Chen Ming raged at this news. He blinked next to the four Sages in the Astral Immortal Sect, who felt somewhat guilty, “What is going on with Ravenous Ghost Sovereign?”

Astral Sage said, “His power isn’t small and even equal to Liu Xuancha. Seeing so many Ghost Immortal’s Sovereigns laid to waste, he feels cornered. And in his desperate act, he chose Yan Mountain as his target for revenge!”

Chen Ming said, “Since he is Liu Xuancha’s equal, then we will go together. With me sealing him in an array, he won’t have the chance to escape!”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “It’s not that simple. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is elusive, with no way of knowing where he’ll appear next. We would have killed him by now if it weren’t for this!”

Chen Ming nodded, “I see.”

Chen Ming said. “Oh, right, do you have his date of birth?”

Tie Yi Sage was puzzled, “We conferred his Sovereign title so of course we have it. Why do you ask?”

Chen Ming smiled, “I can use it. If you tell me his date of birth, I will kill him three times over, even five!”

The Sages didn’t understand Chen Ming’s words, but since his disciples were in danger, they gave him what he wanted.

Chen Ming pondered, Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is close to Liu Xuancha in power. With so many cultivation methods advancing at the Dao Seed stage, my power rose to 2800. This makes my chances against Liu Xuancha fifty-fifty, enough to deal with him.

Riding the Astral Immortal Sect’s teleportation array, he wore a black robe and arrived at the Steel Ox Valley. Wearing a smiley mask, a disciple led him straight to Liu Xuancha.

He knew Chen Ming’s power and figured he came to see him with regards to Ravenous Ghost Sovereign’s matter, “How is it? Do you have a way of finding him?”

Chen Ming said, “I have a way to get him out of hiding.”

Liu Xuancha felt glee, “Great! I will help you eliminate him. He might not attack me but he will attack my son. It’s time to settle this!”

Chen Ming said, “Follow me, I’m going to my fourth disciple for her immortal equipment.”

Liu Xuancha agreed. This Ravenous Ghost Sovereign caused destruction everywhere and this needed to end!

Chen Ming jumped on his cloud but Liu Xuancha waved his hands like no tomorrow, “Forge it, I’ll ride my ox. I don’t dare ride that thing!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, smiling, “You’re a hardship cultivator yet scared of a little ol’ cloud?”

He no longer pushed Liu Xuancha since he vehemently refused to ride it. The two took a few days before reaching the Forest of Origin. Chen Lingyu was fascinated by it from all the spiritual herbs inside. It was said that because of her extensive knowledge of herbs, she built a friendship with the ancient trees.

At the Forest of Origin, Chen Ming saw many Yan Mountain disciples. Many female disciples went together with Chen Lingyu to harvest spiritual herbs and refine pills. The male disciples, thanks to Chen Ming raising the limit on the war funds, threw themselves wholeheartedly into battles. Seeing Chen Ming arriving, the female disciples halted work and went to Chen Ming.

In mere moments, he was surrounded by a throng of girls, calling sweetly at him, “Master, how come you’re free to see us?”

“Master, I heard you want to become immortal. Is it true?”

Chen Ming waved for them to settle down, “Where is your fourth senior sister?”

Then Chen Ming heard creaking behind him and saw said lass perched on an ancient tree’s branch.

I used all kinds of tricks to subdue the Forest of Origin, yet this lass did it so easily.

A man can’t compare to a dog, because one isn’t even equal to a dog!

Chen Ming was blunt with Chen Lingyu when she got in camp, “Are the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death on you?”

Chen Lingyu nodded, “What is it, Master? But these items are very useful. It deals with all Yan Mountain’s fleeing criminals clean and efficiently.”

Chen Ming said, “Let your Master have them for a bit. Many Yan Mountain disciples suffered under Ravenous Ghost Sovereign’s sinister attacks. Since we are unable to find his location, we have to resort to the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death!”

Chen Lingyu said, “Here, master. I’m not worried since there’s no danger around here.”

Chen Ming was more than clear on how to use the two immortal equipment. There was only one way for another person to use someone else’s immortal equipment, which was through the owner’s approval.

Just like the ancient immortal sects’ disciples. Why did you think Fairy Zi Xia, Liu Mang, and the rest could have their own immortal equipment before attaining the Sovereign rank?

Because the sect lent them the rights to use them. Many masters in the sects had immortal equipment who then lent them to their disciples when they were wondering the land.

Now that Chen Ming had the items, he didn’t feel appeased, so he left a spiritual sword with Chen Lingyu, “Take this sword. When there’s a danger, pour your spiritual power and my projection will appear.”

Chen Lingyu took it with extreme caution and gently settled it on her back.

Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha left in a rush. In mid-air, Liu Xuancha asked, “Aren’t you exaggerating the effect of these things? You can attack anyone as long as you write their birth date?”

Chen Ming said, “Watch. I will now use the Underworld Judge’s Brush and the Book of Life and Death, sending a thousand death soldiers on his trail. Let us see how long can he hide while fighting against such power!”

Chen Ming flipped the Book of Life and Death, held the Underworld Judge’s Brush, and wrote Ravenous Ghost Sovereign’s data. He dropped the brush: Thousand Ghost Kill!

Chen Ming then felt his spiritual power drop by a third.

Since it used so much of my spiritual power, the might of that brushstroke must be high!

A great commotion sprung behind the two. Chen Ming turned to see a hundred li away a regiment of death soldiers descending!

Liu Xuancha was worried, “His target must be none other than your fourth disciple!”

Chen Ming’s eyes burned with rage, “He wants to die! Let’s rush over. The death soldiers should keep him occupied for a while. My disciples only need to keep away from the shockwaves, and should be safe!”