Chapter 250: Is Chen Ming an Autarch?Fairy Zi Xia finally arrived, just in time to witness Chen Ming dealing with the three Demon Sovereigns from afar, “With your power, I can’t even take one of your attacks, can I?”

Chen Ming thought it through, “You can, but I’m not too sure about tomorrow.”

Fairy Zi Xia was happy at first, thinking the gap between them wasn’t that big. The time between their breakthroughs to Sovereigns rank wasn’t that large, thus they had almost the same power levels. Yet now he was far beyond her!

Chen Ming’s increase in strength was akin to a monster, endless even.

“What’s tomorrow?”

Chen Ming snickered, “Because I will soon breakthrough!”

“You’ll truly breakthrough to Sovereign rank?”

Chen Ming shook his head, “Sovereign is impossible. I’m just a Dao Seed stage now and will become a Divine Palace stage.”

Fairy Zi Xia knew a bit about Chen Ming, so she knew about his realm, “You mean to tell me that you can kill a Sovereign at will at the Dao Seed stage?”

Chen Ming shrugged, “Is that bad? Just look at my Qingyao, can’t she kill a Sovereign at the Dao Sense realm?”

Hearing her Master saying ‘my Qingyao’, her heart fluttered, pushing out her chest a bit from pride as her emotions stormed inside.

Fairy Zi Xia wasn’t of a mind to go down the road of adding Chen Ming’s cultivation into the discussion. On this continent, there were some ultimate legends. They talked about the rarest of rare people who cultivation a single realm their whole lives. Chen Ming and Zhuo Qingyao reminded her that they might be from that group.

Chen Ming called his cloud and Zhuo Qingyao took a light step on it, meekly sitting like a small rabbit behind him. Chen Ming turned to Fairy Zi Xia, “Wanna come?”

“Where are you heading to?”

“I’m going to prepare my Qingyao a medicinal bath but I need to collect some ingredients first.”

“Are you suggesting you already dealt with Ghost Immortal’s clone?”

“What else?”

She was speechless. Fairy Zi Xia never thought it possible for Chen Ming to kill an immortal’s clone. He’s a monster through and through. Yan Mountain must be boundless in secrets.

Regarding his strength, Fairy Zi Xia was more and more curious. Generally speaking, those able to cultivate to the Autarch rank were less than twenty across the whole continent. They were all continent overlords each and of itself. Did this imply Chen Ming had this kind of might?

How could he kill Ghost Immortal’s clone otherwise?

Fairy Zi Xia said, “I won’t disturb you, Master and disciple. I will first report to Astral Immortal Sect.”

Chen Ming said, “Alright. The sword I used to teleport to the one in the Astral Immortal Sect still has an open connection with it. You can go through it.”

Fairy Zi Xia bowed, “Many thanks. I shall take my leave!”

She left without saying much else. That ‘take care’ and the like didn’t fit in Chen Ming’s case. She had a good opinion of him but not to the extent her sect’s Elder wanted it to be.

In truth, if she didn’t get a glimpse of his appearance then, she’d be seeing him like a rotten old man, or a middle-aged man at most. But she saw and found he was even younger than her. Yet his strength and understanding of the Dao were beyond her.

Does that lass, Zhuo Qingyao, likes Chen Ming?

As a woman, her instincts told her that about Zhuo Qingyao.

She indulged in flights of fancy on her way to the spiritual sword. Three people were waiting there, the same three Chen Ming went with to clear forbidden areas. Liu Xuancha said, “Fairy Zi Xia, what’s the situation?”

“Everything is settled!”

They all stared at her, with Liu Xuancha expressing his doubt, “So soon? That’s a Ghost Immortal’s clone! An immortal’s clone is no light matter.”

“Today’s Chen Ming, the Lord of Yan Mountain, is an Autarch existence.”

They sucked a cold breath, “Chen Ming, no, Lord of Yan Mountain, already reached such height?”

“On this continent, there isn’t another paragon, but another Autarch!”

“An Autarch is a continent overlord, one that can hold an ancient immortal sect behind him!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “He killed Ghost Immortal’s clone, alone. If he isn’t an Autarch, it would be impossible.”

Xue Xunmei said, “We cannot treat Yan Mountain as we used to. We used to revere Yan Mountain for his tens of thousands of alchemists and now, we should revere the Lord of Yan Mountain.”

Su Qinggang said, “Our righteous immortal sect has one more Autarch. It’s the best news we had in these times.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “We need to report it to the Sages.”

All in unison, “Yes!”

They all arrived at the Astral Immortal Sect, Fairy Zi Xia finished her report, and the four Sages burst into uncontrollable laughter, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, good good good!”

Astral Sage said, “With Chen Ming dealing with Ghost Immortal’s clone we can breath easier for once!”

Tie Yi Sage said, “Chen Ming’s deed is more than that, he destroyed the wraiths. Such power is definitely in the Autarch rank!”

Snow Mountain Sage frowned, “Autarch. If before we could rope him with the ancient immortal sects’ power, now it won’t be as simple. He has the power of a Sect Leader that can quell an ancient immortal sect. With Chen Ming in the mix, that makes our side a total of nine. His power earned him the right to stand next to us. How do we rope him now?”

Sword King Pavilion sage said, “We now have to make requests from him!”

Astral Sage let out a sudden laughter, “In one’s life, a man searches for fame and wealth. As he has the power to stand next to the ancient immortal sects, besides us, the rest of Sovereigns believe him to be Beneath Immortal! It would bring no harm to ease up a little and let him be one of the righteous alliance’s leaders!”

The other three also laughed at this, “Astral geezer, that’s a great trick!”

“With the fame he got from killing a Ghost Immortal’s clone, a call for him will rouse crowds of immortal cultivators. There’s no need to even mention about Yan Mountain’s control of our pill supply. Becoming a leader of the righteous alliance will strengthen our connections!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, with a title such as the righteous alliance’s leader, how can he hesitate in giving his all, even his life, for our immortal sect?”