Chapter 246: World-shaking Battle(III)

Sovereigns left seclusion in quick succession only to bump into a shocking revelation. There was a new immortal on this continent.

There hasn’t been one for a thousand years!

If this matter stirred half of the Sovereigns in seclusion to come out, then the next one got them all out!

This immortal wasn’t one who was revealing his ambition of first under heaven, but was hunted down instead!

And the one doing the hunting was none other than the Lord of Yan Mountain that ignited the whole world into talking about him for quite some time. He was the one rumored to be passing his Immortal Tribulation!

The number of Sovereigns watching the world-shaking battle only grew as each of them wanted to perceive more about the two and grasp the situation.

Some said that it was an evil immortal, reaching this level after devouring the blood essence and souls of the people. Thus, everyone was hoping that Chen Ming would fell this immortal!

Yet they could only hear about these happenings since no one was risking their lives in getting closer. It was an immortal battle, one that could crush the continent. They would be suicidal to go there!

How would they dare go look at this rumored evil immortal?

It was better to tune in on the news!

Astral Immortal Sect.

The four Sages were all frowning at the disciple’s report. Snow Mountain Sage began, “Chen Ming’s is too showy this time!”

Astral Sage said, “If this keeps up, everyone will figure it out!”

Sword King Pavilion Sage was pissed, “So what if they do? That’s Shi Jiuquan’s clone, one possessing Immortal’s Pressure! It is a being that has immortal power, not spiritual power! How can it not be showy when fighting a being emanating Immortal’s Pressure and having immortal power?”

Tie Yi Sage nodded, “Right, it would have been strange if all were quiet. From the disciple’s report, Chen Ming has the upper hand! This is wonderful news!”

Astral Sage thought for a moment, “Yes, this is Shi Jiuquan’s clone. Last time his clone descended, it pulled the entire demonic sect over to his side. Who knows what disaster he cooked up this time!”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “Tell Chen Ming to kill Shi Jiuquan’s clone at all cost! The consequences would be unimaginable if he doesn’t!”

Sword King Pavilion Sage gave an approving nod, “Correct, no matter how much he stirs things up!”

Chen Ming and the clone were very active participants in this chase. With the first thinking, This thing sure knows how to run!

Then Shi Jiuquan’s clone turned into a black mist and disappeared. Chen Ming released his awareness to find his position, “Damn! He’s coming over to attack!”

I was enjoying the chase too much and forget the other can also attack. He is an immortal!

The black mist spread before him, then Shi Jiuquan’s clone sprung from it towards Chen with a palm, “Bone Emperor’s Palm!”

Chen Ming was late to react, not anticipating the other’s counterattack!

He could only gather the ten thousand swords’ sword energy, adding to it Obscure Gates Swordplay Array’s might, to launch a sword from his two fingers!

Shi Jiuquan’s palm blew Chen Ming away and, between those fingers, corpse poison spread!

Chen Ming raged, “Blast it!”

Corpse poison quickly reached his heart and hampered his spiritual power. He fell from the sky and laid in a newly created hole.

Chen Ming rushed in operating Illustrious Casket since it cultivated life and death attributes and had to have a restraining effect on the corpse poison!

Illustrious Casket’s spiritual power moved and stifled the spread of the corpse poison!

But this corpse poison was hard to expel. He would need more time to eliminate it!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone came again to attack as Chen Ming’s eyes flashed, “You look down on me that much?”

Shi Jiuquan’s clone burst in laughter, “You’re infected with my corpse poison. Today you will die!”

Chen Ming fluttered Dao Empyrean Bamboo since the corpse poison was restrained by the Illustrious Casket. He was ready to release the same move. Black clouds rumbled in a hundred li radius, aiming lightning bolts at Shi Jiuquan’s clone. The clone was now wailing, since the new wound was more than it could handle!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone looked unbelieving at Chen Ming, “You already stopped the corpse poison?”

Chen Ming laughed, “Now you understand a bit about an Eminent Alchemist?”

The clone saw how he wasn’t rotting away and felt something was off. It wanted to flee but Chen Ming wasn’t about to let this chance go to waste.

Chen Ming jumped on his cloud in hot pursuit!

The cultivators nearby saw how Chen Ming got blown away into the ground, then how black clouds echoed deafening rumbling. But they were unclear of the exchanges between the two. And when the clouds scattered, the two were long gone!

“Damn! Immortal Master Chen is no match for evil immortal. One palm wounded him greatly!”

“What! A palm was enough to bring Immortal Master Chen close to death?”

It soon spread like a disease, infecting the hearts of cultivators with fear and anxiety. They heard how evil immortal was insidious and vile, and that Immortal Master Chen couldn’t take him!

“With Immortal Master Chen infected with corpse poison, he is at a disadvantage!”

Demonic sect’s cultivators were rejoicing. Chen Ming was from the immortal sect, so the other’s bad news was good news for them, “What did I say? The immortal was biding his time. This style is more in tune with the demonic sect!”

“Ha-ha-ha, I told you that a mortal like Chen Ming can’t stand up to an immortal!”

But then someone butted in, “I clearly saw how Immortal Master Chen was hot on evil immortal’s tail!”

“Immortal Master Chen chased for thousands of li, he definitely holds the advantage. He was just careless is all!”

A Demonic Sovereign smiled, “Haven’t you heard of the saying, the outcome rests on one careless moment?”

The righteous Sovereigns were also coming out, “What! Immortal Master Chen got infected by corpse poison? That is the innate ability of undead cultivators. The higher the cultivation, the more dreadful the poison. This evil immortal must have such a horrifying corpse poison that one touch can decay an entire river!”

These words caused tension to rise in the hears of other righteous cultivators. But then a person said, “Demonic sect’s Fifth Sect Leader, Mo Tu, and Astral Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader, one of the eight Autarch Zi Tianzang, are waging battle in the sky!”

All eyes slowly turned to the newcomer and one spoke calmly, “Uh, we know already.”

The man was skeptical, “What is this? Two Autarchs are ducking it out and this is your response? This is an Autarch battle, people!”