Chapter 254: AssemblyAs the ancient immortal sects’ movements were more noticeable, the Assembly’s location was decided on Astral Immortal Sect.

The cultivators on this continent, Sovereigns included, weren’t worried about such matters, but whether or not Yan Mountain will participate.

“What’s the point of announcing the meeting point if Yan Mountain won’t show?”

“It’d be best if it came!”

“Yan Mountain is a perfect example of righteousness. Immortal Master Chen even killed Ghost Immortal’s soul fragment, he’ll definitely come!”

“Does someone know anyone from Yan Mountain? Is there any news?”

That someone said, “Yan Mountain has gone silent!”

They were filled with unrest. If Yan Mountain was a no show, it would be a grave matter.

How can we beat the demonic sect without Yan Mountain?

But the baffling thing was the lack of activity from Yan Mountain.

How could Yan Mountain say something? Chen Ming was a little way from reaching the Autarch rank!

He formed a hundred Dao Seeds and managed to raise his danger value to 5000.

But it was still far from an Autarch.

Then he heard the system lady’s voice in his ear, “Ding! You triggered a C+ ranked mission, Path of a Boss. A genuine boss must have a world-domination ambition to match. The Immortal Assembly is within sight, please participate and become the Alliance Leader. Reward: unknown.”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, System lady must think she’s funny. I’ll just ignore her!

Someone’s voice reached him, “Fairy Zi Xia is outside the Yellow Sea and requests and audience!”

Chen Ming reckoned it had to be those Sages who sent her. He decided to go see what they wanted.

Outside the Yellow Sea, at the guest hall, Chen Ming met with Fairy Zi Xia. She began, “Chen Ming, you must come to the Immortal Assembly. We will be choosing you to act as the Righteous Alliance Leader!”

This caused Chen Ming to shift gears, “No way! How did you guys come to this conclusion? You all know my strength. All that Beneath Immortal stuff was to scare the demonic sect, yet you went as far as tricking yourselves. You’re acting is too fierce!”

She said, “You are an Autarch now, so why can’t you become the Alliance Leader?”

Chen Ming guessed they must have mistaken his dealing with Ghost Immortal at that time as him having achieved the Autarch rank in power.

Fairy Zi Xia continued, “Our Autarch force and demonic sect’s are around the same. The only problem is related to Wu Jiang. The Sages judged they could keep Wu Jiang tied if they work together. In all honesty, the demonic sect is the same, highly unlikely they won’t fight. Adding to that your act as Beneath Immortal, Wu Jiang will have to think twice before acting. The immortal sect will respond to the call and will become your subordinates. This is our best chance of success!”

Chen Ming waved for her to stop, “Give me time to think.”

Fairy Zi Xia nodded, not interrupting Chen Ming’s inner monologue.

This Alliance came down to having a life and death battle and the Alliance Leader represented immense power. He wouldn’t just be their Alliance Leader but also could command anyone in battle!

This way he might even get the continent’s entire sects’ cultivation methods. How many Dao Seeds would he form this way? By the time the war broke out he might have Wu Jiang’s power. And this wouldn’t even need him to waste too much effort into getting them. It was perfectly justifiable, having only upsides. Only, uh, there’s no only. If we can’t win this war, death awaits. Rather than handing my life over to another, I will take charge of my fate!

Chen Ming’s eyes turned to Fairy Zi Xia, “Regarding the Alliance Leader, it is only in times of war?”

Fairy Zi Xia nodded, “Yes!”

Chen Ming took a deep breath, “I will do it. But the eight Autarches also have the chance of becoming Alliance Leader. How do I become one then?”

“All Autarchs have a vote and the Sages can’t intervene. Relax, the nine of you will cast your vote, and the four Autarchs of the ancient immortal sects will side with you. Adding to them your vote, it will be enough!”

Chen Ming nodded with a smile, “So you already got everything settled. In that case, I am coming to the Assembly!”

The next day Yan Mountain declared their Mountain Lord would join the Assembly!

It just announced and the continent shook. Their promising Alliance Leader was finally coming!

The eight Autarchs reacted too, with the four from the ancient immortal sects being the first to reveal their participation at the Assembly.

Of the other four, Thunderstorm Dipper, Bai Wuxia, also declared his arrival three days ago, “I will join this Assembly!”

The famous Sect Leader of the Wind Reign Sect, Feng Xuesong, said the next day, “I will participate in this imminent life and death matter of the immortal sect. I will come to the Assembly!”

The most famous of them all, Zhong Tongzi, announced today, “I will come to the Assembly, and if everyone doesn’t mind, I hope to lead the immortal sect to victory against the demonic sect, as the Alliance Leader!”

The final Autarch was a hardship cultivator. His body was as hard as diamond, known to all as Unbreakable Vajra Body Jin Buhuan. He said today, “I am in favor of Zhong Tongzi in becoming the Alliance Leader. No one is more suited than him for this position!”

Regarding the choice as on which this title fell, it still came down to the ancient immortal sects’ decision, “All Autarchs are qualified for the Alliance Leader position! The Alliance Leader this time will be nominated from the nine Autarchs!”

They had nothing to comment at this. Autarch was the strongest fighting force, and they had the final say on this continent!

The cultivators and Sovereigns had no objection to this decision. Even if they had, it didn’t do much good since they had no way of being heard without an Autarch’s explicit approval.

They all had to accept such a decision. Not to mention this was a fair method.