Zhuo Qingyao’s Heavenly Tribulation is coming?

Chen Ming recalled how all his legacy disciples were monsters. Ling Xian’s Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation almost wen off course, and Zhuo Qingyao, who’s cultivation was at the ultimate peak of the Dao Sense realm, was gonna stir things up for sure.

Only hell knows how over the top would her tribulation me! At least Chen Ming knew that mere Sovereign power wasn’t enough to pass it.

A hundred thousand merits were peanuts. In Chen Ming’s situation, they wouldn’t do much good.

In these two years, his power only grew:

‘Name: Chen Ming

Fame: 183200

Title: Sects Ruler ()(Due to your endless struggle, you finally shed your high-level cannon fodder fate, becoming a glorious random NPC)

Realm: Dao Comprehending realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, complete. Dragon Form Art, complete. Nines Mysteries Art, complete. Dao Canon, complete. Golden Annihilation Star, complete. Ten Values Dao, complete. Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, complete. Jade Water Core Sutra, stage complete. Nirvana Astral Wind, complete. Heavenly Flaming Star, complete. Illustrious Casket, complete … (for the other 563 complete cultivation methods, press more).

Magical Arts: Obscure Gates Swordplay Array, Ten Thousand Swords Become One. Conquering Immortals Art, 1st stage. Demonic Blood Saber, Demonic Saber Heart. Eight Extremes Array, first stage. Ten Values Dao. Finger From Beyond, entry-level. Obscure Gates Swordplay, Earth stage… (for the other 53 sword arts at the Unity stage, press more).

Dao Seeds: Fire Crow, Flaming Star (from the Heavenly Flaming Star Art), Dazzling Gold, Ten Values Dao… (for the other 294 Dao Seeds, press more).

Legacy disciples: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu.

Disciples: Zhang Ming, Li Yang, Chen Kuang… (for the other 3408 names, press more).

Merits: 1859450.

Spiritual knowledge: 306780.

Professions: Alchemist Grandmaster, Diviner, Heaven ranked Array Master, Tool Refining Grandmaster.

Auras: Killing Intent Aura, King Slayer Aura, Control Aura lvl2, Warmonger Aura, Enlighten Aura.

Danger value: 3500 (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

Danger rating: disaster (a Sovereign’s descent spreads disaster).

Fate: At the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of Ya Mo. ( the wheel of fate is again in motion and the future has become blurred)’

He was just a few Dao Seeds away from finishing his title advancement mission in a total relaxed manner. At that time, his power would soar.

Chen Ming finished Zhuo Qingyao’s Nine Nines Mysteries Art and new of its hidden wonders. She had the drop of dragon blood, and all that was left was to find the other seven sacred beast essences so that the blood flowing through her would only be sacred beast blood.

But the problem was, There are more than just eight around!

Chen Ming found it impossible to collect all sacred beasts essences from all over the continent. And Ghost Immortal was from another continent, who birthed many immortals. There must be another continent, other than this one.

But since the path to immortality was sealed, there was no news coming from outside.

A sidelong glance told him Zhuo Qingyao had a danger value of 2000, an average Sovereign’s power. And she hasn’t reached her peak yet, truly insidious.

Yep, I can’t compare to a genius.

He knew what the system was implying. Isn’t it that Zhuo Qingyao’s cheat can no longer keep up with her style? No worries, cheat doctor, pei. No no, we must also conduct research.

Chen Ming said after finishing the noodles, “Qingyao, Master noticed that your Heavenly Tribulation is approaching. With your peak Dao Sense realm cultivation, it will be beyond cruel. Master will take you on his trip.”

Zhuo Qingyao was happy, kneading Chen Ming’s shoulders, “I knew Master had a way!”

Chen Ming jumped on his cloud then pulled Zhuo Qingyao after him, “Let’s go!”

When he gave her the dragon blood, he had to refine a Flood Dragon. He wasn’t about to go search for a refinable sacred beast. He wanted to give Zhuo Qingyao a sacred beast essence that could directly temper her body.

Knowing the forbidden areas like the back of his hand, his first stop was a place crawling with beasts, the Beast Mountain.

This was the best place to search for sacred beasts.

On the morrow, Ling Xian climbed the mountain to pay respects, only to find the courtyard empty. With no better choice, he took Chen Ming’s bowl to wash it in the kitchen, “I knew they’d be gone when I returned.”

Dropping off on Beast Mountain, Chen Ming’s looked on with guilt, afraid the lass would be the same as the rest, unable to bear his flying. But he saw Zhuo Qingyao’s bright face and in high spirits as she asked in doubt, “Master, why are you looking at me? They say that your flying is damn fast, while other’s flying is at snail pace!”

Chen Ming was content, Yep, my disciple understands me best. The rest are not qualified to enjoy my flying skills!

Chen Ming released his awareness but, just as he arrived, he had yet to find any strong savage beasts. Then he saw how few savage beasts were different, with blood-shot eyes, raging and stomping in a direction.

Why does this look familiar?

“Ding! You triggered a storyline mission, Descent of Shi Jiuquan’s Clone. Shi Jiuquan has longed for this continent for far too long. Even sealed, it still didn’t curb his desires. Please prevent his clone’s descent. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame.”

Chen Ming surveyed the area to catch hordes of savage beasts stampeding to one place. The clone this time is going to be stronger. This is a grave matter.

In times like these, one needs a partner. I had Vermilion Bird last time, and doing it alone now will be pointless.

Better drop by Astral Immortal Sect and gather a team.

Chen Ming said, “Qingyao, wait here for a bit while I go to Astral Immortal Sect. Ghost Immortal’s clone is about to descend here. I will go bring some helpers and destroy it.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, almost knocking into her chest, “Go, Master. I will wait for you here.”

Chen Ming felt for the spiritual sword, stuck another in the ground, and flashed over to the Astral Immortal Sect.