Chapter 249: World-shaking Battle(VI)Chen Ming stood on the mountain, overlooking Shi Jiuquan’s clone. One thought was enough to send the nine dragons on him, to unleash their heaven and earth power to subdue and obliterate the clone!

The clone swayed under such might. Despite being One With the World, he couldn’t sense the changes around him, turning him into a veritable blind man.

A cultivator’s awareness was far above one’s eyes. But in this case, under such force, he lost this advantage.

The endless power coming from above made him shiver. He looked up at it with his body spread on the ground and blood trickling out of him. The clone forced himself to look at Chen Ming, “You’re actually a heaven ranked array master!”

Despite both capable of sensing nature and its changes, One With the World’s range was just a few li while a heaven ranked array master was a hundred times that!

They were incomparable!

With such a special power in his clutches, Chen Ming could finish off a Sovereign, but this didn’t add to his danger value since all of this came from a side-job.

Chen Ming smiled, “I have to say, you made a mighty fine choice for your tombstone’s location!”

Countless waved and black clouds rushed over. Endless rumbling sounded and with the fall of lightning, it turned the hundreds of li area into a lightning world!

In this constant lightning barrage, it not only struck the clone but the wraiths too.

Lightning with the power akin to the Dao Comprehending realm turned the wraiths into black smoke, wailing their suffering for all to hear.

The clone roared, “You can only control normal lightning. It’s not enough to kill me!”

Since the day passed, the stars on his back finished their cooldown.

298 stars made a veritable meteor shower as they bombarded the clone!

The clone raved, “No! How can you use this immortal art so soon?”

It won’t hurt play this guy again. Chen Ming grinned, “What two times, I can use them even ten times if I want to!”

The clone’s eyes flashed with fury, “You have taken so many things into account when dealing with me.”

“This is my loss!”

“You prevailed this time, but what about the next?”

“You shall see!”

The star barrage covered his voice. Chen Ming gazed upon Shi Jiuquan, “The most troublesome is to walk the storyline. This Immortal Master has no time to waist in following the storyline with you!”

With the suppression from the heaven and earth bearing down on Shi Jiuquan’s clone, it cut off his movements. The only thing it could do was wait for Chen Ming’s stars to come crashing down on his head!

He couldn’t even open his mouth from the explosive lights!

The three days hunt for Shi Jiuquan’s clone wounded him, and with this fatal assault of star explosions wrecking his body, he soon turned into a pile of broken bloody pieces.

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s clone. You completed a C ranked mission, Descent of Shi Jiuquan’s Clone. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame. You received a lottery ticket which resulted in 305 King ranked cultivation methods and 10 Sovereign ranked cultivation methods.”

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s clone. The B ranked mission Evil Belongs in Hell completion rate rose by 5%”

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s clone. Battle contributions: 100%. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame. You received a lottery ticket which resulted in one drop of Qilin(1) blood essence(fake), a drop of phoenix blood essence(fake), a drop of Diting(2) blood essence(fake), and a drop of Kunpeng(3) blood essence(fake).”

Finally over, and it even went towards the Evil Belongs in Hell. Not bad at all!

But this reward is crazy big!

He needed savage beast blood essences for Zhuo Qingyao and the ones before him weren’t few. They must have gone inside the clone from those savage beasts.

Chen Ming arrived next to Shi Jiuquan’s clone’s remains and indeed found condensed drops of blood. In fact, these drops were more like crystals. After stashing the four drops, Chen Ming went in search of the three hundred scriptures. They might be enough to help him complete the advancement mission and have another explosive increase in power!

But where can they be?

Chen Ming wracked his brains, Common thinking will take me into believing these wraiths also had cultivated before dying. So they ought to be in the Ghosts Cavern.

Chen Ming ventured inside the crumbled cave, where he naturally found those scriptures at rock-bottom.

He put them in his storage ring then walked outside for a look. It wasn’t easy finding such a particular landscape in this continent. I have the power of a Sovereign here. If I leave a sword behind, when I meet one, I can just send us here. I will leave Zhuo Qingyao’s nation weapon here then give her another.

Chen Ming sensed Zhuo Qingyao’s spiritual sword and teleported there.

Just when he blinked behind her, the three Demon Sovereigns were running away.

Zhuo Qingyao sensed Chen Ming came back, and turned to him, “Master, did you deal with that monster?”

Chen Ming nodded, then stared at the three Sovereigns. “I would have permitted you to train with them in a normal case, but we are lacking time.”

She understood what he meant, “Master, end them.”

Chen Ming waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo and ten thousand swords got the tree surrounded. Gamut Enchantress said, “It’s not your magical art but yourself who came!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “There’s no use for the dead to know too much! You should hold dear each phrase you utter because each one will be your last!”

Chen Ming flashed behind a Demon Sovereign and with a wave, he unleashed Ten Thousand Swords Become One!

This strike alone blew him into a million pieces!

Chen Ming flicked the horsetail whisk tree times, netting in three dead Demon Sovereigns.

They didn’t even have the chance to say their last words. Chen Ming now had the power to end an average Sovereign!

But with the reminder of the three netting spiritual knowledge, he was greatly pleased and went to search them for loot.

Tossing and turning a bit, he cast a despising glance, “Ah, so damn poor, to not have even one piece of immortal equipment!”

(1) Also known as Kylin, Kirin, or the Chinese Unicorn. A divine and auspicious beast, sometimes described as looking like a hybrid of a dragon and a deer or horse. Known for its great wisdom, nobility, benevolence, and magical powers

(2) It is the mount of the King of the Land and the Tibetan King Bodhisattva. He has an innate ability to recognize everything in the world by “listening”(diting), and is especially good at hearing people’s hearts. He can tell if a person was evil, good, honest or a liar. Also a reference to Journey to the West chapter 58. He was called to differentiate between the true and fake Monkey Kings. He went by the name of Examiner there.)

(3) An unfathomably gigantic bird which transforms from a fish. Just by spreading its wings, it can shroud the heavens. And with a single flap, it can travel vast distances.