Chapter 255: Are You Guys Ganging up on Me?Chen Ming felt a bit unwilling in joining this scramble for the title. Though, if he did become the Alliance Leader, he might make it in changing the course of the storyline.

He was more than interested in rewriting it.

If he could write himself off with the Luck Aura lvl max. Now that would be even better!

One month later.

Astral Immortal Sect.

Thousands of li around the Astral Immortal Sect were turned into cultivator camps. Chen Ming brought Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian on his cloud. After all, his disciples didn’t get many chances in showing off on clouds.

Chen Ming landed at the entrance to the sect, letting everyone see him wearing a smiley mask, “Is he Immortal Master Chen? So mysterious! So profound!”

With his arrival, a Sovereign from the Astral Immortal Sect rushed to greet him, “Lord of Yan Mountain, please come this way. We will lead you to the Assembly!”

Chen Ming got to a hundred li wide expanse, surrounded by cultivators who came to spectate. In the center of this plain was a stage with 999 steps. The Sovereign indicated at the stage on top, “That is the location of the Assembly. I will take you to your seat!”

Chen Ming nodded. He found nine old fashioned chairs on the stage, with all other Autarchs seated. The only empty chair belonged to the Alliance Leader.

Chen Ming swaggered without shame to his seat while Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian stood behind him.

Chen Ming roamed his eyes around, picking on the inquisitive glances of the other Sovereigns. He didn’t seem to mind them since they couldn’t get anything out of him just by looking.

Astral Sage acted as the anchor to this show. He began, “I know everyone is weary from their travels, coming all the way here to choose the Alliance Leader. We are all here to listen to our Alliance Leader, joining together in defeating the demonic sect!”

Astral Sage said, “Good, then we shall have the nine Autarchs choose the Alliance Leader.”

Zi Tianzang flicked his eyes over to Chen Ming, then stood, “Lord of Yan Mountain! His power places him at the doorsteps of immortality. He will be the Alliance Leader!”

Zhong Tongzi wore a white robe, with eyes deep as a chasm that seemed to suck your soul right in. He only indicated to Bai Wuxia with a look.

Bai Wuxia nodded as he rose, “Power is not equal to battle prowess. Zhong Tongzi is outstanding in the art of war, experiencing a hundred battles in his lifetime. One cannot say he’s unworthy of this status! I am in favor of Zhong Tongzi for the position of Alliance Leader!”

Chen Ming looked at the two, What’s this? These two must have made a disgusting and shitty deal behind everyone’s back!

Snow Mountain Sect’s Sect Leader stood, “Zhong Tongzi is indeed a war veteran, fighting in countless battles, but Lord of Yan Mountain’s skill in leading battles isn’t any less outstanding. Lord of Yan Mountain never lost! I believe Lord of Yan Mountain is more suited to be the Alliance Leader! ”

Zhong Tongzi’s eyes darted to Wind Reign Sect’s Sect Leader. Feng Xuesong stood, “Lord of Yan Mountain is too young, not wise enough. I second Zhong Tongzi!”

The cultivator audience set their eyes on the nine Autarchs. They seldom showed themselves, but there are countless legends about them across the lands.

They were having an argument and had no right to interfere and could only whisper comments.

Steel Ox Valley’s Valley Lord stood, “In my opinion, youth isn’t necessarily a detriment. Youth’s ambition can contest the skies, without worry or fear, becoming invincible! Lord of Yan Mountain is a true hero. Who can match him?”

Jin Buhuan erupted, “Zhong Tongzi is a warring sect leader. How can he be less than an alchemy sect’s?”

The camps were beginning to outline. They each had three votes and, with Sword King Pavilion’s Sect Leader silent, it drew focus on his person. Chen Ming was calmer than ever. Sword King Pavilion is one of us!

Chen Ming glanced at Zhong Tongzi who was putting on airs as if he already won, drawing his attention from Sword King Pavilion’s Sect Leader, Is something unexpected going to happen?

Sword King Pavilion’s Sect Leader reflected, “I believe Zhong Tongzi is better!”

Then closed his eyes.

This fanned the rage in Chen Ming’s heart to three zhangs. Are you playing with me, Sword King Pavilion?

Chen Ming cast a scrutinizing look Astral Sage’s way, then saw Sword King Pavilion Sage standing and glaring at his Sect Leader, “Wretched disciple!”

Chen Ming began to realize, I seem to only be able to walk along the storyline. We must not lose in this war. This calls for cooking up some deep seething schemes!

Sword King Pavilion’s Sect Leader ignored his Sage’s words since he made a deal with Zhong Tongzi.

For me to make a comeback and snatch the Alliance Leader position, the storyline must change in some way.

Chen Ming was irritated, I’m being played by some old geezers, and now they want me to accept it?

The audience was lively, “What happened? How can you take Zhong Tongzi’s side?”

“Immortal Master Chen killed Ghost Immortal’s soul fragment! He is the uncontested choice!”

“Immortal Master Chen is people’s choice, yet how did it come to this?”

Zhong Tongzi burst in laughter, “Dear people, I can’t thank you enough. Since all want me to reveal my strength, then I can only oblige and …”

A sudden roar echoed across the skies, “Not so fast!”

Everyone saw an Azure Dragon whistling through the skies, turning into mist as it landed. From the mist came Dragon Sovereign.

Chen Ming’s thought, This bloke came too?

Dragon Sovereign looked around and said, “I heard that one needed to be a righteous Autarch to cast his vote. I wonder if I am eligible for such honor!”

All turend to look at him. They sensed his power at the Chakra stage and knew he was an Autarch.

Astral Sage was thinking whether Chen Ming blew his top by now, but then he saw Dragon Sovereign’s descend. He clearly came to Chen Ming’s help. Now that it would be four votes each, it would turn the tables!

Astral Sage said, “As sir is from the righteous faction and of Autarch rank, you have such honor!”