Chapter 257: Everlasting Valor AuraTwo hours later, Ling Xian won over Xu Yini, but his spiritual power was bone dry.

For a tag-team battle, this result was a tad embarrassing. If Ling Xian wore down the next opponent’s spiritual power, no matter how much, it would have still been better than nothing.

Of course, this was the average viewer’s opinion and not Ling Xian’s.

Ling Xian knew Zhuo Qingyao’s power. Before, I could hold my own against head senior sister for a few moves, but she and Master turned a new leaf and it went back to me being downed in one hit.

What six Sovereigns when even a seasoned one couldn’t win against her?

Ling Xian and Xu Yini withdrew, making way for the next fight with Zhong Tongzi’s Sovereign.

Zhuo Qingyao bowed to Chen Ming, “Master, I want to fight.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Go easy on them. Make sure not to beat them to death.”

Zhuo Qingyao took a peek at the Sovereign behind Zhong Tongzi, “They should count their blessings!”

Zhong Tongzi’s eyelid twitched, Hear, hear, is that how a human speaks?

He knew Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader was arrogant but didn’t think her ego could go this high!

Even with Zhuo Qingyao at the ultimate peak of the Dao Sense realm and able to fight against Sovereign, just how many could she beat?

Zhuo Qingyao stepped in the ring with Obelisk on her back, and faced the opponent Sovereign, “I’ll only strike once. If you don’t give up after, then I won’t care about turning it into a life and death battle.”

The Sovereign was pissed, “Don’t patronize me! You’re just a Dao Sense realm cultivator! Even if at the peak, there’s still a limit!”

Zhuo Qingyao giggled, “I said my piece. Remember it!”

Zhuo Qingyao took out Obelisk, swung it at the ground and left a deep and long scar behind. It hurled rocks as it spread straight at her opponent.

Zhong Tongzi’s saw how his sixth disciple was coughing blood, Is this a Dao Sense realm cultivator? I didn’t have much education so don’t try to fool me!

A slash sent a Sovereign into a bloody coughing fit!

A deafening silence set in. Her strike shocked them speechless.

Only Zhuo Qingyao’s words resounded, “I heard that you have five more Sovereigns. Going one at a time is too slow, I’ll just take them all on!”

The crowd’s eyes were riveted on Zhuo Qingyao, “This is the power of Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader? This might is unheard of!”

“A woman doesn’t lose to men!”

“A Sovereign can’t even last one round against her!”

“Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader’s sword dims all others!”

Zhong Tongzi’s body shivered slightly. Zhuo Qingyao was even stronger than an Emergence stage Sovereign. Only an Autarch could beat her. His disciples were unable to score a victory with her as the opponent.

Zhong Tongzi said in helplessness, “Lord of Yan Mountain, the pinnacle of the immortal sect, has disciples of great renown, a gathering of heroes. I, Zhong Tongzi, am willing to accept Lord of Yan Mountain as our Righteous Alliance Leader!”

This caused chaos among the audience!

“Zhong Tongzi admit defeat!”

“Immortal Master Chen is the Alliance Leader. We will definitely triumph!”

Chen Ming smiled as he stood, bowing to the Autarchs. “Ha-ha-ha, I can’t thank everyone enough for your faith in me. Since all want me to reveal my strength, then I can only oblige and…”

Chen Ming smiled at Zhong Tongzi, “What came next in your speech?”

Zhong Tongzi’s anger almost made him spat blood. This punk stole my lines!

But he had no choice but to suck it up, “Pay back everyone’s trust!”

Chen Ming continued, “Pay back everyone’s trust!”

Now that pocking fun at Zhong Tongzi was done with, it was time to move on to some serious matters. Chen Ming stood on the stage, overlooking the cultivators, “The vile Ghost Immortal covets the continent for ages, and the degenerate demonic sect is no better. This disaster that has befallen our lands, regardless of what everyone shall do, I, Chen Ming, am willing to use my flesh and blood to stop it. Maybe I will die, blown to smithereens and left to drift in the sky as nothing more but pieces!”

“The demonic sect is a plague, the Ghost Immortal is a disaster, and the people are in peril. This concerns all creatures of the land. Even if I were only a bird I would cry myself hoarse: ‘This storm will strike everywhere. The eternal river will surge with our resentment. The endless winds will blow with our billowing rage. But don’t ask me why that soothing and gentle dawn among the trees shall bring tears to my eyes. Because I hold dear this land and love it with all my heart.”

“In the face of such disaster, we need to gather our forces and unite, to be of one heart and mind. This is the path to safeguard our home. We were born on this land, it raised us. And now it is our time to defend it. Be it the strong or the weak, we all need to pick up our weapons and shed our blood for it, down to the last drop!”

The words should have stirred an emotional scene, Our Immortal Master Chen might be good for nothing but he loves studying!

The cultivators never saw this sight of Chen Ming, So this is how Immortal Master Chen is!

But why were there tears in their eyes? Because they couldn’t help it!

Chen Ming roared, “Everyone, I hope you will join me in battle!”

The crowd responded in unison, “We shall follow Alliance Leader!”

The Autarchs held a bit more respect for him. It won’t be so bad to follow such an Alliance Leader’s orders.

The nine Autarchs stepped down from the stage and bowed towards Chen Ming. “We greet Alliance Leader!”

Sovereign after Sovereign followed in quick succession, “We greet Alliance Leader!”

It triggered a wave as cultivators took their example, “We greet Alliance Leader!”

Chen Ming stared in the distance, as every cultivator in a thousand li bowed their heads.

Chen Ming sucked a deep breath, heart swept by a storm, This is the true power of a grand boss. This is fitting for a genuine grand boss.

So what if I’m not a Main Character?

I’ll just have to only defy my fate! See how I, Chen Ming, move the heaven and earth with my words. Who dares disobey my orders?

Chen Ming was just Grand Elder of an insignificant sect just a few years back. Who’d have thought he would now turn out to become the Immortal Faction Alliance Leader!

Chen Ming waved and shouted, “At ease!”

All eyes were on him, his figure standing on the high stage, surrounded by an aura reflected from the sun’s rays. He became their savior.

“Ding! You completed the mission, the Path of a Boss. Reward: 300,000 fame. You completed the achievement Righteous Alliance Leader and earned the Everlasting Valor Aura.”