Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was a cautious man. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have lived for so long. If he wasn’t, he would have been long dead at the hand of the righteous pursuers.

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was inspecting everyone carefully, to make sure there wasn’t anyone carrying a nation weapon. But then he heard Chen Lingyu, the Lord of Yan Mountain’s fourth disciple, didn’t carry a nation weapon.

He first wanted to rush into the Forest of Origin, but he refrained from this rash action since he had yet to conduct a thorough investigation of the area.

Before, one Sovereign thought no disciple before him had Yan Mountain’s nation weapon and attacked, only to give his life away in the process.

He had to confirm first that Chen Lingyu did not carry Yan Mountain’s protection treasure and only then attack.

As he was scouting nearby the Forest of Origin, he found that Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha were here. He almost lost his soul from fright!

Chen Ming was passing his Immortal Tribulation. This power meant he was a step away from reaching it, no, a half-step being. He was a Sovereign and their clash would have an obvious result.

It wasn’t long before Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha left without noticing him. When he once more looked over Chen Lingyu, he found a spiritual sword on her back.

Was it possible that a spiritual sword could also have Chen Ming’s magical art?

Could a spiritual sword bear the might of Chen Ming’s magical art?

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was a cautious man so he gave up on Chen Lingyu. Killing her would invoke Chen Ming’s wrath. This wasn’t someone he could offend right now.

Just as he entered the Forest of Origin, ready to leave this place, the ground began to swell and death soldiers crawled out one after another.

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was excited at first, “Can it be that Lord Ghost Immortal knows of my plight and send death soldiers to save me?”

It didn’t take him long to figure it out that they weren’t allies but foes!

But where did they come from? Why do they come after me with no remorse?

It’s baffling to extreme. Can it be someone put a curse on me?

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign didn’t dare linger here for long since Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha weren’t far away. He waved the Ghost Summoning Flag, “How can mere death soldiers have any effect on me?”

“Soul Recall!”

Ghosts began to fly out of the flag and charged the death soldiers.

But then Ravenous Ghost Sovereign found something unexpected. These ghosts were afraid.

What’s going on? Aren’t they all from the race of the dead?

Why are my ghosts afraid of these death soldiers?

Death soldiers held a large variety of torture tools. They captured the ghosts with them then went back underground, “These are hell’s death soldiers!”

Of course my ghosts are suppressed. The death soldiers are punishers!

The death soldiers spent a third of Chen Ming’s spiritual power. That wasn’t an amount anyone could ignore.

Just when Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was about to release magical arts and fight back, Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha saw him waving the Ghost Summoning Flag surrounded by death soldiers.

Liu Xuancha grabbed hold of the scythe on his back and charged Ravenous Ghost Sovereign!

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, but he didn’t want this disaster by the name of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign to escape. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo releasing the sword torrent and setting up the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array, sealing a ten li area.

With the suppression from the array, Ravenous Ghost Sovereign felt weaker by a third!

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign looked up at Chen Ming in surprize, “The pressure alone took a third of my power. Chen Ming, your power is far above mine, will you pick on the weak?”

Chen Ming regarded him. This guy still thinks my strength’s on par with Wu Jiang. “When you killed Yan Mountain disciples, did you think about picking on the weak? Killing them without rhyme nor reason should have enlightened you about your doom!”

Chen Ming found Ravenous Ghost Sovereign with a danger value of 2900. How did he fight Liu Xuancha to a draw?

As for auras, he had Devil Body Aura, greatly increasing his body’s strength.

It looked like his body was stronger than the average Sovereign and could face Liu Xuancha.

Liu Xuancha didn’t think too much about all this and just charged with all his might. He might not be Ravenous Ghost Sovereign’s match, but with Chen Ming’s array victory was assured. The black ox beneath him grew into a hill, giving the impression Liu Xuancha was a god descending when he struck down, “Vajra’s Descent, die!”

Glutton Sovereign was weary from fighting the death soldiers and now that Chen Ming added an array, he was no longer a match for Liu Xuancha. The first clash alone left his skinny body looking worse for wear.

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was like a mummy, without blood, and only skin sticking to his bones. Liu Xuancha descended like a golden god, waving his scythe into a tornado!

This was a weapon that needed a strong man to wield it, and Liu Xuancha’s arm strength was beyond powerful, bringing out the best in each other’s strong points!

Liu Xuancha gained added power in his strikes with the ox below him charging, making pieces of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign falling with each blow.

Chen Ming didn’t join, he acted as deterrence while also waiting for the best moment to kill-steal.

Your delusional or something? Since when was Immortal Master Chen’s style to let spiritual knowledge pass him by?

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign made furious moves. He was uncertain of Chen Ming’s power and could only flee. But when he took this course, he found the entire battlefield, a ten li radius, sealed from the array.

“Chen Ming, you’re not at the peak of Sovereign rank. Above Autarch, you can only use arrays to suppress me!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “You’re too late in figuring out!”

Ravenous Ghost Sovereign wanted to break the array, but Liu Xuancha’s black scythe seemed to have locked on his soul, coming at him without remorse!

Chen Ming was laid back as he enjoyed their battle. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is worthy of matching Liu Xuancha. This might take a while.

Just that they way they’re fighting will result in a bottomless crater.

A Sovereign ability for destruction was too terrifying.

A bottomless crater is a bottomless crater. At least it’s not me who did it!

Chen Ming saw how one attacked while the other fell back with each blow. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign wanted to flee but Liu Xuancha pursued him like a heavenly god without respite!

After he took his time enjoying three delectable spiritual fruits, Chen Ming stood up and clapped his hands. He saw Ravenous Ghost Sovereign’s danger value drop to 1500, “Oh, it’s time for Immortal Master to subdue monsters and vanquish evil!”