Chapter 262: The Grass Seen from Afar

Before returning to the battlefield, Chen Ming emptied some more pill bottles. The 800+ Dao Palaces didn’t know the meaning of wear and tear, like stainless steel, Pei, 800 Dao Palaces refines the pills bringing power and vigor to fight anew!

Owl felt the pressure alright, How the hell am I to fight now?

Chen Ming’s spiritual power surged in waves, spewing out endless moves, fighting to end it all!

Dao Empyrean Bamboo flickered, sword intent grew and each hit sent Owl retreating!

Owl stood strong, now that Prepared to Die Aura was on, “Those weird arts won’t work on me. A true fight is that of life and death!”

Owl roared with rage, prepared to fight to the last breath!

The Dragon Halberd stirred the landscape, lava burst from the ground and burned it all, while Chen Ming charged with Sword Sea!

The two fought with unwavering cruelty, attacking without fear of consequences!

The clashes echoed for hundreds of li!

Owl’s halberd seemed to cleave the heavens and tore apart countless stars!

Chen Ming’s Star Chart shone as he walked among starlight, waving Dao Empyrean Bamboo with sword intent and rupturing the land!

The nine dragons flitted by, as Owl’s halberd moved like a storm, each attack leaving afterimages!

The fight dragged on, quaking the ground with countless clashes in these past four hours. Owl was about to pass out from exhaustion. This brutal battle left him willing but unable to continue. They launched finishers one after the other, but after a long fight, Owl’s stomach was rumbling, beginning to show its discontent.

Chen Ming eyed Owl as he moved Dao Empyrean Bamboo, “Farmer God Sword Art!”

Are you all out on dignity? Do you still plan on using such a move?

Chen Lingyu sicked the nine dragons on Owl as he blinked over to Yan Mountain. Zhuo Qingyao was worried she wasn’t enough to look after him so she called for back up, in the form of Chen Lingyu. Zhuo Qingyao fetched Chen Ming the noodles and went to rub his feet, while Chen Lingyu got to kneading his shoulders.

He was living it up with four small hands on his strained muscles and wolfing down good food. He didn’t forget to empty pill bottles all the while, “I’m starving, fighting for so long!”

Twenty breaths passed and Chen Ming held the unfinished noodles, then went back to the fight.

Owl was met with Chen Ming sucking up a noodle, making him almost puke blood, Damn you! Did you came to fight or what?

You even eat noodles at this time?

Yet it’s still f*cking warm!? It’s clearly made just now!

Just where the hell did you fetch that hot and delicious bowl of noodles?

Chen Ming ate in a rush, not forgetting to drink the soup. He threw the bowl with heroic air as he stared Owl down, “So cozy! Now let’s fight!”

Owl’s rage burst from his eyes, “I’m pissed! Bastard, I’ll drag you to hell even if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do!”

Owl advanced with mighty force but Chen Ming held no fear, countering with Sword Sea!

Owl stumbled back tens of feet, mouth spitting blood. He fought for too long!

His spiritual power was almost dry, and tired to death on top of it all!

With a wave of Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Owl was sent flying. Next came Chen Ming blinking behind him and unleashing Conquering Immortals Art to help Owl in coughing blood. Then came the nine dragons from the sky!

They smacked Owl into the lava, but he got up as he wiped the blood from his mouth. He charged Chen Ming with his halberd again, who faced him with Conquering Immortals Art, unleashing Qiongqi and Flood Dragon, “Stay down!”

Owl’s weary body, and with depleted spiritual power, got thrown into the skies.

A nation weapon came out of the lava, where Chen Ming blinked the next second. He then proceeded to unleash 32 strikes of Dao Empyrean Bamboo at Owl in no more than a blink!

With one last helpless cry, Owl fell in lava. Nothing more was left of him for drifting ashes.

“Ding! You killed Owl. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame. You received a lottery ticket which resulted in Dragon Halberd.”

“Ding! You killed Owl. Your advancement mission increased by 20%.”

