As Chen Lingyu tugged his hand, he asked, “What have you prepared for Master? Why are you acting so mysterious about it?”

Chen Lingyu pulled him along, “Master, you’ll know when we arrive.”

Once he sensed they were in a room of sorts, Chen Lingyu uncovered his eyes revealing scriptures as far as his eyes could see!

Bronze lamps were set here and there, basking in light the countless scriptures resting on endless shelves.

Chen Ming took one step and found it to be hundreds of zhangs large. And all were scriptures. This Scriptures Pavilion was even bigger then Steel Ox Valley’s.

“How did you all know Master likes all kinds of scriptures?”

Chen Lingyu covered her soft laughter, “Master, everyone on Yan Mountain knows that. In the disciples and head senior sister’s campaign, among the spoils of war, they also gather scriptures to build this Scriptures Pavilion for you. ”

Chen Ming was immensely pleased with this place. Sure enough, the chives matured, even knowing when to harvest themselves.

“I love it. Tell the disciples to do their best in finding all scriptures that are missing from this place. Now that there’s a Scriptures Pavilion, I will turn it into one that encompasses all this world’s scriptures.”

Chen Lingyu received the order, and spread it to all other disciples, letting them all know what to do.

Chen Ming was clear of Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian and Li Suyi being on the immortal-demonic battlefield. With Zhuo Qingyao there, everything will be fine. She knows when to hold back against them.

Chen Ming lifted a bronze lamp and began his journey through the scriptures-filled corridor.

I wonder if this time my body will hold a hundred more scriptures. No, No, at least a thousand. With my body, I can raise even ten thousand.

What freaky constitution was this Limitless Dao Body that needed three thousand Dao Seeds for its first stage? Chen Ming reckoned he would be able to kill immortals when he entered it. And this was just the beginning of this path.

The immortal road was endless!

Chen Ming held the bronze lamp as he looked around. Usually, those who defended a Scriptures Pavilion were all old monsters. I wonder if this watcher, if this title, is accompanied by an aura.

‘The sweeper and watcher of the Scriptures Pavilion are definitely experts!’

Who’d have imagined that I’ll one day become such an old monster?

The following days were peaceful, with Chen Ming slowly comprehending scriptures. He wasn’t going to spend all his merits on only comprehending, that would be too wasteful.

His method went like this. If one look was enough to understand it, then he spent none. If not, then it wouldn’t be a loss to spend merits and learn it.

With his return to Yan Mountain, Chen Ming resumed his old custom, lecturing the disciples. The Dao Initiation realm was like second nature to him. He cultivated it more than two hundred times, including the ones his disciples were now training in. If I haven’t, that would be even better. I’ll just take a peek and add another Dao Seeds to my collection!

The number of Yan Mountain immortal arts grew by a few with Chen Ming’s return, with most of them coming from the Land of the Dragon Hoard.

Chen Ming didn’t think the Dao Initiation realm disciples, in regard to his sect, in regard to all the magical arts, to all the teaching provided by Yan Mountain, that they couldn’t cultivate to the Sovereign rank. How could they not reach King rank like this?

With pills, I can even raise a pig to King rank.

When he began his lecture, he discovered that more than half of Yan Mountain Lords rushed home. These disciples do care about my teachings.

And when he saw these Lords dressed for battle and armed with weapons, he felt a difference. They were changed now that blood and fire washed over their bodies.

The Lords were no longer as childish as before. They could sense they were close to death than ever, bringing about this transformation.

Although each month brought him a few thousands of merits, it still felt slow to Chen Ming. I need to find a way to trick, pei, advance these disciples’ cultivation.

No need to mind the legacy disciples, they are having a blast fighting.

I changed food with pills before, but what do I use this time?

Chen Ming decided to first understand them better, so he went to their mountain peak. But few greeted him as most sat cross-legged and cultivated, “I feel like the spiritual energy around Yan Mountain has increased several times!”

“It’s even better than laying on spirit stones!”

“Even the air is filled with spiritual energy!”

As a Master, I am gratified to know my disciples are fond of cultivating.

“Head senior sister and second senior brother have grown famous on the King rank battlefield, while we are bitter from the ancient immortal sects’ disciples always asking us to swap pointers!”

“It can’t be helped. They’re still the ancient immortal sects, and since their geniuses can’t stand above head senior sister and second senior brother, they take it out on us!”

“Yeah, they are all King ranks yet the pick on us, Dao Initiation realm disciples. They have no dignity, yet they still say head senior sister and second senior brother are amazing, and that all the rest are trash!”

“Right! They also say that we listen to Master’s lectures on Dao, that we can learn immortal arts, yet still can’t compare to them. It’s unbearable!”

“They will soon see! I will reach the King rank and show them how amazing Yan Mountain disciples are!”

Chen Ming was speechless, So they look down on Yan Mountain disciples. But the result is good. At least they work harder on cultivating.

I don’t need to trick them for now, just fan the flames. On the Yan Mountain’s notice board a new rule appeared. The disciples on the ranking board, those going through the Tower of Trials, all saw this.

‘The first disciple at the end of a two month period can climb Yan Mountain and can receive teachings on the Dao before the Mountain Lord seat for a day.’

Anyway, this is a chance to transform ourselves every two months. Who would waste it? We can’t let all the chances squander on the legacy disciples. We also want a share!

Chen Ming reckoned, Based on my renown, this will set start to a cultivation rush.

Of course, if he wanted to increase his merits income, he had to work with his legacy disciples too. Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian weren’t here while Li Suyi left. He could only go to Chen Lingyu. Just how is this lass a legacy disciple? The other three are all Kings Rulers while she is still in the Dao Initiation realm. Such an embarrassment.

Chen Ming stormed down to Chen Lingyu’s Alchemy House and saw her small face above the pill furnace, peering inside. Her face flushed from the fire. Chen Ming looked at the sky, Oh-oh, it’s evening.

Then he saw the soot-covered Chen Yu kicking the furnace, “Pills, pills, pills! Only Heavens knows what’s so damn good about refining pills! Chen Ling’er, I told you, going down this path is hopeless!”