Lightning magical arts were the undead’s bane, holding tribulation power that was extremely effective against evil. What was even better was the Buddhist sect’s Karmic Fire, a handy weapon when combating evil.

But Chen Ming found it strange that he has never seen a Buddhist monk on this continent.

No Buddhist monk meant no Buddhist sect and, in turn, no Buddhist sect related magical arts. Thus, Chen Ming could only make use of lightning arts!

He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo at the sky, emitting the 298 Dao Palaces’ spiritual power. Chen Ming didn’t know any lightning immortal arts but knew the Flickering Sword Art. How effective would it be with 3800 swords unleashing it at the same time?

Black clouds appeared one after the other, darkening a hundred li area.

And among the clouds, lightning flashed!

The ten thousand swords darted among the black clouds, forming a sword dragon. As it flitted in and out, lightning twisted around it.

A thousand li away, Mo Tu and Zi Tianzang turned in Chen Ming’s direction. The later spoke, “So menacing!”

Mo Tu stared at him with an ill-boding gaze, “You have another Autarch!? Did the lightning art Autarch, Thunderstorm Dipper Bai Wuxia, also came?”

Zi Tianzang didn’t correct him, “What, can’t Old Bai come?”

Mo Tu yelled, “Damn it! You let me drag you away on purpose!”

Mo Tu wanted to rush to Chen Ming, but Zi Tianzang only burst in laughter, “Mo Tu, are you perhaps looking for Bai Wuxia since you’re ready to take both of us on?”

Mo Tu paused, Right, if Bai Wuxia is here, then won’t it be a two on one?

He said in a ruthless tone, “Life and death are ruled by fate, riches and honor are up to Heaven. I will keep you here!”

With such a large display, it affected the debate on Chen Ming’s immortal art if it could kill four Demon Sovereigns or not. They looked back, with Gamut Enchantress staring blankly, “We probably don’t need to discuss it anymore.”

Iron Hand Demon Sovereign said, “Of course we don’t need to discuss it anymore.”

Night Falcon said, “There’s truly no need to discuss it anymore. ”

Fa Jue said. “The f*ck would be the point of discussing it!? A Righteous Lord is here! But it’s normal. Someone like the strongest man under heaven as Chen Ming was bound to know Ghost Immortal’s clone is coming!”

Gamut Enchantress turned to Night Falcon, “Your the best at escaping, so how do you normally proceed in this case?”

Night Falcon took a moment to consider, “In this normal case, Immortal Chen Ming’s power is laid bare. As we all know, the Lord of Yan Mountain isn’t an expert in lightning arts, as he seldom used them. But even this rarely used style of his has the power of a Beneath Immortal!”

He followed with, “Since he’s a Beneath Immortal, there’s no chance for us to win against him. As for fleeing, how can we escape from a Beneath Immortal? Our best bet is to capture the two women and threaten him. This is our only means of escape!”

Gamut Enchantress, Iron Hand Sovereign, and Fa Jue nodded, “A rational analysis!”

The three turned to Zhuo Qingyao and Fairy Zi Xia, with Gamut Enchantress saying, “Grab them! Secure our means of survival!”

They flocked around them as Zhuo Qingyao drew Obelisk, “It’s been so long since the last time I faced a Sovereign. Now that the chance is here, I will enjoy this fight to my heart’s content!”

Fairy Zi Xia took out Cosmic Anger, nocked an arrow and started shooting people.

The five were deeply tangled in battle, when Night Falcon muttered, “In normal cases like this, betrayal will arise to save one’s skin. What other use does teamwork has if not for selling it?”

Night Falcon bowed to the three Demon Sovereigns, “Everyone, I will be leaving, goodbye. My stomach’s killing me and I can’t hold it!”

He turned into a black mist and disappeared, fleeing further away.

Gamut Enchantress said, “Damn it! Night Falcon played us!”

Fa Jue roared, “Night Falcon, you better hope I won’t live! If I live, it will mark the day when your head gets separated from your body!”

Iron Hand Sovereign struck a palm at the Obelisk waving Zhuo Qingyao, only to stagger three steps back, “Night Falcon, were enemies as of now!”

Night Falcon’s laughter came from far away, “First off, you need to live. If you can get out alive from under Chen Ming’s nose, I will resign to my fate!”

The three Demon Sovereigns found Zhuo Qingyao rushing them, with Fairy Zi Xia’s cold arrows behind her. They had bitter faces.

Zhuo Qingyao’s body strength made her a monster. A wave from her can move mountains. When a hardship cultivator reached the peak, it was known he could last for a long time. They would have a hard time coming!

And when Chen Ming dealt with Ghost Immortal’s clone, that would mark the end of their lives!

With the battle starting here, on Chen Ming’s side, a hundreds of zhangs long lightning dragon stormed Shi Jiuquan’s clone.

The blood pool was scorched black, turning it into a lightning pool!

The ground ruptured and threw savage beast remains all over the place. The clone at the center of the blood pool was also affected, burned pitch-black.

Its roar reverberated around, “Ah!!!”

Lightning slowly withdrew, reflecting in Chen Ming’s eyes the clone’s unbudging body in the lightning pool!

Not dodging even at a crucial time like that wasn’t related to the clone having confidence it could take Chen Ming’s attack. From its appearance, the only viable explanation was that he couldn’t budge. “Ha-ha-ha, your actually stuck!”

The clone raged, “You’re dead!”

“Immortal art, Bone Emperor’s Palm!”

The sky darkened in a flash. A bony and eerie palm shot out, surrounded in thick ghostly energy. It even held immortal power!

It covered one’s vision as it advanced towards Chen.

Chen Ming cracked his mouth open in laughter, “Ha-ha-ha. Do you think you can hit me whit this speed in releasing magical arts? Keep dreaming!”

The palm landed while Chen Ming blinked on the opposite side. He laughed at the clone, “Since your stuck, then I’ll present you with something even more exciting!”

The palm missed but created tens of zhangs deep pit. An immortal art’s power coming from an immortal’s clone had an unreal might. If Chen Ming took it, he would suffer.

Shi Jiuquan’s clone said, “Blinking Art! How did you learn this immortal art?”