Chapter 252: The Complete Eight Sacred Powers Aura!Zhuo Qingyao’s face burned hotter, “Um, Master, could you close your eyes or, uh, put a blindfold?”

Chen Ming felt puzzled, “Why the odd request? Master still needs to draw arrays.”

“Ah! Master, when I refine the bloodlines, I can’t control my power. My clothes… will be ruined!”

Chen Ming finally understood, Oh, there’s also that. Somewhat awkward. “Isn’t it just a blindfold? With your Master’s mastery, I can draw arrays without looking!”

Chen Ming took a black strip of cloth from the ring and covered his eyes.

Zhuo Qingyao took a closer look, finding it nice and tight over his eyes.

Chen Ming waved and sealed the cave mouth with a large rock while another wave took out a lamp.

Chen Ming said, “Now that I can’t see, I can only sense your position thanks to my awareness and not your acupoints and their locations. You will need to remind me where I stand.”

Zhuo Qingyao meekly nodded, “Rest assured, Master.”

Chen Ming heard a splash, then her voice, “You can come, Master.”

Chen Ming walked over and began drawing the array.

Ten thousand characters omitted. (A/N: because Zhongheng is an uptight website, I have to omit a description of ten thousand characters. Chen Ming’s eyes are closed anyway. He can’t see, and since he wasn’t careful, he began groping for the right place. Also getting to feel what he shouldn’t in between, of course. He pretty much got a good feel of everything. So you should all take your time and imagine this scene. Zhongheng is damn uptight.)

Will all steps done, Chen Ming threw one leg over the other, waiting patiently at the side. He didn’t say a word to break the awkward mood.

Zhuo Qingyao then said, “No! Master, my blood is too chaotic and disorganized. One meridian didn’t get the blood essence!”

Chen Ming sensed her blood was in turmoil. Of the 81 meridians, 80 had sacred beast blood, but one didn’t, yet it was still brimming with life.

After all, they all had different sources.

Then Chen Ming recalled the newly acquired Dao Blood Aura having a suppressive effect on all bloodlines.

Of the 81 meridians, one remained. He sighed, “I must have owed you in my past life.”

A nation weapon appeared in Chen Ming’s hand then stabbed his left chest.

Blood essence’s location was, of course, at the heart.

In such circumstances, he could only use his own blood essence to quell the sacred beast bloodline.

The sword split his heart open and he used spiritual power to lock his blood in place. He took out the sword, scaring Zhuo Qingyao, “Master, what are you doing!”

Chen Ming lifted his left, “Don’t move! Just stay there!”

Chen Ming put his hand inside his heart and took out his essence. He walked before the cauldron and extended his hand, “Refine this in your last meridian!”

Two tear lines flowed down her cheeks, then fell in the medicine bath.

Chen Ming smiled bitterly, “Qingyao, this is not the time to be sad. Take it as I still need to heal!”

With a tear-stained face, Zhuo Qingyao reached for his heart blood and pressed it on her chest to refine.

Chen Ming worked his spiritual power into closing his wound. He sat cross-legged, transforming all his reserves into Illustrious Casket’s spiritual power. As it changed, he began healing and also took out a bottle of recovery pills. He down it then resumed his focus on the task at hand.

If not for his strong body and vigorous blood, his heart would’ve been cold a long time ago.

After a while, a scab formed over his wound and as he faced the sky, he lost consciousness.

Qingyao’s energy almost went berserk at this, but hearing his calmed breathing, she relaxed.

Thanks to Chen Ming’s blood essence’s suppressing effect, Zhuo Qingyao managed to quell the last sacred beast bloodline and stabilize her cultivation. She got out of the cauldron and stepped in front of him, watching his pale cheeks, “It doesn’t matter if you owed me your past life, but I will owe you in this one.”

Chen Ming was washing his hands outside from touching Zhuo Qingyao in the medicine bath by mistake. As he was washing, his nose picked up a faint fragrance. Can this be the legendary natural body fragrance?

He never heard of this in his past life anyway, so he had no clue.

He was ready to forgo washing his hands for the next year, but then he recalled she was his disciple. Isn’t it a bit too wicked? So he still did it, as tears flowed freely.

Zhuo Qingyao came out two hours later, fully dressed in red. Her hand held Dragon Blood Grass, “Master, you’re still pale, j-just like those sucked dry cultivators.”

Chen Ming wasn’t in a good mood, “More like you’re the one who sucked me dry!”

Zhuo Qingyao wasn’t shy and smiled as she gave Chen Ming the Dragon Blood Grass, “Master, here, to help recover your blood.”

Chen Ming took it, “Now that I think about it, I need to find a way to make this Dragon Blood Grass into a pill.”

Three days later, Chen Ming’s complexion improved but still felt some weakness, his steps still weary.

It’s heart blood after all, and it’s essence at that. It’d be strange not to feel weak.

But looking at Zhuo Qingyao he didn’t feel too sad about it.

‘Eight Sacred Powers Aura

Description: what sacred beasts? it’s just my hand.

Effect: once activated, the owner possesses the power of eight sacred beasts.’

Savage beasts had a body of unmatched strength, far above a cultivator of equal realm, while sacred beasts were the strongest among them. This aura had the power of eight such beings. It meant that not even a savage beast could match Zhuo Qingyao’s current body strength.