Chapter 258: Yan Mountain’s Financial Group Standing By‘Everlasting Valor Aura

Description: heaven feels and ages, human righteousness changes.

Effect: one’s energy has a restraining effect on demons and evil beings.’

This effect pleased Chen Ming, This aura should work well against Ghost Immortal.

I might be the Alliance Leader, but there’s a lot of work to be done. As Alliance Leader, I don’t need to do everything. Anyway, Ling Xian’s ring has an immortal ranked grandpa, so I’ll just leave it to him to come up with a strategy.

It was peace now and Chen Ming had no intention of stirring up a hornet’s nest.

After having Ling Xian fake the fact he was sending his order to set up defenses to the Autarchs, Chen Ming sent another order. All righteous sects were to hand over all cultivation method and magical arts below immortal rank, to unify the continent’s cultivation system.

Average Sovereign ranked sects accepted this, while those bellow had no say in the matter.

But that didn’t apply to the eight Autarch ranked sects. Steel Ox Valley was easy since he already read them clean, receiving a carefree approval.

But the other seven declined. These scriptures were gathered over thousands of years, and they couldn’t just show them to others.

The seven Autarchs sat together with Chen Ming. Since Zhong Tongzi had the highest cultivation he was first, “Alliance Leader, isn’t this slightly unbecoming?”

Chen Ming gave the evil eye to all of them, and in his heart, Now it’s all about survival, yet they take time to consider this aspect. No wonder they can’t win.

He said, “The situation is dire, which I’m sure we can all agree on. If we don’t succeed then would that mean we should take them to our grave?”

Zhong Tongzi said, “But this will lay to ruin all we gathered these past thousands of years.”

Chen Ming said, “You are all worried these cultivation methods will spread and you won’t maintain your positions. If some small sects get these cultivation methods how many resources do they have to raise a Sovereign?”

Zi Tianzang said, “Even so, this will mean others will have the right to train their own Sovereign!”

Chen Ming did some heavy thinking. He wasn’t about to be squeezed dry by these selfish Autarchs. These blokes’ greed was like the snake devouring an elephant, a bottomless pit. And even if he got the scriptures, there would be some sects with hidden scripture catches.

Chen Ming took out a sword with a wave, “I will go to Yan Mountain, then return shortly to resume negotiations.”

Blinking on Yan Mountain, he looked for Old Turtle in charge of Alchemy Houses, as well as White Fox in charge of affairs, “What is the value of all stock of pills in spirit stones?”

White Fox said, “There are 1,8 billion spirit stones worth of pills.”

Chen Ming pondered, It’s on the low side. He needed to gather all the continent’s scriptures after all.

White Fox asked, “What does Sect Leader want to do?”

“I want to buy scriptures with pills. But 1,8 billion isn’t enough.”

White Fox was happy at his words, “Sect Leader, have you forgotten? Yan Mountain still has 3600 Lords. Their wealth can’t be lower than a billion.”

“Taking disciples’ pills isn’t appropriate. Are any Yan Mountain disciples willing?”

“Mountain Lord, you underestimate the power of the Lord of Yan Mountain’s call. They worship you as a teacher, the one who bestowed them with all they have! And aren’t all these scriptures all for their benefit?”

Chen Ming nodded, “I see. Gather the Lords, I wish to speak with them.”

With the outside world quiet, the Lords focused on cultivating on Yan Mountain, where it was much better than anywhere else. At Chen Ming’s summon, they descended Yan Mountain in an orderly fashion and calmly sat on the praying mat in front of Yan Mountain’s headquarters.

Chen Ming felt pleased with their quick response. I didn’t raise these wastrels for nothing.

The once young children became youths, grasping weapons and releasing a dominating aura, their power incomparable to before.

Cultivation Method began, “Your Master has become the Righteous Alliance Leader, but am unable to gather all the continent’s cultivation methods. It now falls unto all of you.”

Zhang Ming asked, “Master, you need only say it. Whatever these scriptures cost it won’t matter since it’s all for us in the end. We are the ones studying them!”

Chen Ming nodded in satisfaction, “A billion spirit stones in pills!”

Zhang Ming pondered, A third of each Lord’s stockpile should cover it. He said, “Master, leave it to us. Master loves scriptures and we will build Master the biggest Scriptures Pavilion. Master always bestowed upon us with everything without asking anything in return. Now it’s our turn to provide for Yan Mountain! What say you juniors?”

The Yan Mountain Lords echoed him, “It’s just a billion, we will buy them for Master!”

Chen Ming was overjoyed. After three years, they grew up into outstanding little Yan Mountains, “Master is proud to have such disciples! Master will go arrange it.”

After several years, Yan Mountain Lords grew beyond his expectations. Once, Yan Mountain could only support half the continent with pills, and now, just what scope would it reach with three thousand small Yan Mountains?

Chen Ming finally had his answer.

Returning to the Autarch meeting, Chen Ming turned to each of then and said, “Yan Mountain will pay a billion spirit stones in pills for the scriptures. Any scripture not found in Yan Mountain’s Scriptures Pavilion will be bought at market value!”

The seven Autarchs shook at this. When did Yan Mountain’s wealth reach such height?

It was too incredible!

What was the point of safekeeping scriptures in this hour? They couldn’t be turned into military assets while pills’ effect was instant. The seven Autarchs understood this. Zhong Tongzi was the first to respond, “Everyone, since Lord of Yan Mountain said it, then I won’t linger and take my leave! Goodbye!”

Bai Wuxia spouted curses, “Zhong Tongzi, you have no dignity, leaving straight to fetch your books. Don’t let him get the upper hand, Yan Mountain has many cultivation methods already!”

The Autarchs left the hall in a storm, rushing to collect all those meaningless cultivation methods.