chen Ming continued wandering the continent, while also visiting some remnants in search for more cultivation methods to increase the number of his Dao Seeds. There’s no need to think about Ten Thousand Swords as One, for now, it’s just too hard. I’ll first deal with gathering three hundred Dao Seeds to advance to the Divine Palace stage.

The ancient immortal sects were overjoyed when he heard he dealt with a Sovereign. The ones hiding in the Hinterlands were nothing but average Sovereigns. With Chen Ming handling them one at a time, this couldn’t be better.

On the other hand, the ancient immortal sects sent their own Sovereigns to work in tandem with him in eliminating the rest.

With two sides tackling this problem it would quickly resolve the rebellion in their territories then they could return to deal with the demonic sect faster.

On this day, Chen Ming finished his strategy’s menace act, arriving on the bottom of a large river. He sensed how Zhang Ming’s nation weapon opened the teleportation channel.

Chen Ming mumbled, “What’s going on? They don’t go for Zhuo Qingyao and switched to Zhang Ming? This guy is only in the Dao Comprehending realm. If it weren’t for Zhuo Qingyao’s power, he would’ve been attacked faster!”

Stepping into the teleportation array, Chen Ming stood on the ground with brilliant starlight shining around him. He spread his awareness without looking and soon spotted the Sovereign in front.

He saw his danger value of a mere 2100. So pitifully weak. Indeed, without the knowledge from the ancient immortal sects, becoming a stronger Sovereign just won’t happen.

The opponent was wearing a purple Daoist robe. He took one look at Chen Ming and felt his pressure bearing down on him. Then mumbled, “This isn’t right. How come even Chen Ming’s disciples have such a treasure!”

“Zhuo Qingyao is the obvious choice since she is his legacy disciple. So why does a normal disciple has it?”

“Oh, these disciples are only in the Dao Initiation realm so this projection must only have a King rank’s power. The pressure must come from our difference in realms!”

Chen Ming’s thoughts, You got one hell of a hole in your logic, mate.

Zhang Ming looked at Chen Ming, “It’s true, I can truly summon Master’s projection! You’re dead now, old purple Daoist!”

He shouted, “Don’t think you can act tough with a mere projection! See how I brush it away with one move!”

But Chen Ming ignored his nonsense. He was a silent projection after all!

Straight to attack!

Chen Ming fluttered Dao Empyrean Bamboo and ten thousand swords surrounded the purple Daoist in an instant. When he sensed a spiritual sword with a teleportation array on it arrived behind the Daoist, he blinked there, unleashing Conquering Immortals Art!

Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon caught him off guard and caused him to spit blood. Chen Ming kept blinking and using the same move on and on, leaving the Daoist with no room to wiggle, only capable of coughing blood.

Some dozen breaths later, Chen Ming heard a familiar ding and returned to Zhang Ming’s nation weapon sword with a step, then vanishing the next moment.

Many disciples started drooling at the nation weapon, “You can summon Master’s projection!”

“Master’s projection just killed a Sovereign in no time at all!”

“Master is matchless in miraculous skills!”

“Not even an Autarch can last in front of Master!”

“If we can learn half a move like head senior sister, second senior brother and third senior brother, we will also be Kings Rulers!”

With this short display, the worship the Yan Mountain’s Lords had for Chen Ming grew another level.

A few months blinked by. The demonic sect suffered losses in the King rank war and used this time to recover.

Li Suyi led the demonic sect to the Sky Canyon again, to fight the righteous Kings.

Major events kept shaking the cultivation world all this time. Chen Ming walked the land with a constant tribulation cloud above, and the rumor spoke of him attempting to become immortal. Then his head disciple swept all obstructions in the Hinterlands, pushing Yan Mountain’s border a million li until it touched Steel Ox Valley’s lands.

With Chen Ming and the ancient immortal sects working in tandem, they wiped out all but one Sovereign in the Hinterlands. They had no information regarding him, only knowing he was the strongest of Ghost Immortal’s Sovereign.

Rumor had it that Liu Xuancha clashed with him but the outcome was undecided as he fled.

Finding that Sovereign now was like finding a needle in a haystack.

He went by the title Ravenous Ghost Sovereign, holding a Ghost Summoning Banner. He was so strange, it got the Sages worried. They couldn’t catch wind of his position as he wreaked havoc in Yan Mountain’s lands, killing more than a dozen Lords so far.