With the emotional Chen Ling’er going offline, Chen Yu took over the job of watching over the pill furnace.

Wait, with Chen Yu’s temper, it won’t even cross her mind to watch over the pill furnace.

It would be better to hope she won’t wreak it.

Chen Yu’s gaze turned to Chen Ming, “Master, Master, talk to Chen Ling’er! This girl only knows how to bake pills with not even one thought about cultivating. I would have been in the Dao Comprehending realm by now if it weren’t for her!”

Chen Ming stared long, That’s saying Chen Ling’er’s alchemy takes too much time and drags the other’s cultivation behind.

Of the Illustrious Casket, Chen Ling’er cultivated half, while Chen Yu the other half. Chen Yu’s cultivation has long outstripped a mere King rank while Chen Ling’er’s cultivation barely moved an inch.

Chen Ming said in earnest, “Relax, I will talk to her tomorrow. Master will give her a long lecture!”

This gave Chen Yu a nice surprise, “Master, that ain’t right. Don’t you always give me a lecture on cultivation? Why Chen Ling’er all of a sudden?”

Chen Ming showed discomfort, “Such low cultivation is too embarrassing. Logically speaking, with you two cultivating an immortal cultivation method, plus the fact the both of you can cultivate day in day out, you can spend twice the time on cultivating compared to your senior brothers and senior sister, with an even greater talent to.”

Chen Yu nodded seriously, “It’s all because of Chen Ling’er! If not for her, with senior brothers’ levels, I would have mopped the floor with them by now!”

Mopping is mopping. At least I won’t be the one disgraced when they lose to their junior sister.

“Ding! You triggered the mission Chen Yu’s Anger. Please help Chen Ling’er focus on cultivation, thus causing Chen Lingyu to break through to the Dao Comprehending realm. Reward: that’s right, 10,000 points.”

Oh, the mission came.

I just need to wait for daylight, dupe Chen Ling’er, then done!

As he got nothing better to do, Chen Ming taught Chen Yu a few moves. He noticed her perception was outstanding. He only showed them to her a few times and she already learned them.

Chen Ling’er and Chen Yu were baffling. One was a killer the other a savior, yet their talent was incredible.

On the morrow, the sweaty Chen Yu’s face changed, “Ah! How come I’m soaked? Right, my pills!”

“Chen Ling’er!” Chen Ming’s voice came from behind.

Chen Ling’er turned, “Eh!? Master, how come you’re here?”

Chen Ming crossed his hands, speaking words of righteousness, “Ling’er, you can’t even see the problem.”

Chen Ling’er was puzzled, “What problem?”

“Look, don’t you find it funny the blockhead Chen Yu is refining pills? Just look at the furnace.”

Chen Ling’er nodded in earnest, “Right, Chen Yu is a blockhead!”

Therefore, Chen Ming began urging her with passionate words, “With your skill in alchemy, you need more than a day to successfully refine a batch. If you still want to refine then there’s only one way!”

Chen Ling’er blinked at him, “How, Master?”

Chen Ming flipped on the Enlighten Aura to lead her by the nose, “Look, if you reach the Dao Comprehending realm, won’t it mean you can finish refining a batch in a day? Rather than make Chen Yu look after the pill furnace, something she’ll be unable to do for all her life, it would be better to raise your cultivation to the Dao Comprehending realm!”

Chen Ling’er sank in deep contemplation, “Master’s words are reasonable. Letting Chen Yu look after the pill furnace is a lost cause. I’m going to cultivate Master. Forgive disciple for leaving earlier!”

Chen Ming’s heart was filled with delight as he waved, “En, go!”

That was one damn good duping!

Chen Ling’er didn’t lack in the talent department. She just needed to cultivate and soon would enter the Dao Comprehending realm.

As seasoned with the cultivation world as Chen Ming was, he had absolute certainty he was no Main Character material. If I had any, I wonder if money would have mattered.

Uh, probably not. With Yan Mountain Lords’ financial ability, pill making won’t put a dent on the income.

They no longer needed Yan Mountain’s spirit stones. And he could even levy taxes from them once the order of expansion ended.

He spent his time reading scriptures and, after a month, Chen Lingyu, who was at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm, broke through to the Dao Comprehending realm and became a King. Due to Chen Lingyu passing her tribulation at night, she didn’t need Chen Ming’s help, going through the whole trial in a carefree manner.

Chen Lingyu’s style evoked emotions in the hearts of the witnessing disciples, “I didn’t know Illustrious Casket can be so amazing!”

“Fourth senior sister is now in the Dao Comprehending realm, so why aren’t we also?”

“We didn’t work hard enough!”

Chen Ming smiled, not planning on telling them a hard cold truth. Chen Lingyu was on the rise, knowing the twists and turns in her cultivation, so of course she achieved this progress in just a month.

Chen Ming’s thought, That fellow Ling Xian won’t return any time soon, so I’d better use the lottery ticket. “Draw Chen Lingyu’s Dao Comprehending realm lottery ticket!”

“Ding! You received Heart Enlightenment. Please check your reward.”

Heart Enlightenment?

Did I get trash this time? Why does this toy sound like a counterfeit divine trinket?

Chen Ming was wondering where could it be when he heard Silver Wing report, “Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader requests an audience!”

Chen Ming waved, “Jade Void Temple is one of Yan Mountain’s subordinates. Show him in.”

Chen Ming received him through the backyard. When the Sect Leader saw him, he performed a deep bow, “Lord of Yan Mountain, righteous and outstanding in skill, the unifier of the Fiend Domain, achiever of historical accomplishments, unrivaled paragon…”

Chen Ming stopped him, “Alright alright, I know already. So why have you come.”

“The secret domain is in turmoil. The savage beasts seemed to have gained awareness and are attacking Jade Void Temple. If not for Lord Black Tiger patrolling in the area at the time, the sect would have been destroyed!”

“Lord Black Tiger sensed this wasn’t the end and sent me to beseech Mountain Lord for help!”

Chen Ming frowned, So strong that not even Black Tiger with his Regalia Legion could end this matter? This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Also, what’s the deal with the savage beasts gaining awareness?

Everyone knows savage beasts had basic instincts. Counting from one to ten was already a genius among genius savage beasts!

Fiends and savage beasts weren’t the same, the biggest difference laying in their intellect. The savage beasts relied on their powerful bodies to earn their status. The main use of them was as mounts.