Chen Ming flashed in the meeting hall in the Astral Immortal Sect. He stood below the starry ceiling, just as the four Sages were having lunch. Snow Mountain Sage was reaching with his chopsticks in his plate only to find a foot.

While Chen Ming’s other foot landed in Tie Yi Sage’s plate.

The four gave angry stares at Chen Ming, but Tie Yi went first, “Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, what are you doing? Can’t you let us old folks eat in peace?”

Chen Ming was this close to getting a soup bath, and his temper flared, “As if! You put the teleportation array on the table, so how is my fault? Better yet, I’m more inclined to believe you’re trying to roast me!”

Astral Sage slapped the table, “Everyone, calm down! This wasn’t on purpose! Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, what happened?”

Chen Ming jumped off, “Oh, right, back to urgent matters. Shi Jiuquan wants to descend with a clone, so think of a way to deal with it. Oh, I just came from the place where his clone is descending. If you’re fast enough you can catch it live.”

Sword King Pavilion Sage muttered, “What’s catching it live?”

Astral Sage said, “There’s no time to lose, Shi Jiuquan’s clone is a serious matter. We cannot allow Shi Jiuquan to further corrupt the continent! Guards, send for Sect Leader and Fairy Zi Xia to come right now!”

Astral Sage’s words held weight in the Astral Immortal Sect. All matters would fall on the Sect Leader, but in this moment of crisis, the hidden mastermind, Astral Sage, had to take charge.

The two arrived in no time at all and knew something was up just from seeing Chen Ming’s face. After all, when there was ever a time something big didn’t happen and Chen Ming was present?

The Sect Leader was around forty years old, friendly and honest. Three stars ever-shifted in his eyes. He wore a starry Daoist robe, giving him an immortal and dignified air.

Astral Sage said, “Zi Tianzang make haste with fellow Daoist Chen Ming to Beast Mountain. Shi Jiuquan’s clone is descending and we must stop him! Stabilize the situation while the other three sects will send their own people over soon. I will trouble fellow Daoist Chen Ming to keep the teleportation array open for three days.”

Zi Tianzang bowed, “Understood, Master. I will go with Chen Ming.”

Seriously? Your Master calls me fellow Daoist, so why aren’t you calling me Senior Uncle?

He took one look at Chen Ming. His age is younger than my daughter.

How can I call him Senior Uncle?

“Uh, I will go with the Lord of Yan Mountain to Beast Mountain!”

Chen Ming fetched the spiritual sword with a stretch of his hand, “It’s of no difficulty letting it open for three days. You only need to set a few thousand spirit stones around it.”

Chen Ming then teleported away with Fairy Zi Xia and Zi Tianzang.

But as they landed, Zi Tianzang was feeling more and more certain calling him Senior Uncle didn’t fit. He patted Chen Ming’s shoulder and smiled, “Um, ah, dear son-in-law, what’s the situation?”

Zhuo Qingyao, Chen Ming and Fairy Zi Xia were in sync as they glared at him. Fairy Zi Xia stamped her foot in anger and yelled, “Dad, what are you saying!?”

Zhuo Qingyao roamed her eyes over Chen Ming and then her, I knew it. My greatest love rival is Fairy Zi Xia!

Wait, Fairy Zi Xia is the one who’s trying to grab a hold of Master!

Hold on, the whole Astral Immortal Sect thinks this way!

“Master, what is going on? Why were you gone one moment then came back with this auntie? And who is that half-dead gramps over there?”

Chen Ming was beyond baffled, “How come I don’t recall any this and that happening?”

Zi Tianzang laughed hard, “So you guys haven’t yet, I see, I see. Um, then Eminence, let’s go inspect the place where Shi Jiuquan’s clone is about to descend.”

The hell you see!

But at this time, Chen Ming hadn’t got the mood to argue with Zi Tianzang. He only gave him a once over, Damn, question marks all over the place. He must be at the same level as Dragon Sovereign.

This was most likely true and said, “With the immortal sect’s traitors in the Hinterlands dealt with, the ones who could guide Shi Jiuquan’s descent can only be the demonic sect. I cannot reveal myself at this time, so I can only leave it up to all of you.”

Chen Ming took to his crow form and flapped his wings as he perched on Zhuo Qingyao’s shoulder.

Zhuo Qingyao was jumping in joy inside since he chose her shoulder instead of Fairy Zi Xia’s. But she still kept a stone-cold face.

They flew and witnessed how all savage beasts stampeded in one direction. Following them, they saw a pit where the savage beasts tore at each other and, as the blood gathered, a vaguely human shape became noticeable.

Next to the pit was a man in a black cloak, with eyes red enough to devour them whole, “Well well, if it isn’t one of the six righteous Autarchs, Zi Tianzang!”

Zi Tianzang recognized him as well, “Demonic sect’s Fifth Sect Leader, Mo Tu!”

Zi Tianzang said, “I’ll deal with this Mo Tu while you figure out how to ruin Shi Jiuquan’s descent!”

Zi Tianzang flew as stars revolved around him and formed into a chakra. It hanged behind him and struck with a palm below, “Star-shattering Palm!”

The power could be felt for tens of li, cutting ten feet off soil from the ground!

One look was enough to give Chen Ming the chills, Ah, the Autarch rank is a tad fierce!

The starry palm descended, but all Mo Tu did was to raise his own palm and hold the sky with it, “Three hundred years, Zi Tianzang, yet you made no progress!”

Mountains and rivers emerged on Mo Tu’s cloak. They soon rose from it and kept Zi Tianzang’s palm at bay. Zi Tianzang moved fast as he charged Mo Tu, “You’ll know once we fight!”

The two Autarchs fought among the savage beasts, paying them no heed as they weren’t even a threat!

Chen Ming looked at their battle, “Are all Autarchs that blunt, fighting once they saw each other?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “My dad and Mo Tu have an old grudge.”