Chapter 259: Power Overwhelming, Strength UnleashedChen Ming saw the seven Autarchs out, then Dragon Sovereign walked from behind the screen, “Is there even a chance of winning leading these guys?”

Chen Ming smiled dejectedly, “They wish to fight at least, right? Oh, why did you voted in my favor?”

“Ghost Immortal is someone Bone Dragon summoned here. I am more clear about what kind of being this Ghost Immortal is. In this battle, you’re the only one who gives his all, paying any price to win. This is where they fail, yet they still want you, Alliance Leader, to become their war chariot in this war.”

He continued, “If we are to say there’s a winning change, then that rests fully on you. I don’t want to lose. I schemed to get Bone Dragon killed and Ghost Immortal will hate me to the core. I’m not like them, considering a sect’s legacy. I am all alone in the world and have only one thing to consider. That is to win and for that, I will also do it at all cost.”

Dragon Sovereign tossed a storage ring on the table next to Chen Ming, “Here are the scriptures I gathered. Take them.”

He was already leaving, going to defend the area assigned to him.

Chen Ming picked the ring and found hundreds of scriptures.

In fifteen minutes, Chen Ming comprehends all of them and added more than fifty Dao Seeds.

All that mattered now was to comprehend scriptures. He would later upgrade their realm.

Chen Ming was thinking of finding out what was his next advancement mission, “Upgrade Dao Canon to Aspect stage!”

“Ding! You triggered the advancement mission. Kill three hundred Sovereigns ranks beings. Reward: realm seal release. Completion rate: 36.3%.”

Huh, this means even Sovereign savage beasts works. So more power, more speed.

What if there’s no need for such a rush?

This mission isn’t at the top of the list right now. With how many Demonic Sovereigns exits, once the cleaning is done, the mission might end.

Going by this accursed trend, breaking through to the Transcending realm on this continent ain’t gonna happen.

I can only comprehend scriptures on Yan Mountain and form Dao Seeds.

The demonic sect was fearful of the righteous faction’s movements. Chen Ming’s speech as Alliance Leader weighed heavy on their hearts.

Chen Ming was a Beneath Immortal to them. The only one who could fight him off was Wu Jiang!

For this to become real, Chen Ming needed time in comprehending scriptures, forming Dao Seeds and growing stronger.

When news of Yan Mountain exchanging pills for scriptures broke out, sects rushed to give their books. They were afraid of missing the chance of receiving pills if they came too late.

What good did scriptures do now? They couldn’t win the fight and were only things strong Autarchs were unwilling to part with.

The righteous faction on this continent formed an endless procession of scriptures, with Yan Mountain at its core. The Scriptures Pavilion on Yan Mountain grew by the day.

Chen Ming’s merits flew away in this shopping spree.

With each added Dao Seed, his power was also soaring ever higher.

After a month of this, Chen Ming formed 867 Dao Seeds and reached 5800 in danger value. He was a stone’s throw away from Autarch and, with enough spiritual knowledge, he could reach it in one go. His aura also helped in holding his own against one, at least for a while.

In the blackness of the night, Chen Ming was reading scriptures in the Yan Mountain’s Scriptures Pavilion when a Lord brought one more book, “Master, here is a new book disciple gathered. Please look over it, Master.”

Chen Ming found it a demonic cultivation manual from a glance, “Place it there.”

The Lord came closer, opening the book, “Master, this scripture is very precious. Disciple thinks it’s great for Master.”

Chen Ming roamed his eyes over his disciple and found a danger value of 6400.

Since when did my Yan Mountain have such an outstanding disciple?

Let’s see what you can stir up!

I see now why you can sneak on Yan Mountain, you’re an Autarch alright.

I wonder if he’s one of those raked Sect Leaders from the demonic sect.

When he flipped the scripture, its pages were blank. This stirred Chen Ming’s curiosity, Eh, is this the famed veiled dagger?

That’s one good move alright.

The disciple stabbed with his saber towards Chen Ming, who just lifted his leg and kicked him. Black mist scattered, revealing the culprit surrounded by thick demonic energy!

The face had soft features despite being on a male, with two saber marks on his forehead.

Demonic sect’s Fourth Sect Leader. The assassin crowned emperor on this continent, Owl!

Chen Ming didn’t even catch a glimpse of the other’s saber, but his arm oozed blood.

Owl’s hand seemed to hold a saber but, there was no trace of such a weapon.

Owl said, “I didn’t expect for Lord of Yan Mountain’s reaction to be this quick and avoid Elusive’s attack! How did you know? I am confident my disguise was foolproof!”

Chen Ming now understood. Wu Jiang had a saber called Elusive. It was invisible and deceiving!

It’s impossible not to figure you out. With 6400 danger value hanging overhead, who wouldn’t find you?

Chen Ming asked, “Have you come to assassinate me?”

Owl burst in laughter, “Assassinate? Are you joking? I am far from able to assassinate a Beneath Immortal. But now I found something much more interesting. You’re no Beneath Immortal, only an Autarch!”

“Head Sect Leader had long doubted your strength. With Head Sect Leader’s title as the only Beneath Immortal, there’s no way for another to escape his notice. He thus sent me with Elusive to see through your own elusive shroud!”

“From the beginning, I wanted to assassinate you. And even if I couldn’t, at least wound you. But that is no longer necessary, now with you being just an Autarch!”

In Chen Ming’s brain, the system lady’s voice resounded, “Ding! You triggered a B ranked storyline mission, All-out War. The demonic sect knows of your true strength. First objective: escape from demonic sect’s pursuit. Reward: 200,000 spiritual knowledge and 10,000 fame.”

Owl fiddled with Elusive in his hand, a cold smile creeping on his face. A piece of paper flashed in his other hand and after writing some words on it, it caught fire, “I came prepared to die, and so long as I could send the information further, I wouldn’t have cared for much else. But since it’s clear your only at the Autarch rank, then you shall die by my hand!”