Chapter 245: World-shaking Battle(II)

Then he heard Chen Ming’s last words, More exciting than lightning? What can that be?

Shi Jiuquan turned to Chen Ming but then saw how almost three hundred stars formed behind him then coming to attack. Inside those stars was tribulation power!

Shi Jiuquan’s eyes went wide like saucers as he raved, “This is impossible! No one can control tribulation power!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Since you never saw it, please pay attention!”

Shi Jiuquan’s had a crestfallen expression. Yep, he was afraid of lightning’s power, who could restrain him. He feared the Buddhist Sect’s Karmic Fire. But what terrified him the most was tribulation power!

Regarding overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation, he would always prepare a clone focused on magical arts to repel the tribulation. This was the reason why his clone creating reached perfection. And this time it was precisely a clone to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation!

This guy can call upon Heavenly Tribulation to attack?

How can I fight this?

I have yet to finish forming this body, so I can’t leave the blood pool!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone bellowed, “I refuse to believe this is tribulation power!”

A star fall, followed by his mad shriek, “Ah!”

Shi Jiuquan saw the hundreds of stars on Chen Ming’s back, “This can’t go on. My body will die like this!”

Shi Jiuquan roared as he flew away, cutting off his connection with the blood pool. He was a sitting duck there. Even if he reached completion, it wouldn’t be much use since Chen Ming was there to stop him!

The clone fled while covered in blood. But Chen Ming wasn’t about to let him off so easily, “Shi Jiuquan’s clone is evil incarnate. I cannot let such a disaster linger!”

Chen Ming jumped on a cloud and rushed after him.

Fairy Zi Xia saw him, “That move of his reached such a level? The gap between us can’t be measured!”

Gamut Enchantress said, “We can’t continue like this. Even Ghost Immortal’s clone isn’t a match for Chen Ming. He is definitely at the Beneath Immortal stage!”

Fa Jue spoke, “We need to escape!”

Iron Hand Sovereign said, “There’s three against two and only one can flee, but who?”

With those words, their vigilance rose to its peak. Only one can escape with his life!

Zhuo Qingyao’s sword fell, wounding Gamut Enchantress’ hand, “Want to leave without permission? Draconic Influence!”

The dragon blood moved in her veins and an azure dragon jumped from her nape, glaring at the three.

Shi Jiuquan’s clone was using an escape art, but Chen Ming’s cloud was faster, outrunning him. His fury was about to erupt, “Let’s see how you run from me!”

A star fell on the clone’s back and was now leaving a bloody rain behind.

Seeing Chen Ming’s look, he had no plan of stopping. He sped in another direction, but Chen Ming soon outran him again, sicking another star on him!

The two flitted across the skies, under the amazed gazes of the cultivators below, “What’s that in the sky?”

“I can sense the Immortal’s Pressure!”

“That bloody figure has Immortal’s Pressure!”

“What! Doesn’t that make him an immortal? But this immortal is running!”

“If the immortal is fleeing then the one behind him must be of tremendous power!”

“Look! The on behind him is the Lord of Yan Mountain!”

“Azure Daoist robe and a horsetail whisk. Yes, that’s the Lord of Yan Mountain!”

“The Lord of Yan Mountain has such power? So much so that not even an immortal can handle him?”

Another star struck Shi Jiuquan’s clone, sending him barreling into the ground, leaving another scar on the earth.

“He crashed an immortal!”

“You want to tell me that the Lord of Yan Mountain is an immortal!?”

“If not immortal, at least the strongest on the continent!”

More and more cultivators witnessed Chen Ming hunt of the clone. The spectators felt they were watching a world-shacking battle!

The Lord of Yan Mountain was pursuing an immortal!

This explosive news spread in an instant to the whole continent!

The cultivators saw immortals streaking the skies and releasing immortal power!

Some cultivators said the Lord of Yan Mountain chased an immortal, and he wasn’t going to stop until he killed him!

Immortals were always thought of as legends. In this land, there hasn’t been an immortal for a thousand years. Then one appeared now, and this immortal had Lord of Yan Mountain chasing him to the end of the world!

One cultivator swore, “I saw it! The Lord of Yan Mountain, with a paragon demeanor, chased after that immortal. And his target couldn’t even fight back!”

If the previous news of Chen Ming passing his tribulation told them he was close to becoming immortal, this news revealed his power. Chen Ming was chasing down an immortal!

One person said, “It must be an evil immortal. He must have taken the blood essence of countless creatures and devoured their souls to become an evil immortal. The Lord of Yan Mountain is purging the world of this sin!”

Another said, “I saw it with my own eyes! That evil immortal sucked all the people of a city dry, not even sparing their souls!”

A cultivator patronized, “So what if he’s an immortal? No evil can withstand the might of the Immortal Master Chen! He will soon die at his hands!”

Then a Sovereign added, “I once saw an immortal’s skeleton, and its immortal power was identical to the one I felt today!”

If even a Sovereign said that, then the cultivators had to believe it.

The Sovereign continued, “I feel pressure from that immortal’s power but Immortal Master Chen is unaffected, to the point of chasing unabashed!”

Then it was a Demonic Sovereign’s turn to speak, “Chen Ming might be stronger but he still can’t kill that immortal. Chen Ming is no immortal!”

“Look, the immortal is playing with Chen Ming. He will sooner or later die at the immortal’s hands!”

“All are mortals in front of an immortal. How can he kill one? It’s just a rumor!”

Chen Ming was riding a cloud hot on Shi Jiuquan’s clone’s trail. He had no idea the whole continent was abuzz because of him, again. So much so that some Sovereigns stopped their closed-door cultivation just to see this fight.

This battle between Chen Ming and Shi Jiuquan’s clone was the hottest topic among cultivators.

It was a world-shaking battle that had all eyes focused on it!