Based on the system lady’s priors regarding her snarky temper, the reward was related to the first matter that needed his attention. This Heart Enlightenment must be in Jade Void Temple’s secret. They are a sect who birthed an immortal after all.

He said to the Sect Leader as he pulled him on his cloud, “I will see to this matter personally!”

The Sect Leader’s heart was at peace when he saw the words on the cloud.

‘The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.’

These words must say Mountain Lord’s flying skill are exquisite!

Then he felt how heaven and earth kept changing positions. Two hours later, Chen Ming jumped off followed by Sect Leader wobbling walk and muttering philosophies, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”

Black Tiger glanced at Sect Leader, then bowed towards Chen Ming, “Greetings, Mountain Lord!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Quickly report the situation! ”

“I was on a patrol with my Regalia detachment three days ago, protecting the other sects inside Yan Mountain’s lands. At that time, I saw thousands of savage beasts rushing out of Jade Void Temple! I saw the dire state it was in and went to finish them off. Then I found the savage beasts had awareness, knowing how to use tactics!”

Chen Ming asked, “Have you looked inside?”

“Yes. The savage beasts have organized themselves, but I haven’t found any creature that might be the one controlling them. This is very strange.”

In Chen Ming’s heart, It can’t be that Ghost Immortal did something, right? Though Vermilion Bird did say the seal won’t last much longer.

If Ghost Immortal did it, then this was a grave matter.

Chen Ming waved, “I will go in and check the situation. You must block the beast tide from spreading to other sects!”

Black Tiger bowed, “Subordinate understands!”

When he was getting ready to enter, he saw the hesitant Black Tiger, “Is there something else?”

Black Tiger pointed at the Sect Leader, “Mountain Lord, is he alright?”

Chen Ming turned for a look. Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader was sprawled on the ground and foaming at the mouth.

“Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”

Uh, is my driving that reckless? “Give him a couple of refreshing soup bowls!”

Chen Ming took to his crow form and ventured inside Jade Void Temple’s secret domain. He noticed something was off right off the bat. There’re cultivators inside the secret domain, so why haven’t these savage beasts charged at them instead of rushing out?

Can they actually have awareness?

He arrived bellow the Elemental Cauldron and, as he descended, saw the cultivators dashing over. Everyone knew of Chen Ming now. They were ancient immortal sects’ Kings after all.

Chen Ming went to see Xing Ming who said to him, “Immortal Master Chen is here. Now everything will be alright!”

Chen Ming asked, “What happened here?”

Xing Ming answered, “The savage beasts seemed to have grown intelligent, behaving like a cohesive army group and started attacking the secret domain’s entrance!”

“I was referring if you have found anything strange here.”

Xing Ming took a moment to recall, “There was a wild boar savage beast flew over here for a stroll! Then it went to the floating island.”

Chen Ming was in a daze, Can pigs fly?

This isn’t a simple matter at all.

Chen Ming was more and more certain the savage beasts grew intelligent. But what triggered it?

Chen Ming went crow and flew to the Floating Island. The Floating Island was a place in the earthen area of the secret domain, filled with thick earth spiritual energy. On a large floating landmass, he saw hordes of savage beasts standing in formation. They were groaning and yelling as a wild boar in front seemed to conduct a drill operation.


The savage beasts are smart!

Chen Ming looked around, slowly flying to the island where he picked up a voice.

He followed the voice and soon heard the pig giving a speech on a platform, “For food and other savage beasts, we must break out of here, break them from the cultivators’ control as mounts!”

“Good. We will now begin with the general election. Tell me, what is four plus five?”

Deafening silence… then a boar squealed and humphed, “Humph, humph, oink, oink.”

The wild boar high up was filled with pride, “Perfect. Your answer, nine, is correct. Only a genius like you is worthy of becoming a general to this savage beast army! Go!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid was having a stroke as he watched the wild boar. Then his eyes found something green on his ear. It can’t be the reward, can it?

It’s not a fake divine trinket, but a real one!

This toy is a tad evil to make even a pig intelligent!

If I give it to my disciples, wouldn’t that give them wings?

Chen Ming’s disciples didn’t lack resources but perception and talent. If I have enough Heart Enlightenment Fruits, my merits will soar!

All of a sudden the wild boar became adorable in Chen Ming’s eyes.

Chen Ming was engulfed in black smoke and, when it scattered, a human took its place on the ground. The wild boar noticed him and was alarmed, “You, what’s your job?”

Chen Ming felt glee inside, “I am a pig butcher!”

The wild boar nodded in earnest, “Oh, you’re a pig butcher… Wait! Aren’t I a pig!? Guards, protect your lord!”

In an instant, hordes of savage beasts looked at Chen Ming with cold glints as they charged.

Chen Ming didn’t plan on hanging out with folks that didn’t know how to count to ten. The wild boar up top wasn’t much of a threat to him, having a danger value lower than 2000. But this is normal. If I needed to work hard then that wouldn’t be a reward. A reward is the type that waits peacefully for me to pick it.