“Ding! You killed Owl. Evil Belongs in Hell’s completion rate increased.”

“Ding! You killed Owl. All-out War’s first objective completed. Reward: 200,000 spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame. All-out War’s second objective: total battle.”

“Total battle bonus mission: crush the Night Demon Sect. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge, 2,000 fame. ”

“Total battle bonus mission: crush the Underworld River Sect. Reward: 60,000 spiritual knowledge, 3,000 fame. ”

“Total battle bonus mission: crush…”

Chen Ming received the Dragon Halberd and wondered his eyes over the mission tab. There were so many that his hair was standing up!

300,000 spiritual knowledge nets me 30 cultivation methods to Divine Palace stage. Can this even be called a lot?

I got 500+ cultivation methods needing to reach the Divine Palace stage but that would need ten million spiritual knowledge to reach my peak!

The demonic sect has begun already while my side barely started deploying. There are even more cultivators without definitive positions.

Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain and looked at Zhuo Qingyao, “I will leave Yan Mountain in your hands for a few days. Inform all Lords that the true war has begun!”

“All demonic sect’s affiliations have begun the attack!”

“Yan Mountain is in your hands. I will go handle the war!”

Zhuo Qingyao bowed, “Master, I will look after the juniors!”

Chen Ming nodded in mid-blink. On the Astral Immortal Sect’s side, the Sages just found out from Zo Tianzang how Chen Ming was fighting a desperate battle with demonic sect’s Owl.

And since no other news came, they were beginning to worry about the outcome. On the compass:

Zi Tianzang: “Did Wu Jiang came too?”

Zhong Tongzi: “Alliance Leader is a Beneath Immortal, there no way he can be captured, can there?”

Zi Tianzang: “What Beneath Immortal? That’s all for tricking the demonic sect. Alliance Leader is only an Autarch!”

Zhong Tongzi: “What!? If I knew, I would have fought him then! What was the point of sending my disciples?”

Bai Wuxia: “What? Why is he the Alliance Leader if he’s just an Autarch?”

Zi Tianzang: “Is it alright for you to talk behind Alliance Leader’s back?”

Zhong Tongzi: “What’s there to fear? Against Owl, Alliance Leader might be a cold corpse already. On his grave, the grass can be seen from afar(1)!”

Chen Ming: “Cough, cough.”

Compass: deafening silence.

Chen Ming’s sudden appearance was proof enough he was alive and kicking, and that Owl got the worst end. Not even Zhong Tongzi could grasp the full extent of Owl’s power, but there was no way an average Autarch was his match. Now that Owl was down under, it implied he was not in Chen Ming’s league. The sensible choice would be to stop badmouthing him behind his back.

Zhong Tongzi: “Alliance Leader! I’ve been at the frontline for a day now, yet many Sovereigns aren’t. Please do something Alliance Leader!”

Chen Ming: “The demonic sect found out I’m no Beneath Immortal and began moving. All Autarchs are to get in positions and prepare for war.”

Bai Wuxia: “Alliance Leader, the preparations aren’t done. If the demonic sect catches us off guard, they will win!”

Chen Ming: “The four Sages will join in blocking Wu Jiang!”

Astral Sage: “Relax, we old folks don’t have much time left. We will pour what’s left into stopping Wu Jiang!”

Chen Ming: “The other Autarchs are to be in position. The battle for a righteous future has begun. As far as the time problem goes, I will handle it. I might not be Wu Jiang’s match but he isn’t mine when it comes to crowd-control. I will buy you time!”

Zi Tianzang: “Alliance Leader is prepared to go alone to the demonic sect?”

Chen Ming: “I set up a secret teleportation array at the demonic sect. I will go and reshape the sect’s whole landscape!”

(1) Line from poet Tang Yu of Tang Dynasty. It described the beautiful scenery of Chang’an in the early spring through meticulous observation. It portraits the scenery as beautiful, expressing the sensitivity of the vibrant view when spring comes.