“Ha-ha-ha! I understand now! I finally understand what Master said about the Dao!”

“I always felt Master’s words were veiled in mystery, profound and undecipherable, and now the Fire Crow Art is like an open book to me. These are the secrets of fire!”

“I know how to use Finger From Beyond! Who knew it was that easy!”

On Yan Mountain, each peak cried out in wonder.

At night, Chen Ming was looking at the disciple crests, as well as his legacy disciple crests, who were much better. For each of his disciples, he refined 49 Enlightenment Fruits into a crest.

The Heart Enlightenment Fruit was neither gold nor iron, yet of uncommon toughness. He also drew a minor Heavenly Array on the 49 fruits, converging their effect to their peak.

He gave the Yan Mountain Fourth Sect Leader crest to Chen Lingyu. She was giddy from happiness, sensing the effect, “Master, can I study it?”

Chen Ming assumed an all-powerful air, “You dare!?”

Chen Ling’er stuck her little tongue out, “Oh, how can I! Master’s gifts are all treasures.”

Sensing Zhuo Qingyao’s direction, Chen Ming picked a nation weapon and blinked next to her. Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian war swapping pointers. With each contact between sword intent and the Conquering Immortals Art, the night turned into day and the air filled with thunderous booms.

Seeing Chen Ming phasing in, Yan Mountain’s legacy disciples knew of his style, and greeted him, “Master!”

Chen Ming nodded, “En, very good and very diligent. Come.”

Ling Xian stood three feet away, rooted to that spot, Master must be displeased and that’s why he doesn’t let me near.

Chen Ming threw Zhuo Qingyao the Yan Mountain Head Sect Leader crest, then threw Yan Mountain Second Sect Leader crest to Ling Xian, “This is a crest. If there’s an order, the person lives. If no order, the person is dead! Understand?”

The two looked at the crests with great care, Rarely does Master speak of such serious matters. But they soon discovered the intricate effect of the crests, “Perfectly, Master!”

Chen Ming waved and another crest appeared on the table, with the words Yan Mountain Third Sect Leader engraved on it.

Chen Ming sucked a deep breath, “How is Suyi?”

Zhuo Qingyao cupped her hands, “Third junior brother is deep down the demonic path. The demonic sect’s Kings stopped me last time and I couldn’t bring him back.”

Chen Ming gave a faint nod, “Now that he has demonic intent in his heart, we shall help him cut it out. But if it weren’t for his current demonic state, he wouldn’t have had the ambition to attain such high cultivation. Perhaps, this is his life’s tribulation! Make sure you give this crest to him. Tell him that I, his Master, shall wait for his return on Yan Mountain.”

Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian cupped their hands, “We shall comply, Master!”

Chen Ming continued, “Your cultivation is drawing ever closer to the Transcending realm. Come and listen to my teachings on the Nine Nines Mysteries Art and Dao Canon. This time, I shall impart everything so pay attention.”

The lecture finished three days later and Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain. His order soon spread and all disciples got their crest.

After Chen Ming left, Zhuo Qingyao poked fun at Ling Xian, “Second junior brother, isn’t there something you forgot to tell Master?”

Ling Xian was reserved in speech, “That is… Master left too quickly. I didn’t have the time to tell him… ”

Zhuo Qingyao laughed, “So you didn’t tell Master about you and that demonic sect’s girl. I even heard she is the demonic sect’s Sacred Maiden.”

Ling Xian was anxious, “I didn’t know that! Head senior sister, what am I supposed to do?”

Zhuo Qingyao shrugged, having learned it from Chen Ming, “Since ancient times the immortal and demonic sects were at odds, so just wait for Master’s arrangement. I reckon not many youngsters can resist and will soon go after her. But what’s surprising is that you will also among them!”

Well of course Chen Ming was oblivious to this explosive news. He was now handing out the Yan Mountain Lords crests. Once he finished he said, “This represents everyone’s identity. If there’s an order, the person lives. If no order, the person is dead! Understand?”

The Lords viewed the crest with more importance, Master rarely speaks about serious matters.

He took advantage of them since they gathered and held a lecture. The scriptures got more complicated as they advanced in ranks, far more than the Dao Sense realm. He held the lecture for a full week, making sure to touch on everyone’s queries, and now was the time for Chen Ming to wait.

I’m quite curious to see how many merits I’ll get a month! I wonder if it’ll be ten times or more!

Thinking about it got me riled up!

Anyway, your Master takes great care in introducing you to the ins and outs, while your job is to search and verify it.

A month slowly drifted into the past, in which stories were told in extravagant teahouses. Stories related to Yan Mountain’s three sect leaders on the Massacre Board. In the fourth place, we had the story of Fairy Zi Xia dropping her chopsticks at mealtime.

Fairy Zi Xia was baffled about this. Wasn’t this story the hottest topic? Now those three challenged her status.

On the Sky Canyon battlefield, King ranked casualties piled up, surpassing two thousand. Tens fell each day on average.

With the fires of war igniting the whole continent, the Sky Canyon battlefield turned into ruins.

Yan Mountain’s three sect leaders showcased their power in this King ranked war and more and more people started to associate them with the man behind them, the Lord of Yan Mountain Chen Ming.

He raised three tigers that now descended the mountain and dominated the King ranks. What was this tiger rearing Master going to do next?

It was unknown if he became immortal, but even if he did, he would be the only one on this land.

Truth be told, the man in question was now laughing his head off, Over a hundred thousand merits in one month!

Heart Enlightenment Tree is a merit-making weapon!

Who can contend me now that I have this tree?

This month alone gave Chen Ming the merits of an entire year. This income was outrageous, needing a long time to calm down, With enough merits on hand, I can start something big.