In front of Cliff Mountain.

Zhuo Qingyao was soon back on her feet, but the atmosphere surrounding Endless Swords Sect was strange. The elders surmised that Chen Ming went to deal with Pitfall Mountain, a hero seeking justice, never to return. While taking care of Zhuo Qingyao, the disciple pried the letter of its content.

Since Chen Ming basically left with no hope of returning, his final letter became a will.

In their minds, Chen Ming was certain of the perils and hid all his treasures on Cliff Mountain. Thus, the disciples assaulted the tool shops at the foot of the Endless Swords Sect’s mountain, stripping them clean of all shovels and hoes.

They couldn’t say Chen Ming’s riches didn’t tempt them. He was a genius known throughout the entire Yan Empire. Someone like him was sure to have had many fortuitous encounters.

And before Chen Ming left, he ended Gongsun Zhi with a single strike, making the elders believe he had the same power as the Sect Leader.

Chen Ming had an extraordinary talent, of equal strength to the Sect Leader when their ages are hundreds of years apart!

They just couldn’t compare. Therefore, Chen Ming’s hidden treasures attracted even more attention.

Chen Ming also annihilated Murdering Temple, a battle that everyone came to know. He had thirty thousand men when the enemy had a hundred thousand while holding terrain advantage. Yet he still dominated the battlefield, earning a resounding victory, with insignificant losses, while he personally killed a thousand men. Who could have such divine skill and valor to accomplish this?

Want to be a genius?

Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

Want to be rich?

Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

Want an incredible cultivation method?

Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

Want miracle pills and elixirs?

Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

Want Chen Ming’s Art of War?

Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

You don’t need an entry ticket, or wait in line! With just a hoe and a shovel, the riches the legendary Chen Ming left are yours for the taking!

Cliff Mountain is a place for you to explore!

In the wake of Endless Swords Sect disciples charging at Cliff Mountain, the entire Yan Empire also heard the news, making the youths of the empire joint the hunt. Such an important event was impossible to conceal, to the point of making even the nearby kingdoms’ youths join. And so, at the Cliff Mountain, wherever you looked you’d see a youth with a hoe or a shovel, digging.

Zhuo Qingyao read Chen Ming’s note and as his disciple, she was certain no one would write this except her Master.

Zhuo Qingyao arrived before Cliff Mountain. It used the be a desolate place, but now there was a small town, with a lively atmosphere.

Zhuo Qingyao took a step towards the small town, and a Daoist holding a compass approached her, “Miss, you must have come for the treasure hunt! This Daoist has been digging for gold for the past sixty years, an expert at finding tombs. Hire this old Daoist, I only charge a hundred silver taels a month!”

Zhuo Qingyao was suspicious, “Why would I search for a tomb?”

“Since miss doesn’t know the secret this place holds, let this old Daoist enlighten you. There is a rumor that the Prince from Yan Empire’s Reagent estate, Immortal Master Chen, died in a great battle fighting the fiends. Immortal Master Chen knows the Dao of the world and foretold this outcome, therefore he built himself a cenotaph where he left his legacy, containing riches beyond your wildest dreams and the secrets to his cultivation. Miss, aren’t you tempted?”

A large man looking like a bandit rejected the old Daoist, and said to Zhuo Qingyao, “Don’t listen to his nonsense, Immortal Master Chen only left his cultivation knowledge, the path to reach the King stage. Girl, follow me, become my companion, a great bandit, and on this treasure hunt and through Immortal Master Chen’s trials, you will become this world’s glorious Bandit King!”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyelids twitched, You’ve really done it this time, Master!

Zhuo Qingyao waved her hand, “Grandpa Fang, arrest these two and send them to the prefecture office to convict them!”

Old Fang cupped his hands in respect, “Understood, young miss. Guards, arrest them!”

“Grandpa Fang, Master sent me here to train, and if you follow me, it won’t be as effective.”

Old Fang led the Flying Tiger Army away, all the while watching Zhuo Qingyao as she climbed Cliff Mountain. When he was far enough, he gave a signal and Wang Meng disappeared after her.

Crowds of cultivators gathered at Cliff Mountain, and although it shocked the Great Fiend taking residence here, he believed they came on a punitive expedition, only to find that they were all at Dao Sense realm. He barked, “How dare they disturb the peace of my Cliff Mountain, kill them all!”

And the unaware cultivators found themselves under attack by fiends and sighed in response, “This must be Immortal Master Chen’s trial. A lofty person like him can’t be underestimated!”

Chen Ming, who was cooking up a plan to wreck Pitfall Mountain sneezed constantly these days, “This isn’t right, I’m a cultivator, how can I get sick? Is someone cursing me to death?”

Not paying any mind, Chen Ming listened to Black Hawk’s report, “Pitfall Mountain has entered a state of war, with increased patrols everywhere. Also, Archfiend sent Lord an invitation to discuss important matters.”

It looked like Archfiend Azure Lion knew what happened in the underground prison and Chen Ming needed to go hear about the troops’ deployment. If he didn’t go would look guilty. Despite being a newcomer, having no idea of Archfiend Azure Lion’s secret.

The five Archfiends from White Fox Mountain, Thousand Serpents Cave, Old Turtle Pond, Blazing Mulberry Nest, and Black Tiger Mountain, the surrounding areas around Pitfall Mountain, mobilized their forces, joining together in preparation for war!

Under the five Archfiends’ siege, if he were Azure Lion, he would make a run for it. But the Archfiend had no intention to flee, confident in his methods to deal with them.

This Pitfall Mountain wasn’t as simple as he speculated.

At the same time, a voice echoed in his mind, “Ding! F ranked storyline challenge mission ‘Block Pitfall Mountain’s anger’ completed! Reward: 3000 spiritual knowledge, 300 fame, a random item. Collect?”

Chen Ming rubbed his palms, So not only do I get a load of spiritual knowledge points but also the chance to win an item. I need to wash my face first!

Washing his face, Chen Ming chided himself, “It’s impossible to win something good, I will never win something good in my entire life!”

“Draw, dammit!”

“Ding! Received a storage ring. The reward has been delivered, please receive it.”

Chen Ming grunted as he searched himself, Where’s the storage ring?, “Come out, storage ring!”

“Open sesame!”

“Where did the storage ring go?”

Chen Ming walked around in circles, unable to find the reward, What is this? Fine, it doesn’t matter, let’s just got to Archfiend Azure Lion first.