Chapter 265: Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons(II)Chen Ming set the nation weapon on another course, to an even farther destination.

He flashed back on the cliff and turned to another nation weapon, “Oh, this nation weapon found its target!”

Chen Ming stepped on it and was already teleported at its pair. The nation weapon dithered in the skies above while a sea of lights wavered below. The range of the lights went as far as ten li, and all were from demonic cultivators!

He didn’t see Li Suyi, only people from the demonic sect. Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo to rush at them!

With Chen Ming’s sudden appearance, it shocked the Sovereign of the army below. The Demon Sovereign bellowed, “Who’s there?”

Chen Ming smiled, “Remember my name, Yan Mountain’s Chen Ming. I came for your lives!”

The Demon Sovereign shivered into taking three steps back from his name alone, “That can’t be! How can Chen Ming be here?”

The Demon Sovereign didn’t want to fight Chen Ming. Even if he was was just an Autarch, the Sovereign would still have his hands tied in this fight. Not to mention the news didn’t reach this far regarding Chen Ming’s real cultivation!

Not even a hundred thousand soldiers would be of any use against a Beneath Immortal!

Demon Sovereign activated his sending talisman to report Chen Ming’s actions to Wu Jiang!

Wu Jiang was rushing towards Underworld River Sect when a Demon Sovereign came to report, “Head Sect Leader, Autumn Waters Palace conveyed that Chen Ming is attacking them!”

Wu Jiang’s red eyes seemed to suck the soul right out of the Demon Sovereign, “Are you messing with me? Underworld River Sect and Autumn Waters Palace have ten thousand li in between. How could he get there in an instant?”

“Ignore it for now and let’s look at the Underworld River Sect first!”

Autumn Waters Palace.

Chen Ming gave a wide grin to the demonic cultivator crowd below, yet it looked as if the king of hell was bearing down on them instead.

Chen Ming closed his eyes, initializing his metal storm disaster as the swords unleashed a tornado, crushing everything it touched and only leaving pieces.

A Dao Initiation Realm army didn’t prove much of an obstacle to Chen Ming, while a newly promoted Sovereign would suffer the same fate under his killing swords. The sword spun and circled wider and farther and, after a tea break, Chen Ming opened his eyes, sheathed his swords and turned to the still living Demon Sovereign. He rushed at him but as the Demon Sovereign witnessed his massacre, he had no intention of clashing and ran away. Since when could a mere Sovereign outrun Chen Ming?

A simple flick of Dao Empyrean Bamboo made sure to send a green wind and turn said Demon Sovereign into a bloody rain.

Chen Ming lifted the nation weapon and gestured with his other hand, “Vanishing Immortal Sword Art!”

Chen Ming overtook his weapon and opened its teleportation array to get back on the cliff, while the nation weapon who was just at the Autumn Waters Palace was now flying off in the night.

Wu Jiang was going full tilt to Underworld River Sect, when the Demon Sovereign’s report came again, hardly believing.

Wu Jiang was enraged, “What happened? Say it!”

The Demon Sovereign bowed, “Demon Heart Sect had sent word that Chen Ming was attacking them!”

Wu Jiang kicked him, “Just what are you trying to pull?”

When he got to the Underworld River Sect, all he saw was broken bodies, a mountain covered in corpses, and a river of blood at its foot.

“Chen Ming was indeed here!”

“The wounds, the marks, and magical arts are all from Chen Ming’s ten thousand swords!”

Wu Jiang waved, “Give me a map!”

The same Demon Sovereign came to hand it over as Wu Jiang continued, “Mark all places where he’s been to!”

He fiddled with the map then returned it. Wu Jiang saw that of the entire Demonic Domain, Chen Ming seemed to have emerged in almost every place.

“How is this possible?”

“This goes beyond a mere Blinking Art. This is World Leap Art! ”

The Seventh Sect Leader went before Wu Jiang, “Elder brother, Autumn Waters Palace was annihilated by Chen Ming. I can tell from the scars that it was a one-sided slaughter. There are sword traces everywhere, definite proof of Chen Ming’s style!”

Wu Jiang’s eyes landed on the map as Seventh Sect Leader asked, “Elder brother, what do we do?”

“Take this map and figure out his pattern. We must capture him, or else there will be no safe place behind the frontlines!”

Wu Jiang saw the map his trusty Demon Sovereign drew circles on. With each one drawn, Chen Ming’s death count rose by tens of thousand demonic cultivators.

The Seventh Sect Leader held a lamp over it so that Wu Jiang could see clearer. They both took a closer look and found, in shock, destroyed sects, one after the other. Everywhere in a hundred thousand li radius, wherever Chen Ming flashed like a night specter, the only thing left was a massacre.

Seventh Sect Leader said, “Chen Ming’s position as Alliance Leader isn’t unfounded!”

Wu Jiang was finally at odds with Chen Ming, “He is not my match fighting me head-on, but on the battlefield, he is an abomination. This is a dangerous opponent, while also a worthy rival!”

Zhong Tongzi finally rushed over to Sky Canyon and, when he checked the compass, he only saw Chen Ming’s line: “I ran into Wu Jiang. His lamb roasting skill is great! I recommend you all try it. I give it five stars!”

Zhong Tongzi’s eyelid twitched, Alliance Leader is still taking it easy. He f*cking slammed into Wu Jiang yet eats roasted lamb!

Zhong Tongzi: “Rest in peace Alliance Leader! That’s our Alliance Leader for you, not afraid even in the face of death. Filled with overwhelming righteousness, one of a kind. If I’m still alive by this time next year, I will toast to you on your grave!”

Bai Wuxia: “Alliance Leader’s death is a heavy matter. He did not help us by stalling time but gave his life instead. Alliance Leader’s prideful words and his legacy has set a course for the righteous faction’s future. His death is heavier than Mt. Tai!”

Zi Tianzang: “You should be more careful you two, this is the second time you speak of Alliance Leader’s death.”

Zhong Tongzi: “There’s absolutely no way Alliance Leader would joke with someone as Wu Jiang. Who can escape when meeting Wu Jiang?”

Zi Tianzang: “Based on my spy in the demonic sect, Alliance Leader sat with Wu Jiang, enjoying lamb and drinking wine. He was composed, fearless, then vanished. Alliance Leader wiped out 36 demonic sects separated by ten thousand li. All demonic cultivators are now on the edge, fearful that Alliance Leader would emerge above them at any moment.”