Chapter 260: An Assassination per Day Keeps the Doctor AwayChen Ming found Owl’s cultivation method and weapon enigmatic. An Autarch always had a string of auras backing him, and the one in front was no different.

‘Night Song Aura

Description: as I walk through the darkness, I slaughter in this murky abyss.

Effect: stealthy at night

Prepared to Die Aura

Description: the difference between an assassin and a killer is that the killer can escape while an assassin is fighting to the death. Either you die, or I die.

Effect: immune to pain and fear of death.

Assassination King Aura

Description: an assassin has no remorse. Without remorse how would one cower under pressure?

Effect: ignores a certain level of pressure

Elusive Aura

Description: death lies among reality and illusion

Effect: shifting between real and illusion.

Sovereign’s Dominion Aura.’

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, I know he’s awesome, and he even has a damn aura set!

The strongest military asset in this land isn’t an empty title!

He was an Autarch because he had the skill to live for this long.

Chen Ming wasn’t about to fight on Yan Mountain. With two Autarchs trading blows, Yan Mountain would be left in pieces. Even more so since it didn’t assure winning even if he stayed.

The Assassination King Aura was a weaker version of the King Slayer Aura.

Chen Ming waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo and sent a sword torrent Owl’s way!

Owl’s eyes roamed around, taking in the sword energy spreading in the vicinity, yet al he did was sneer, “What good will average sword energy do against me?”

Owl walked among the swords as they passed harmlessly through him. He became elusive!

Owl appeared next to Chen Ming in one move and slashed as Chen Ming stood still. With his elusive state on, he couldn’t touch nor hurt him. The instant he attacked was the moment he could hurt Owl. Or take him to a more suiting place!

A strand of hair fell from Chen Ming’s forehead as he blinked behind Owl. He grabbed him and teleported both of them at the Ghost Cavern!

Chen Ming had the power of two Autarchs here!

Owl laughed mockingly, “I don’t know why you brought me here, but I’m sorry to tell you that your guess is wrong. That attack wasn’t from the real Elusive, I was just faking holding a saber. The true saber is in my left. ”

Chen Ming felt a sharp pain in his abdomen and saw a new wound there. Blooded oozed without stop. Chen Ming stepped towards Owl, yet he became elusive again, sending another derisive laughter Chen Ming’s way, “Are you perhaps delusional in thinking you can escape close-quarter combat with an assassin?”

Chen Ming’s rage reached his eyes. The stars on his back moved and Owl saw a Star Chart formed above, “What is this? I can feel a bit constrained by it, but don’t think it can stop me!”

Owl felt his body heavy at how the Star Chart was aiming to obliterate him!

Facing this strange attack, he still had time to feel admiration. He stepped back then slashed at Chen Ming again from three feet away.

Chen Ming made a supreme effort to open his eyes. If it weren’t for his Limitless Dao Body being at the small success of fledgling stage, that blow would have reaped his life!

Owl’s figure faded, disappearing in the murky night.

Chen Ming’s shouted, “In the blackest night, a star shall banish it!”

The star representing the sun on his back erupted in dazzling light, and rose in the sky and turned a ten li radius into daylight!

Owl’s figure reappeared under the sun’s rays right as he attacked Chen Ming from behind!

Chen Ming flickered Dao Empyrean Bamboo so that ten thousand swords danced around him.

“Space attributed cultivation method, is it? There’s no cultivation method on this land that I, Chen Ming, cannot learn. Since you want to use space to settle the outcome, then come. Ten thousand swords rend space!”

The spiritual swords around Chen Ming united into only casting Overflowing Void Art. Owl’s instincts screamed danger. His elusive form came from a space attribute magical art, but Chen Ming could unleash a space sword art with ten thousand swords!

Owl could feel the space around him cracking and shattering!

Chen Ming’s attack pulled Owl out of his elusive state as he coughed blood. There were wounds all over him, akin to cracks. He inspected his bleeding body without much care to his state, “An assassin is meant to kill his target, despite the possibility of death at the hands of his enemy. My only thought is to kill you. I may die but I never thought you held some knowledge of space. But it’s just a magical art. You can’t assume an elusive form!”

Chen Ming smiled, “If you could become truly elusive, then wouldn’t that have made you peerless in battle? Don’t think I don’t know the weakness of this state. As long as the space around you is filled with spiritual energy, your move is sealed! With enough heat, even space becomes twisted!”

Owl was enraged, “Can you even do that? Can you shape an Autarch battlefield in this way?”

Chen Ming waved, sealing his wound with spiritual power as he spoke, “Eight Mountain Gods gather before me. Nine Dragon Veins heed my call, Lava World!”

Nine dragons of lava erupted from deep within the earth’s belly, turning hundreds of li into an inferno. Lava flowed in rivers, burning everything and scorching the air!

Chen Ming smiled, “Now there’s no dark place for you to hide in!”

Owl’s eyes flashed with a cruel light, “Then we can only have a straight-up battle. An exposed assassin is a dead assassin!”

Owl was wrapped in a black cloth, dressed to kill. He removed it and showed the dark armor beneath. His hair danced wildly as he held his Dragon Halberd.

“The most important aspect of an assassin is to kill those who ever saw him. That is a true assassin!”

Chen Ming’s thought, Assassin my ass! I didn’t have much education so don’t try to fool me. That’s a battle god alright?

Owl’s body shook and stepped on air as he slammed the Dragon Halberd on a lava dragon’s head, the place where Chen Ming stood. Like a battle god, he charged and yelled, “Take my attack, Total Annihilation!”