Chapter 251: What’s the Best Way to Do this?Chen Ming was oblivious as to what the ancient immortal sects had in store for him. He was hunting savage beasts for sacred beast bloodlines around the blood pool, alright?

Savage beasts came from sacred beasts, which were peak savage beasts. But now, this continent only had legends of sacred beasts. And only legends, without even an image or description.

He was indeed an Autarch in that special landscape, but in most places, Uh, almost all places, I have normal strength. He reckoned that an Autarch had to have around 6000 danger value, yet he didn’t reach even half that.

I’m still far away from being an Autarch!

Shi Jiuquan’s clone was an archenemy, true, but he was a good guy, in a way. Well, he did get all the savage beasts together.

Searching the beast tide this past day netted Chen Ming with four sacred beast bloodlines, White Tiger, Purple Bat, Black Tortoise, and the Sky-Devouring Swallow.

But in regards to the system lady, they weren’t true bloodlines but fakes.

The system lady’s eyes are too wicked, so she doesn’t count.

With eight sacred beast blood essences in hand, Chen Ming could finally begin the preparation to complete Zhuo Qingyao’s Eight Sacred Powers Aura. It was time to see what was all the hype about it.

But first, Chen Ming was going to upgrade his power. This was the only way to make him feel sure of its success.

Taking Zhuo Qingyao into a cave, he said, “Master will read a couple of scriptures then help you refine the sacred beast bloodlines. This is the safest way.”

Zhuo Qingyao never had any objections of course, “Master must be tired, I will go make some noodles!”

Chen Ming took out two of the newest King ranked scriptures, and began reading. But then no new Dao Seeds sprung up inside of him.

Embarrassed, Chen Ming took out a few more books, squandered some merits, and finally formed his Dao Seeds. They were Hidden Night Dao Seed and Alcohol Immortal Dao Seed.

How strange, Alcohol Immortal is also considered a Dao Seed.

Two new stars formed on his back and completing a Star Chart!

With three hundred Dao Seeds formed, Chen Ming spoke in his heart, “Upgrade all Divine Palace cultivations to Divine Palace stage!”

This was no simple upgrade, sensing the Dao Seeds changing. The Dao Palaces expanded, spewing out a torrent of spiritual power.

Chen Ming felt his spiritual power reserves doubled and his recovery improving multiple times!

“Ding! You formed three hundred Dao Seeds and now have three hundred stars on your back. Your Limitless Dao Body’s first stage has begun. You achieved a small success in Limitless Dao Body fledgling stage.”

Three hundred stars are only a small success!?

Like this, I’ll need three thousand stars to complete the stage. This constitution is baffling to the point of terrifying.

Is that another way of saying that I made my first step on this path?

He sensed something changing within. His blood vessels began to link with the stars on his back. As the blood passed through them, it became more refined!

This was the result of reaching small success in Limitless Dao Body fledgling stage!

Once the blood was refined, it nourished his body as it flowed through it. He could feel his body getting stronger, brimming with power. It wasn’t spiritual power, but pure body strength!

Could this be a type of hardship cultivator constitution? The strength of my body simply exploded!

And the stars on my back aren’t random, but forming a Star Chart!

Changes swept every part of his body, making him relish in the newfound strength!

The transformation lasted for two hours, and when he checked his status he found the danger value at 4500!

It rose by a thousand! This upgrade was truly large!

“Ding! You completed the achievement Multiple Dao Body, earning you the Dao Blood Aura.”

Chen Ming began to grasp the new limits of his body, now capable of unleashing a strike in the 4000 danger value range with his body alone!

Of course, this had nothing to do with magical arts. It was as if his body reached the 4000 danger value and his immortal cultivation, although not weak, it only seemed to have increased by 500, which wasn’t much.

Danger value was more of a ballpark figure, something that took all strengths into account.

Explosive growth was an added advantage for the Demon Subjugation Gathering to come. Enough to stand firm at least. But this was still not good enough. He needed the Autarch rank at the least, to reach the bare minimum in safety. What’s more, Chen Ming’s goal was to become one who walked outside the storyline, to be above it.

Chen Ming didn’t know what use his new aura had so he checked its description.

‘Dao Blood Aura

Description: I hold all Daos dear, how can I choose favorites?

Effect: has a suppressing effect on other bloodlines.’


What does it even mean?

It doesn’t make any sense!

Is it trying to tell me that this aura I went to such great lengths to get it is a trashy one beside an empty name?

And what of Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi and Chen Lingyu? Just how far below their innate auras is it?

He thought of his disciples, then of himself, Forget it, I just know Luck Aura and my fate are opposites. I won’t beg, I’ll just rest all my hopes on being a great boss.

He now turned to Zhuo Qingyao. Finishing the noodles, Time to get the sacred beast bloodlines ready and complete the Eight Sacred Powers Aura.

Chen Ming waved a large cauldron to appear, scraped some fine powder from the bloodlines to feel their effects, then threw them inside. He only needed seven and discarded the Black Tortoise blood essence without an ounce of remorse. Black Tortoise just doesn’t fit a girl, okay?

Chen Ming then started throwing ingredients inside the cauldron and letting them simmer as he attended to other matters.

Since there are eight bloodlines, I’ll just go ahead and set up an Eight Extremes Array. Who knows what this Foundation Array might cause to humans?

We’ll see when I’ll try it. It can’t be too big anyway.

Chen Ming waved for Zhuo Qingyao, “Qingyao, be good and get in. I have prepared the sacred beast bloodlines for you. This will make your power soar!”

Zhuo Qingyao looked at Chen Ming, face red from the scalding medicine bath. It was only one sacred beast bloodline last time yet enough to evaporate my clothes. With seven of them, the whole cauldron might get wrecked. Won’t Master see my everything like this?

What’s the best way to do this?