Sky Canyon.

The two sides have fought at the canyon for several months and now was the time for the final battle. Each camp’s Kings stared at Ling Xian and Li Suyi respectively.

The fight between the two Yan Mountain disciples would finally reach an outcome.

“Just what will be the outcome of this battle?”

“They came from the same sect, yet one is a demonic cultivator, while the other an immortal cultivator. Truly strange.”

“I wonder if the Lord of Yan Mountain still accepts disciples. I might be a bit advanced in age, but it shouldn’t be a problem to be taken in as a normal disciple, right?”

Li Suyi and Ling Xian’s fame nearby Sky Canyon has reached an all-time high, with some Kings even believed them invincible.

It could be said that each of the two became a terrifying existence on their own. Li Suyi had a Taotie surrounding him and devouring the spiritual energy into spiritual power. Ling Xian had Dao Bones who’s limit on spiritual power capacity seemed nonexistent!

They began at the peak of King rank, yet with the added spiritual power, they reached an inconceivable level.

The more the two showcased their imposing powers, the more the people revered Chen Ming. A man who taught such peerless geniuses must have a horrifying high degree in understanding the Dao!

Adding to that Chen Ming’s stroll around the secular world, followed by endless Heavenly Tribulation, his power must have grown higher than a mountain.

Be it the demonic sect or the ancient immortal sects, none of them had ever imagined the outcome of this King ranked war would rest on the shoulders of a pair of Yan Mountain disciples.

Li Suyi and Ling Xian sat across, both silent. The later new the first wouldn’t speak in battle.

The two stood like that for a while, then got up in the end. Li Suyi took Demonic Blood Saber from the blood coffin, releasing a stained blood aura.

Ling Xian held the Divine Wood Seal, natural Grand Dao energy enveloping him.

“Ling Xian and Ya Mo are about to fight!”

“This battle will be known throughout the ages!”

“Now that I can witness such a battle between two geniuses in this life, I have no regrets about cultivating!”

Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people. Li Suyi pierced the sky with his saber then let it fall. Ling Xian had the Divine Wood Seal hanging overhead, his hands unleashing the Conquering Immortals Art!

Flood Dragon and Qiongqi danced in the saber energy sea. The two faced each other with their signature move across the Sky Canyon!

The people felt Ling Xian was at a disadvantage, but not to the extent of suffering from each blow like last time. The strikes of the two were at a level none of the Kings there could withstand.

Li Suyi’s Demonic Blood Saber Art reached perfection, and Ling Xian Conquering Immortals Art’s power joined the heaven and earth. Li Suyi had a thick blood aura around him while Ling Xian had the natural Grand Dao energy spinning with him at its center.

The two fought like gods in the sky, rumbling the eardrums of the audience.

They were both familiar with each other, not even restraining themselves in using killing blows.

Qiongqi roared as it flew in the sky, Flood Dragon coiled on the ground, and the saber energy wave swept dozens of zhangs. The terrain became unrecognizable from the scars the two left behind.

Li Suyi put his saber in the blood coffin. It stirred in its sheath, and when he drew it, waves of blood surged, turning the world into a bloody sea.

Ling Xian linked with the Divine Wood Seal, gathering spiritual power at a constant pace along with the natural Grand Dao energy. He was akin to a god walking on earth, with his blue aura shining everywhere. The light touched upon the sea of blood and repelled it.

They exchanged moves more than ten times, yet they showed no sign of stopping. Conquering Immortals Art filled the sky, rending it, while in contrast, the saber wave ran through the ground blowing up mountains on end.

They were relentless, going like this to the point the Kings could see the daylight end. They were as fierce and resolute as when it started, throwing all kinds of magical arts at each other!

“Their cultivation methods are beyond strong!”

“Humph, but of course. Ling Xian cultivates the hardest one on this continent, Dao Canon. Once at Dao Comprehending realm, he will soar!”

“Lord Ya Mo cultivates what the Lord of Yan Mountain imparted him, Bones of the Taotie. That’s the continent’s most evil cultivation method!”

Even the night’s darkness couldn’t put a stop to this crazy battle. But the Kings noticed Ling Xian’s disadvantage growing, “Ling Xian is only at the Divine Palace stage. If he were at the Aspect stage and developed his Aspect, Ya Mo would have fallen by now!”

“Humph, Lord Ya Mo’s Aspect is the Taotie. How can a plain Aspect be its rival!”

“He’s only picking on Ling Xian who doesn’t have an Aspect. What’s so great about that!”

“Lord Ya Mo is a true Kings Ruler!”

The mid-air battle continued for two more days. Ling Xian was soaked in blood from head to tow, but he clenched his teeth and wanted to keep fighting. He was behind by one stage, yet this proved he was no match for Li Suyi.

The Bones of the Taotie was too evil, the same with its cultivation speed.

Next to Li Suyi, the sea of blood spread far and wide. Above him stood a blue gigantic creature, with a bloody maw in its torso. This was the Taotie.

Second senior brother, I feel honored in fighting with you for three days and three nights.

Li Suyi slashed at Ling Xian, who was now crawling his way to his feet. His blade had no remorse.

The rest of the Kings finally saw the end of this long fight, “Ya Mo won!”

Demon Kings shouted, “Kill him! Kill him! Ya Mo is the true Kings Ruler!”

Human Kings couldn’t let Li Suyi kill Ling Xian. They all acted together, “We must save Ling Xian. Without him, none can withstand Ya Mo!”

“If Ling Xian forms his Aspect, Ya Mo won’t be his match!”

Human Kings flew in doves towards Ling Xian to protect him. Demon Kings also charged over and blocked them.

Tens of thousands of Kings clashed, with stray magical arts flying every which way. Among this chaos, Li Suyi took a leisure walk for Ling Xian. No one could stop him, because he was a Kings Ruler.

Li Suyi slashed without care, ripping apart three cultivators blocking him, only taking a moment to arrive in front of Ling Xian. He gazed for a long time at him, and Ling Xian could see through the blood-red eyes of his, witnessing the change within, “I only wanted to fight with you, second senior brother. I didn’t want to kill you. But the demonic intent grew unchecked and the sea of bitterness is boundless!”

“I can no longer turn back!”

Li Suyi lifted the saber, but then, out of impulse, he retreated dozens of steps as he sensed danger.

A broadsword fell out of the sky right where he just stood, quaking the entire area. They all could see a red-clothed girl standing on its hilt. She wore a smiley mask and the broadsword at her feet was called Obelisk.

The Kings ceased battle in an instant, settling into an eerie silence. Only Zhuo Qingyao’s voice echoed throughout the battlefield, “There’re so many Kings here! Seems I got the right place!”