Now he understood. They were a pair of old enemies, one that was enraged at a mere glance from the other.

Their fight wrecked everything and, in a short while, dragged the scuffle to another area. Chen Ming saw the starlight and the demonic energy gathering in the sky, “Where are the Autarchs? I can’t see them.”

He turned to the beast tide, then to the figure in the blood pool, “Ah, what a dad. He just left you. Never mind, now it’s your turn to act!”

Then Fairy Zi Xia said, “Something’s off. It’s not just a demonic sect Autarch, but also a Sovereign here!”

Chen Ming surveyed the areas and four demonic sect Sovereigns got them surrounded.

Demonic energy fluctuated wildly, covering the heavens, when one Sovereign spoke, “Fifth Sect Leader naturally dragged Zi Tianzang away, and he left us with two beauties!”

Fairy Zi Xia got closer to Zhuo Qingyao, whispering, “They are all demonic sect Sovereigns with the one leading them the 60th Sect Leader, Fa Jue. They say his body is so strong that it can negate all magical arts, unable to hurt him!”

“The one on the left, Iron Hand Sovereign, trains in the immortal art Mountain Shifting Palm. Some say he practiced it to perfection! He once killed a Sovereign in 13 palms.”

“The one on the right, Gamut Enchantress, trains in a twin secret art, an expert in illusions!”

“The one behind us is Night Falcon. He is the worst, killing three Sovereigns with his dagger. He is also the most elusive. A common Sovereign has no chance against him.”

Gamut Enchantress stared at Zhuo Qingyao with a smile, “Leave this red-clothed miss to me. Lil’ miss, sister will teach you the meaning of happiness.”

Then she licked her lips with her scarlet tongue as her eyes flashed a deep red.

Iron Hand Sovereign smiled, “It’s fine, she’s all yours. We three will take this woman for our amusement! Ah, the most famous genius of the righteous faction. I wonder how she’ll look once she’s under me!”

Night Falcon said, “The little miss doesn’t seem to be moving. She has Obelisk on her back, so she must be Chen Ming’s head disciple!”

Gamut Enchantress paused at that, “What? If she’s Chen Ming’s head disciple, then we can’t treat it lightly. Wait! If she was on Yan Mountain, we wouldn’t attack her, but since she’s here, not even Chen Ming can save her!”

Iron Hand Sovereign said, “Did you forget? Zhuo Qingyao has the Lord of Yan Mountain’s immortal art on herself! That’s a Sovereign killing immortal art!”

Gamut Enchantress cursed, “There’s four of us and you’re still afraid of one move?”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes at them, Come on! Are you fighting or what? Aren’t you going too slow with the storyline?

Or is it that you hold dear your last moments of glory, going all out with roleplay right before the end?

Whatever, yap by yourselves. I’m going to deal with Shi Jiuquan’s clone. Last time Vermilion Bird had to fight with everything she had against his clone. I wonder how strong will it be now?

Chen Ming flew straight at the blood pool while the four Sovereigns were still debating. Night Falcon said, “Do you know why I lived so long? Because I’m cautious. Even Head Sect Leader is cautious of Chen Ming’s power. How can you ever perceive his arts?”

Fa Jue said, “Right, with power like Head Sect Leader, we can’t fathom his methods. But there’s a chance his immortal art can’t kill all of us!”

Gamut Enchantress said, “According to rumor, Chen Ming’s immortal art only lasts for a short while. With all our powers combined, we might be able to withstand it!”

Iron Hand Sovereign laughed hard, “We are demonic cultivators, uniting our powers in sleeping with a woman. But you must be joking if you think we’ll unite to fight off an immortal’s art!”

Night Falcon spoke, “Even if Chen Ming’s immortal art kills one of us, the other three are enough to capture the two little missus!”

The four’s gazes met, But one question remains: who will be the one to take on Chen Ming’s immortal art?

Chen Ming landed near the blood pool and looked back, En, those four are still debating on who dies first. No need to mind them. His eyes focused on the figure inside the pool:

‘Shi Jiuquan’s clone

Danger value: 4000 (max value?????).

Danger rating: disaster.

Auras: Corrupting Heart Aura, Immortal’s Presence Aura, Undead Body Aura, Corpse Poison Aura.’

Corrupting Heart Aura was some kind of charm aura, useless on Chen Ming. Immortal’s Presence Aura was your standard equipped aura for an immortal; just like Sovereign’s Dominion Aura. Undead Body Aura referred to being from the undead race. Physical attacks could never take his life. I.e. since he was dead, chopping his head, or cutting him in half wouldn’t work. Corpse Poison Aura would poison anyone who touched him, paralyzing him.

By the looks of things, it didn’t get all of Shi Jiuquan’s auras. Following the current storyline, Shi Jiuquan is the great boss behind it all, so he can’t have only these few auras.

“Ding! You entered Corrupting Heart Aura’s range. Annalising… you have King Slayer Aura, immunity to charm. You entered Immortal’s Presence Aura’s range. You have King Slayer Aura, immunity to suppression.”

I say, King Slayer Aura does have its use. This aura is first-class, a sign of a great boss!

Chen Ming took a more in-depth look at the clone and found it’s danger value spiking. It hasn’t finished growing yet.

Not done and it has such danger value. Then what will I do when it does finish?

Chen Ming’s principle was to always use fists when brains weren’t needed. He became human, flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, and, as the ten thousand swords danced about, he deployed the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array.

Since I took two years to comprehend Ten Thousand Swords Become One, you’ll be the first to try it!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone stared at the incoming Chen Ming, his only eye on the blood-covered face glinting in a vicious light, “It’s you! You’re that damn reptile that killed me when I descended in the Jade Void Temple’s secret domain!”

Chen Ming snickered, “Bingo! No reward though. Uh, no, there is actually. Say hello to my new move!”

Chen Ming flashed, blinking behind Shi Jiuquan, and waving Dao Empyrean Bamboo, “Ten Thousand Swords Become One!”

Each and every sword energy converged on Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Ten Thousand Swords Become One. The blue sword energy pierced Shi Jiuquan’s clone, tearing in two the human-shaped monster. But the two parts knitted together like nothing, “Ha-ha-ha, you can’t hurt me with your puny skill! Your moves are useless!”

Chen Ming cracked his mouth open and laughed, “Oh, got it. I need to use soul damaging magical arts. Then how about you try on my next attack?”

Chen Ming’s body was covered in flashes of lightning, turning into a walking lightning god.