Chapter 256: Hear, Hear, Is that How a Human Speaks?Dragon Sovereign glanced at them and resolved to stand next to Chen Ming, “I favor the Lord of Yan Mountain!”

It was a tie. How was the Alliance Leader going to be determined now?

The audience gossiped, “Just let the two fight. Zhong Tongzi ain’t Immortal Master Chen’s match anyway!”

“Yeah, let fists do the talking!”

“Immortal Master Chen is a half-step immortal. He’ll deal with Zhong Tongzi in no time!”

Zhong Tongzi’s felt cold drops of sweat hanging on his forehead. Chen Ming’s cultivation looked like the Dao Comprehending realm in his eyes. But wasn’t it nonsense? He clearly couldn’t figure it out?

Even he believed in Chen Ming being at Beneath Immortal. After all, Chen Ming’s military campaigns and methods were beyond appalling. He carried no confidence in going down this road.

If they clashed for the Alliance Leader position, Chen Ming might even kill him!

This can’t happen!

But this title is soo tempting!

Zhong Tongzi peeked here and there then said in earnest, “Since we both have the luck of fitting this position, how about we settle this following the old custom. If we are odds we will incur injuries and lose respect. At such crucial times, every Autarch is of great importance, and every injury must be avoided. Why not just have our disciples settle this matter?”

The crowd burst into cursing, “What a blunder! Zhong Tongzi’s weakest disciple, Xu Yini, is at the Transcending realm, while Yan Mountain’s has none!”

“Isn’t this picking on people?”

“A true man should do it himself!”

“For the Alliance Leader, even dignity is throwable. But Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader is only 18 years old! ”

“Speaking of, Zhong Tongzi’s taught his for a hundred years while Lord of Yan Mountain for only six, at most! Where’s the competition?”

Chen Ming’s eyes held a dreadful abyss, yet his heart was bouncing in joy. Isn’t it more like you’re throwing in the towel?

If our disciples fight, he-he-he. How funny! What Zhuo Qingyao? Even Ling Xian, who is at the peak of the Dao Comprehending realm with Dao Canon, can kill a Sovereign!

You don’t even know of how Li Suyi didn’t manage to deal with Ling Xian?

It’s like your throwing yourself in front of a gun. Bang and you’re dead!

Chen Ming sprung one leg over the other, pointed at Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao then said, “I accept this challenge!”

Astral Sage said to Chen Ming, “Lord of Yan Mountain, please think it through!”

Chen Ming waved, “When teaching disciples there’s no room for remorse. I find it entirely appropriate!”

Xu Yini stepped from behind Zhong Tongzi for fear of Chen Ming changing his mind. She bowed, “My humble self is Xu Yini, I ask Immortal Master’s disciple for guidance!”

Chen Ming turned to his two prized pupils, “Of the two of you, who wants to play?”

Ling Xian bit his lip then said. “Master, according to Yan Mountain’s tradition, the weakest must go. I will do it.”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “Master, I jumped in power not too long ago and need a foe.”

Chen Ming said, “Since both of my disples wish to go, then I will let her choose.”

Xu Yini’s thoughts, Just how condescending can this Lord of Yan Mountain get? Let me choose!?

“I am the weakest of Master’s disciples and can only challenge Immortal Master’s weakest!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Oh my, I didn’t know! Since you’re the weakest then your Master must be good in his teaching. Ling Xian go.”

The two walked to the stage as the crowd parted way.

They bowed to each other, then clashed in a blink. Chen Ming roamed his eyes over their danger values and found Ling Xian’s higher by 300. There’s no way Ling Xian can lose.

This fellow cultivates Dao Canon, and Conquering Immortals Art doesn’t fear immortal power. How could it fear Sovereign’s Dominion Aura?

Audience’s comments, “The battle of the weakest has started. This is a fight for tag-team battle. The last one standing wins!”

“It doesn’t look too good for Immortal Master Chen. Zhong Tongzi has seven Sovereign disciples! ”

“That’s a rare sight on this continent!”

“Immortal Master Chen only brought two disciples this time and neither at the Transcending realm. How will he win?”

Chen Ming didn’t care, With Zhuo Qingyao here, I’m not scared no matter how many you bring. You know nothing of Eight Sacred Powers Aura!

Uh, maybe I should show some ounce of teaching ability. This way, it’ll be easier the next time I dupe another disciple in taking me as Master.

The ring was set quickly, being only ten li in range. For a Sovereign battle, it was quite small.

No choice but to do it like this since there were too many spectators.

Ling Xian and Xu Yini already started fighting, while Astral Sage acted as the referee, to avoid any casualties.

If Autarchs fought, then no one could guarantee there would be no fatalities. Nothing was certain in such a clash of titans.

Xu Yini pulled out her sword and jumped in the sky, “Floating Flower Swordplay!”

Petals drifted among the sword moves, obscuring Ling Xian’s vision. Sword energy flitted every which way, turning into a sword net!

Astral Sage said, “Xu Yini makes full use of the Floating Flower Swordplay, a famous sword art from Zhong Tongzi. From her mastery of the art, we can tell she reached the Unity stage!”

Ling Xian’s hands shook, his sleeves billowed, and Qiongqi and Flood Dragon jumped from within!

With the range restriction, he couldn’t use the Dao Bones Aura and suck the spiritual energy so he had to use a killing move!

Ling Xian flew with the Conquering Immortals Art revolving on his arms. The beasts charged at Xu Yini and made her retreat!

Xu Yini staggered a few steps, watching Ling Xian full of amazement, “Peak Dao Comprehending realm Dao Cannon is indeed powerful!”

The two collided again, with Ling Xian surprising the onlookers of not being at any disadvantage!

“Immortal Master Chen’s Second Sect Leader is so amazing! He is only at the peak of the Dao Comprehending realm yet he can suppress a Sovereign!”

“Did you forget? In the King ranked war, Yan Mountain’s Second Sect Leader killed a thousand Demon Kings!”

“This number one on the Dao Comprehending Board is truly valiant!”

“More like Immortal Master Chen’s teaching is the best!”

“I wonder if Immortal Master Chen still takes disciples. I don’t have hope on a legacy disciple position but maybe I can become a normal disciple?”