“And? You’re saying we should have another way of showing it?”

“Isn’t it a mere Autarch battle? That’s old news.”

“We’re more interested in this great battle, yet we can’t even get near it!”

Back at the Astral Immortal Sect, the four Sages were also more concerned about Chen Ming’s fight. As for Mo Tu and Zi Tianzang, they each had their old rival fight in their days. It was just a fight, nothing uncommon about that.

The latest report got Astral Sage’s frown to cast a dark cloud on his eyes, “The circumstances aren’t too promising. Shi Jiuquan’s clone has corpse poison and Chen Ming might be infected already!”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “That shouldn’t be a problem. Chen Ming is the Lord of Yan Mountain, and also an Eminent Alchemist. Even if he doesn’t have any pills to remove the poison, his Elder will surely have!”

Tie Yi Sage added, “Right, don’t forget Yan Mountain has tens of thousands of alchemists, though we never saw them. It’s just like us old folks who don’t appear in public. With so many alchemists, an Elder must exist behind him, one that has pills to help!”

The demonic sect.

Wu Jiang has also been hearing of Chen Ming and Shi Jiuquan’s clone’s bitter fight. He asked Bones, “Your clone is hunted down and yet don’t you care?”

Bones chuckled, “This is my last clone, and if I lose it too, then I’m truly foolish.”

Wu Jiang wanted to grasp the limits of Chen Ming’s power, “Then how strong is your clone?”

Bones would never reveal that to him. If not for this, how would Wu Jiang keep on handling matters in his stead? Bones cackled, yet his words contained an endless chill, “You are welcome to try it!”

Wu Jiang pondered, “Chen Ming’s power must be at the Beneath Immortal stage!”

Wu Jiang’s mind was full of schemes, but that wasn’t something for Bones to know.

Each had their hidden agenda, yet none was willing to share.

The battle never stopped. If Chen Ming lost, the Sovereigns knew evil immortal would be a living disaster unleashed upon this world. Just this fight wrecked many a place, so they were quite concerned about its outcome.

The normal cultivators watching this fight felt unsure about the result, “Even if we look, we still won’t find out how the battle ends!”

“We have no clue where the battle between Immortal Master Chen and evil immortal keeps shifting!”

“I have an idea. Let’s go to Yan Mountain and ask Immortal Master Chen’s disciples since they should be more than clear on his strength!”

It was a sound plan and so, a crowd of cultivators gathered at the Yellow Sea’s fringe, wanting to interview Yan Mountain disciples.

Ling Xian knew full well what transpired thanks to the Mirror Arrays Chen Ming set up. He was also concern about his Master and head senior sister since they were both knee-deep in their fights!

He didn’t send for anyone to help Chen Ming, having no way of affecting his battle. The only thing he could do was to stabilize Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming has always been Yan Mountain’s shield. Without him, there would have been no one to defend it in moments of crisis.

Ling Xian went to receive the cultivators outside the Yellow Sea with many disciples in tow. The mere sight of them got the cultivators shaking. Those were a thousand King ranks!

When has there ever been a Master with a thousand King ranks disciples!? The ancient immortal sects could take out this number of Kings, but they would be of different Masters. It was just impossible to come from just one. Who had the time to teach so many?

More and more cultivators were starting to have unshakable faith in Chen Ming’s deep and unmeasurable power!

Yan Mountain was a strong sect!

They faced this outstanding talent, Ling Xian, and asked, “Second Sect Leader, you must know that your Master, the Lord of Yan Mountain, is now fighting with an immortal.”

Ling Xian nodded, “Naturally, I know. Master has encountered this evil immortal before!”

Chen Ming had a loose tongue now and then, letting it slip some juicy bits about Shi Jiuquan.

Someone asked, “Then what does Second Sect Leader make of their battle?”

Ling Xian stared off in the distance, eyes filled with determination, “Master will win!”

The cultivators’ hearts eased at this. For Ling Xian to say this, he must have a basis!

But then demonic cultivators pooped out of the Demonic Domain, “What ‘Master will win’? That’s all a lie!”

“He doesn’t even know Chen Ming got infected by the corpse poison. It won’t be long before he ends up dead!”

“He’s poisoned yet still talks big?”

Chen Ming was oblivious to the whole continent tuning in to their fight since wherever they went the place would soon be cleared of fleeing people.

Shi Jiuquan’s clone stood before a cave’s mouth, laughing eerily, “I didn’t plan on coming here but you left me no choice!”

The clone reached for the cave entrance and traces of ghostly energy rushed to cover his body, “I have been meddling in this continent for millennia. How can I not have some contingencies laid down?”

The ghostly energy was endless as it converged on the clone. Chen Ming was witnessing how his danger value kept spiking!

It had dropped to three thousand over time but it was now coming back stronger than ever!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone laughed hard, “This is the Ghosts Cavern. I have raised wraiths here for the past thousand years and now it’s time to let them all go!”

A black mass of ghosts rushed out of the cavern, soon covering the whole sky!

The darkness spread fast, covering the land in countless ghostly apparitions!

The plants were rotting, trees withered, rivers dried, and mountains collapsed from the ghost tide!

Like an untouchable calamity, it just didn’t seem to end!

The cultivators fled for their lives, as everything in hundreds of li in range turned into hell!

“What is this thing? Everything it touches changes!”

“Is this an immortal’s method?”

“It is horrifying!”

“Everything is rotting, all is dying!”

Shi Jiuquan’s clone laughed in Chen Ming’s face, “Death is life’s gift, and I am only here to deliver it around!”