Chapter 253: Without Immortal Master Chen, the Land Will Never Find Peace!Is this a Main Character? Did I overdo it? This won’t even give the people a chance to live!

Zhuo Qingyao’s danger value almost caught up to Chen Ming. She reached 4000!

Just how powerful must this Heavenly Tribulation be to deal with the current her?

If this lass breaks through to the Transcending realm, she’ll become an Autarch and wreck the whole cultivation system!

But Zhuo Qingyao has yet to finish absorbing all of that power. She needed a much longer time before transcending,

“Ding! You completed Eight Sacred Powers Aura. Reward: 100,000 merits.”

A hundred thousand merits, better some than nothing.

Now that he had merits, it was time to begin a great undertaking. Upgrading to Divine Palace stage sucked his spiritual knowledge reserves bone dry. He not only needed scriptures but also more spiritual knowledge to form them into Dao Seeds.

He took Zhuo Qingyao with him, and after recovering the open Astral Immortal Sect spiritual sword. They returned to Yan Mountain.

Many disciples let lose a breath when they saw him unscathed; their eyes burning with pride, “Master killed the evil immortal!”

“Master is the strongest in the land now!”

“With such an achievement, he will need a fitting title!

Chen Ming only wave, “Quiet. How can Yan Mountain disciple be conceited? We need to stay low, understood?”

If I had that power, to hell with quiet! But the problem is that I don’t.

They nodded as they still needed to listen to their Master’s advice.

This period, Chen Ming comprehended, on Yan Mountain, the three hundred scriptures he just looted. Many of them were thought to be lost but were snatched by Ghost Immortal instead.

These were the best kind of scriptures for Chen Ming’s special case, adding to the number of Dao Seeds he could form.

Chen Ming was studying them in peace on Yan Mountain, while a storm swept the continent.

News spread unchecked and fast, “Did you hear? Immortal Pill Cauldron from a thousand years ago didn’t die from the Immortal Tribulation but at the hands of the vile Ghost Immortal!”

“This vile Ghost Immortal is said to covet the continent and wants to turn it into his Ghost Domain. Immortal Pill Cauldron was no match but, with a final feat of strength, he sealed Ghost Immortal!”

“That means this continent has a sealed and vile Ghost Immortal!”

“That’s not all! The immortal the Lord of Yan Mountain hunted down that day was none other than Ghost Immortal’s soul fragment!

“What! Even if it was just a soul fragment, it was still from an immortal!”

“What are we to do if such a vile being craves our home?”

Another said, “Does Ghost Immortal still exist?”

Then came the four ancient immortal sects’ announcement, “Ghost Immortal still survived and wants to borrow the demonic sect into breaking him out of his seal. We, the four ancient immortal sects, call upon you, all the land’s righteous immortal sect, to an assembly, to choose an Alliance Leader to lead us in facing against the demonic sect!”

The four ancient immortal sects had considered themselves for the position first but, when comparing the two factions, Wu Jiang was undoubtedly the strongest, standing above everyone. Yet in the eyes of the demonic sect and cultivators majority, Chen Ming’s also had that power!

Only the ancient immortal sects’ main figures knew of Chen Ming’s true strength.

Since Ghost Immortal was unable to join the war, then the clash between factions was about to ignite another round of battle. At least, to the eyes of the demonic sect and cultivators, it was a battle waiting to happen!

With such news, no cultivators could keep calm, “Ghost Immortal is real!”

“I see now why the King ranked war was so bitter. The demonic sect wants to let Ghost Immortal loose!”

“My life is nearing its end. I will join the Alliance!”

“With the righteous immortal sect of today, who is worthy to take the mantle of Alliance Leader?”

No less then three days passed before the ancient immortal sects released another announcement, “Chen Ming cannot become immortal since this continent’s path to immortality was sealed because of Ghost Immortal. The tribulation cloud persisted for so long because of the sealed path to immortality, unable to descend.”

Their point was clear as day. Chen Ming was no immortal, but was half-step away from becoming one!

It was night and most cultivators returned to their sects, not setting out into the world to temper their skills. What tempering was useful when disaster came knocking?

Once the righteous and demonic faction clashed, that would be an all-out battle, throwing the entire continent in the fires of war!

And yet, this was a fight they had to go to. If not, death followed. Who knew if, after one’s death, the awareness settling in one’s corpse would be one’s own.

Most like it wouldn’t be themselves, and the corpse would also be of another.

To survive, they had to join the front. No one could shy away from this battle.

There was no third choice here, only one side or the other.

They would have chosen the demonic sect for survival if it weren’t for Chen Ming. But now that there was, opinions changed!

With Chen Ming on their side and with the ancient immortal sects’ details, the battle might not be one of mutual extinction!

And they seemed to have the upper hand. In the past, Wu Jiang was the reason for them being at a disadvantage before, but Chen Ming was now the one who could contend him!

A Daoist was standing on a mountain, moon gazing. The moon cast a hazy aura, hidden behind black clouds, “Who would have thought it would come to this desperate situation. Send my order! All disciples and elders, the entire sect, will join the Righteous Alliance. Rouse all cultivators from seclusion. We cannot hold anything back, or there’ll be no road for us to tread later.”

He gazed in the distance, heart restless, If the Alliance Leader won’t be a true overlord, won’t hold true power, all of this will go to waste. Who’s the most worthy?

The eight Autarches?

No, they’re not enough.

Ancient immortal sects’ fossils?

No, they’re still not enough!

The one who killed an immortal’s soul fragment in this lands and stood on equal footing with Wu Jiang was the only one worthy of taking the Alliance Leader mantle! “If the Alliance Leader choice will become Immortal Master Chen, we will purge the demonic sect. We will sweep the continent and make it belong to our immortal sect!”

“If Immortal Master Chen doesn’t come, how can there be peace?”

Many sects began to act, getting ready for the Assembly. Cultivators returned to their sects and those in seclusion, be them elders or disciples, they all woke up. In this hour of great peril, a saying was on everyone’s lips.

Without Immortal Master Chen, the land will never find peace!