These radical changes sent more and more cultivators running. This was an immortal’s power laid bare!

This caused upheaval among the rest who heard of this, “Hundreds of li were turned into hell. Is this the power of an immortal!?”

“I heard that Immortal Master Chen hasn’t fallen back. Does he still want to fight?”

One Sovereign said, “Not even an Autarch can affect such a large area!”

Fear crept in the cultivators’ hearts, This a catastrophe!

The ones on the demonic sect side laughed, “Didn’t I tell you an immortal has many means?”

“There’s no doubt Chen Ming will die!”

“This hell is hundreds of li wide yet it’s still spreading!”

Shi Jiuquan’s clone let loose a new attack that not only shocked the masses but also manifested the power of an immortal for all to behold!

Astral Immortal Sect.

The newest report sent Astral Sage into shock, “Never imagined Shi Jiuquan was so insidious, raising wraiths for a thousand years!”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “A thousand-year-old wraiths can suppress even an Autarch!”

Tie Yi Sage said, “Doesn’t this spell doom for Chen Ming?”

Astral Sage said, “By the time we caught wind of this, their fight has most likely ended. The time is too short to send help, and even if we do, it would be too late!”

The three turned to the silent Sword King Pavilion Sage, “Why are you so quiet?”

Sword King Pavilion Sage spoke, “Did you forget? Chen Ming is an array master. With the power of a heaven ranked array master he might turn the table on the clone!”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “Rumor has it that a heaven ranked array master can grasp heaven and earth, his word can take or give life, command all creatures. Just from this, a heaven ranked array master is an endless headache!”

Ghosts Cavern.

Chen Ming stood on a mountain. His sight didn’t grasp just the endless wraiths and great mountains. He was a heaven ranked array master, one that set his sights beyond the obvious. He could see multiple treads forming into a painting, that of heaven and earth!

Shi Jiuquan laughed in Chen Ming’s face, “Don’t even think of escaping. You won’t make it out of here alive. These wraiths were deprived of the taste of the living for so long, turning even you cultivators into a delicacy to them!”

Chen Ming looked around, “This is the world of the living, a place where heaven and earth do not suffer the raising of wraiths. For you to raise them without invoking the wrath of heaven into sending its tribulation lightning on your wraiths isn’t it all based on the landscape?”

Shi Jiuquan’s clone burst in laughter, “Oh, who’d have guessed you have some knowledge and figured it out. There’s no harm in telling you that this place is called Nine Coiled Dragons. Nine Dragon Veins converge here, with the power of the nine mountains hiding the ghostly energy within their lands. These nine mountains contain the nine Dragon Veins’ suppressing power, something that is beyond what even an Autarch is capable of! That’s what makes this the best burial ground for you!”

Chen Ming still surveyed the land, discovering the nine hidden Dragon Veins, “Perhaps you missed the fact I am an array master.”

Shi Jiuquan’s clone was stunned, “You’re saying…”

Chen Ming gave a bashful chuckle, “I’m a bit embarrassed really. You’re so smart and had to make me admit it. Yes, my humble self has the poor talent of a heaven ranked array master. To be honest, the same as your skill, but you’re the better genius in choosing such a burial ground for yourself. The Feng Shui here is marvelous, the perfect place for your gravestone!”

A profession like a heaven ranked array master called upon the Dragon Veins. Once an array master reached such a rank, heaven and earth became his weapons!

Chen Ming began to chant, “Eight Mountain Gods heed my summons. Nine Dragon Vein come pay your respects. As a heaven ranked array master, I, Chen Ming, decree for you to rise!”

Chen Ming fluttered his hands, making all kinds of hand signs, and when his last gesture ended, the ground shook, with the wind scattering the clouds beyond the horizon.

Bellow the ground were movement akin to earth dragons, rending it and exposing the hot lava. As the flow of lava spread, ghostly wails echoed without stop!

Chen Ming looked bashfully at Shi Jiuquan, “You said the Ghosts Cavern was relying on the nine Dragon Vein to suppress the wraiths inside. Since it can do that, tell me who is stronger, the Dragon Veins or your garbage?”

Outside the warzone, the countless cultivators weren’t foolish enough to stay and run outside its range!

The bitter fight between Immortal Master Chen and Ghost Immortal had exceeded their imagination. If they lingered for even a moment longer, the only thing left of them would be corpses.

“What’s Immortal Master Chen’s situation? Is he still fighting evil immortal!”

“We need to leave this place. It’s out of our power to even withness this fight.”


They felt how the ground was quacking. There wasn’t anything special about this, just that it lasted for a long time.

They turned to see the figures of Chen Ming and Shi Jiuquan’s clone on the battlefield. But nine hundred-li-long dragons burst from the ground, covering the skies with heads made out of rocks!

No one has ever seen a hundred-li-long dragon, not to mention nine of them. This was a difficult image to cope with!

The dragons shrouded the sky, blocking any light, yet their movements were visible to the cultivators two hundred li away.

“Just what is happening?”

“What kind of magical art is this?”

“This is not something we can understand. This an immortal’s attack!”

The nine dragons flew about the ghost tide, claws flitting in and out of sight. With each sighting of the dragon claw, the ground rumbled, and a mountain near them collapsed!

The river flow below broke in two, sending a flood in all directions. The clouds vanished from the might of the dragons as rending winds whistled with each movement.

“This is a power that can wipe out the world!”

“This is a scene described only in legends. Just what magical art is this?”

“I have no regrets dying, now that I witnessed this battle!”

“I read too few books in my life and only know one word fitting enough to describe the feelings in my heart. F*ck!”